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Masters of science fiction = Watchbird

Today is a great day!
I didn't have to go to work today - I slept a little bit longer - I woke up, when the postman rang ... and he gave it to me:
My MoSF DVD - ordered by amazon.uk. - they were rather quick, only two days! I'm sooo happy about this!

Now I'm much more happy :) because I've seen "Watchbird" now - and it´s so great!

An interesting story - and an adorable Sean in the main role!  I have expected, that it was only a small role - but it´s really great and  so good! What a pity, it 's "only" an unknown TV series and not a movie. I believe, the story would have been good enough for this!

If you want to know more about "Watchbird"
It seems to be a perfect solution to a ballooning crime rate - filling the skies with flying robotic droids that can prevent murder before it takes places. However, nobody told these "Watchbirds" that all life depends on a formula of carefully balanced killing. Robert Sheckleys renowned story examines one the most important questions of our time - is it wise to sacrifice our liberty in the name of our security?

The screenplay is written by J. Michael Straczynski (remember: Jeremiah ;) )

And now - our Sean:


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Aww he's so cute! Thank you for screen caps!

*big hugs*

Oh yes, he is! I like most the second and the last one. His eyes, his look in the last pic ... awww

They are great! I should order that DVD as well ;)

Could you post them on sean_astin-news as well? Please

Oh yes, you should order the DVD, I think, you will like it (and the price is going down, £ 11.98)

Of course I could post this on sean_astin_news, too!

Those are great! Thank you so much. I like the second to last one the best.

Yes, they are great - and the film is great, too! Maybe I like the last pic the best, because I "see" the whole scene in my mind when I look up to it!

These are all wonderful. Amazing how boyish he still looks! I think my faves are the second last & the one where he's on the phone.

Amazing how boyish he still looks! lol, I think you´re right!

Thanks so much for these. Most of us didn't get to see this on television. They showed several episodes here in the US, but sadly, not Sean's. :-(

I had no idea there was a DVD. Is it only available in the UK?

No, it´s only available in UK - RC2. But maybe it will come out in UK sometime. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Thank you, prisca! Isn't he cute??? Love them all :-))

Yes, he IS cute - he is always cute!

Thank you SO MUCH! Those of us who can't even get a dvd of this REALLY appreciate these lovely caps. Did you notice how long his eyelashes are? They're blonde so you usually don't notice but from the side you can really see it. Thanks!


Oh, it was fun to post them. Fine, that you like them!

Hi hun! Do you mind if I add these to my Sean archive?

Yes, of course you can use them. And if you like, I could send you a few more screencuts from "Watchbird".

Oh that would be great! Any images of Sean would be great! Thanks hun!

Okay, please tell me an e-mail-addy and I will send you a few more pics.


Thanks again, hun. *hugs*

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