Prisca (prisca1960) wrote,

It's Cazekiel-Day again ....

... without the next chapter of Summer in Miami today. Sorry for that. It will come soon, I promise. And because I want to celebrate this day anyway, here is a little something for all Casey & Zeke / Josh & Elijah Fans.

Sometimes I like to play around a bit - I know, others can do this much better, but it's fun. Fandom should be fun, shouldn't it? So, if you like and want to grab the one or the other ... please don't hold back.

ava auto-hut avamelancholy ava - midnight ava - morning
surveillance melancholy sleepless the day after
ava geek night ava glamor ava - laughing ava grumpy
geek in the night glamor hilariously grumpy
ava blaue augen ava hat ava model ava thinking
blue eyes straw-hatted Top-Model thinking of you

Tags: cazekiel-day, elijah wood, icon, josh hartnett
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