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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Summer in Miami (7 / ?)

Cazekiel Day again ... today the next chapter about our boys spending their summer in Miami.

Whoever is there to read ... I hope you will like it :)

Title: Summer in Miami (7 / ?)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: R
Summery: Casey is a High Society Guy and Zeke just the boy from the garage
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

You can find all chapters of this story: here

Miami, about a year later.

Sometimes he got angry about himself. What was he actually doing here? He should have known better.

It had been a tough year. He had been wildly resolved to get the best start at Med School, even if this meant a lot of studies, often enough til late in the night and some voluntary work it the laboratory of a hospital near College. He had earned some relaxing time during summer. What could be better then going back to Miami? The weather was fine, the job in the garage easy and meeting Ben again just great. The elderly man had pulled him into his arms with a genuine smile on his face while Zeke had given him a small package. Coffee. Yauco selecto. He had looked for it in the net and even if the price had almost shocked him he had ordered two packs of it. He knew, Ben was a coffee junkie like Casey and he would love it.

Casey. He should have been much to busy to think about him often. But to be honest: he couldn't get him out of his head. The way he smiled, his big blue eyes, the small gap between his front teeth. Often enough Zeke wondered which way he finally had chosen Had he been able to stand up against his father, was he going to Art School now and did enjoy his new life? Or had he finally backed down again, buried his dreams and followed his fathers wishes?

Zeke had tried to tell himself that all this was not his business anymore. That he would never see him again. That it was better that way. But deep inside he had almost hoped, that Casey would change his mind and come to New York. He wanted to be there for him as long as needed him. But Casey would learn to love life in New York soon enough. A job, an own apartment, Art school, new friends … and he wouldn't need Zeke anymore. Surprisingly the thought alone had hurt him much more than he was willing to admit.

Zeke had always been able to keep a clear head, deep feelings were rather suspect to him. He couldn't bear too much nearness, he didn't trust anyone completely. For years he had tried to fight his loneliness with wild parties, meaningless sex, expensive cars. Nowadays he accepted what he was: a lonely wolf. There had never been a chance for Casey and him. It was better to accept this.

Miami had been the most stupid idea he had ever had. But he had never expected how difficult it would be back here. Sometimes, when he was sitting at the employees pool, trying to read, his eyes wandered over to the big swimming area and he almost hoped to see Casey between all the other young, wild, rich teenager. It would give him, Zeke, the opportunity to become his confident again, his only true friend over summer.

Kinda stupid, he knew it. Casey would hopefully never be back here because this would mean that he had chosen the wrong way. And even if he did, Casey had every right to live his own life, if he preferred the easygoing way instead of fighting for his dreams, it was his decision. But Zeke couldn't help it: the thought alone made him angry ...


It had been an long, stressful night. First the drunk party guest who refused to get into the taxi Ben had called for him. Later the guest of the Holiday Resort who rushed into the garage, fuming with anger, accusing Zeke for doing a bad job because his Ferrari was broken down a few miles outside the Resort. Zeke knew, it couldn't be his fault, he had inspected the car quiet recently, had refueled it, had checked the oil-level and the tire-pressure and everything had looked fine. But the owner had insisted to call a proper garage in town to come out and get the Ferrari … of course at the expense of the Hotel.

“C'mon,” Ben had said when the still angry guy finally had left them alone.
“We will clear this up tomorrow with the chief. He knows you are a quite good mechanic and won't blame you.”

"Stupid shit!"
Zeke pulled the face, still feeling annoyed.
"Is it my fault that he doesn't know how to drive a Ferrari?”

He rarely felt tired out after a night in the garage but today he did. All he wanted was to go back into his little apartment and drop down into his bed. But when he left the elevator at the second floor of the employees apartment house he jerked to a halt. His room was at the end of the long floor. A big suitcase and two bags were standing beside the door. Zeke narrowed his eyes. The door was wide open, obviously someone was lingering around inside the room.

“Fuck,” Zeke cursed silently.
This night had been shitty enough. And now this. He had given the caretaker of the employees house a nice tip, to make sure that he did overlook that Zeke had the apartment just for himself. No way that he would share it with someone else. He would rather quit the job and leave Miami. It had been a stupid idea to come here anyway. Annoyed he turned back to the elevator. He would have to go down again and have a serious word with him … or two. The doors started to close already when he caught a glimpse at the small guy who had just left his room, he paused for a moment, finally he waved at him.

“Hey, Zeke.”

Just two words. The voice made Zeke almost jump, his fist hit the elevator button to stop it. Slowly the doors opened again. And there he was, only a few steps away. Zeke stared at him dumbfound. How much he had changed. Last year he did wear expensive designer clothes, like all the other rich crowd around who needed to show off their money. Now … a checked shirt over a plain white T-shirt, the jeans a touch to wide. Fuck it. Zeke swallowed hard. He could still remember how hot he had looked like with his tight black jeans and the purple, silky shirt … but now … the heat was rushing through him ... and he wanted him more than he had ever wanted someone else before. His dreams could come true. Casey was back ...

Annoyed about himself he tried to shook it off. He was just tired and confused and not able to think clear anymore.
“What the hell are you doing here,” he hissed.

“Wow, that's some welcome!”
Casey smirked.
“Summer job. I'm working for the Resort for the next few weeks. As a pool boy. Hope you don't mind when we share a room.”

“I never share my room,” Zeke snapped.

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