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Masters of science fiction = Watchbird

Today is a great day!
I didn't have to go to work today - I slept a little bit longer - I woke up, when the postman rang ... and he gave it to me:
My MoSF DVD - ordered by - they were rather quick, only two days! I'm sooo happy about this!

Now I'm much more happy :) because I've seen "Watchbird" now - and it´s so great!

An interesting story - and an adorable Sean in the main role!  I have expected, that it was only a small role - but it´s really great and  so good! What a pity, it 's "only" an unknown TV series and not a movie. I believe, the story would have been good enough for this!

If you want to know more about "Watchbird"
It seems to be a perfect solution to a ballooning crime rate - filling the skies with flying robotic droids that can prevent murder before it takes places. However, nobody told these "Watchbirds" that all life depends on a formula of carefully balanced killing. Robert Sheckleys renowned story examines one the most important questions of our time - is it wise to sacrifice our liberty in the name of our security?

The screenplay is written by J. Michael Straczynski (remember: Jeremiah ;) )

And now - our Sean:

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