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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Summer in Miami (8 / ?)

I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful weekend ... and it's not as cold as rainy as it is back here in Germany. Brrrr....

It's Cazekiel-Day again ... time for the next Chapter Summer in Miami. Have fun :)

Title: Summer in Miami (8 / ?)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: R
Summery: Casey is a High Society Guy and Zeke just the boy from the garage
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

You can find all chapters of this story: here

Half an hour later, Zeke was sitting on his bed with a mug of coffee in his hands, Casey had made for him.

“You look like you could need one,” he had told him and turned to the coffeemaker.

Casey's exclusive coffeemaker he had put up onto the small side table in front of the window. On the second bed a lot of photo equipment, some books and a small bag. He had already started to make himself comfortable in the apartment. Zeke had stared at it with narrowed eyes but kept quiet.

“Yauco selecto,” Casey added with a wide smile.
“If I don't spoil my myself sometimes, who will?”


Casey dropped into a chair opposite Zeke.
“I thought it might be fun to share a room with you,” he said.
“To be honest, I had a talk with the caretaker. It wasn't easy to convince him to put me into this room.”

What a fucking shit. Convince him, huh? Zeke wondered how much Casey might have paid him. He would have a serious talk with him tomorrow, demand his money back … and Casey's too.

“You did invite me to New York last year, to move in with you. So, where is the problem? Do you … do you share the room with someone else? Nonofficial?”

“Hell, no! The last I need is a mindless summer flirt. I want some time just for myself. Working in the garage at night, sun-bathing, swimming during the day. I don't want to give a thought about anything … or anyone.”

Casey blinkend, looking hurt.
“I get it. Sorry,” he murmured.
“I will go and talk with the caretaker. Probably he can find another place for me.”

Zeke pulled the face.
“You shouldn't be here at all. Working as a Pool-boy for this Resort. What kind of idea is this? Couldn't you find another job somewhere else?”

Casey hesitated for a moment before answering.
“I'm here because I like this place. Not all the extravagance around. The beach, the ocean, the sunrise. It's amazing.”
He smiled slightly.
“I'm not the same anymore, Zeke, not the High Society Boy from last year. I'm a student at Art School now and I won't miss the opportunity to take some fancy pics to impress my prof.”

Zeke eyed him thoughtfully. Yes, he had changed ... and not only his appearance. He acted and talked like a self-confident young man who knew what he wanted. An open smile on his face, his eyes sparkling hilariously. No reason to hide them anymore, no reason to put on a mask. Finally Zeke started to calm down a bit. He was going to Art School, he had been looking for a summer job, he had found his own way. Wasn't it that what he had wished for him?

“Art School, huh? So you could finally convince your dad?”

“No, he's still angry. We haven't talked since I've left Herrington some month ago.”
The face darkened for a moment. Casey shook his head and sighed.
“I'm afraid he will never understand how it could happen that his son loves art more than justice. My mom though ...”

The smiled returned.
“She usually takes his side, but this time … My grandma always put some money into a saving account. I didn't even know about it. So it was a big surprise when my mom told me about the money … and that it's all mine. My dad got pretty annoyed but my mom said it was the last will of her mother that I can to go to a College of my choice. He could do much against it, even if he tried.”

“So you are a rich College Student now, huh? That's cool.”

Casey laughed and shook the head.
“It's not that much. But the money makes things easier. Though I'm working at the library three times the week there is still some free time to enjoy Cleveland.”

Zeke frowned.

“Yes, Institute of Art and Design. Only a small College but quite okay. The prof is nice, the other students ...”
He chuckled slightly.
“Geeks like me. It's great to fit in.”

“What's with Stanford?”

Casey shrugged.
“A College for rich kids. Without the help of my dad I could barely pay the tuition. So I've finally decided to stay back in Ohio. Life is less expensive there. I share a room on campus with another guy. Benny, he studies music. I guess he is the best what could happen to me. We share the same interests, we like music, books … it's so much fun to hang around with him.”

“Oh … yeah ...”
Zeke needed a moment to let it sink in. This was not what he had expected to hear. If not Stanford, why Cleveland? Why not New York? And why did he share a room with another guy?
“I've heard about it, the club scene in Cleveland is not bad.”

“No wild parties any more.”
Casey laughed again. He laughed a lot nowadays.
“We are more interested in the smaller Music clubs where they are still playing live music. Rock, Jazz, stuff like that. Benny knows some of the bands. After a gig we sometimes hang around with the members. Nice guys. They asked me to make the photos for their next CD cover.”

Sounded as if he had a lot of fun. Zeke could picture this, Casey as a part of a group of young, talented musicians, good looking, charming, funny. Suddenly he was not sure if he wanted to hear more. And he knew he needed to get over this stupid feelings.

“You should come to New York some day,” he said.
“The town is a mecca for every kind of artists. I bet you would never want to leave it again. ”

Casey slightly raised his brows, his eyes a touch bigger than usual.
“Is this an invitation? You don't even want to share a room with me over summer.”

“I didn't mean that, okay?”
Zeke smirked.
“It was just … this night was shitty and you took me by surprise. But, yeah, come and visit me. You're welcome.”

Casey kept quiet, watching him intently with this big, blue eyes. Zeke swallowed hard.
“I did send a portfolio to NYPA and they did accept me,” Casey finally said.

“NYPA? The Photo Academy? In New York?”
Zeke blinked surprised.
“You want to change College?”

“Maybe. I haven't made the final decision yet. It doesn't just depends on me.”

Zeke felt a nervous tingle running down his spine. As if he hadn't known.
There was something going on between them, that was obvious.

Casey looked surprised.
“You think me and Benny … oh, no. He is straight as an arrow, likes to flirt with every girl on Campus. We are friends, that's all.”
Zeke noticed a slight flickering in his eyes.
“I just wonder … do you want me to move to New York, Zeke?”

“Me? That's not my decision, isn't it? If you think New York is better for you, you should go for it. There are cheap student dorms near College, I guess you could try to get one. Maybe I could help you to find a job … I know some people ...”

“That's not what I'm talking about,” Casey interrupted him softly.
“I'm talking about you … and me.”

Confused Zeke watched him standing up from his chair, later he couldn't say what had happened next. All he knew was the Casey took his face into his hands and pressed his lips onto Zeke's. He was much too paralyzed to move. Felt his warmth, his nearness, his soft lips, his tongue, teasing and caressing, his breath on his skin, his hands, holding him. Hesitating first, shaking, as if he was not sure about his own behavior. But when all Zeke could do was to give in, he relaxed, pulled him even nearer and deepened the kiss.


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