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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Summer in Miami (6 / ?)

Hallo LJ, hello F-list. I'm late today, but it's still


So here is the next part of my Miami-Story (I should hurry up a bit with it ... summer is almost over). Hope you like.

Title: Summer in Miami (6 / ?)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: R
Summery: Casey is a High Society Guy and Zeke just the boy from the garage
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)
You can find all chapters of this story: here

“You … you are living … in New York?”

Casey stared at him with a mixture of surprise, confusion and skepticism. To be honest, Zeke himself felt slightly confused. He had made this offer without even thinking about it, all he had wanted was to show him a way out of his messed-up situation.

Now he would have to live with the consequences when Casey would accept the offer to move in with him. Move in … living together with him in a shoe-box sized apartment which hardly offered enough room for his own stuff. There had been times where Zeke hadn't mind to share his apartment with others … and not only his apartment. Nowadays he had only a handful of friends, yes, he was still visiting a club now and then but just for fun, not because he was afraid to be alone. His life had changed a lot over the last few years. He wasn't sure if he was ready to change it again … for Casey.

Casey was nineteen and he had never lived on his own before. He was grown up in a small town in Ohio, he had visited an exclusive private school. New York was different, a great town, Zeke couldn't imagine to live somewhere else. But for Casey it would be a strange, new world. He would need a friend by his side. Since years Zeke had refused to let someone all too close to him, but Casey had already managed it to sneak under his skin. Too much nearness wouldn't be good for both of them ...

“But … you are working for the Resort. In the garage.”

Finally Casey had found his words again, but he still looked dumbfound. Zeke chuckled slightly.

“It's just a summer job. New York in summer can be hot like hell. Miami is a much better place to earn some money.”

Casey frowned.
“For what?”

“For College. I have a scholarship for this year, but next year I will start with Med-School. Pretty tough shit. And I don't want to spend all my rare free time with jobbing.”

Casey gasped for air, then he started to laugh.
“You try to fool me, right?”

Zeke's grin deepened, all his doubts gone.
“Is it that hard to believe that in a few years I will become a famous cosmetic surgeon who takes a shitload of money for making stupid young girls look like Britney Spears?”

“Yes, it is,” Casey finally burst out.
“You are not like that! You are working in a garage because you give a shit about High Society.”

“That's true.”
Zeke smiled.
“I like cars much more then most people but even when I still was a little boy from barely ten years it never was a question for me what I wanted to do with my future. I will go to Med-School next year … but after my dissertation I plan to go into research. I was always interest in that stuff. When I went to Junior High I had my own lab in the garage of my dad ... for some weeks. Long story.”

Back then he would have done all to drive his father crazy. Zeke could still remember the day when the police did show up in front of the house. With two police cars, several officer dressed up in uniforms and some drug-sniffing-dogs. Obviously a teacher from his school had reported him for selling drugs. His father had to interrupt a lunch with some important business partner and was fuming with anger. The police couldn't find anything in the garage … beside of some pens full of a mysterious white powder, Zeke had wanted them to find.

“That's Scat,” he had told the officer.
“I make it on my own. Wanna try? It's free for you.”

They had seized all the pens and his lab equipment. Some weeks later they send a letter with the lab-result. Just a mixture of more or less harmless stuff one could buy at every drugstore. His father had already send him to a boarding school far away from home. As if he would have cared. The older guys at school were willing to pay a lot of money for his Scat …

Wild times followed, where he had cared about nothing and no one … almost had lost his dreams. If not the accident would have changed all … the months in prison … Simon, the social worker, who was not willing to give him up, endless discussions until he finally started to open up …

He forced himself to shook the memories off and turned back to Casey who was still looking slightly doubtful.

“I've had some hard times to get where I am today. Three years of College before you can go to Med-School. Four more years until you can graduate. The study is very demanding, it's pretty expensive and sometimes tiring. But I will get through it because I know it's worth it.

Never give up your dreams, Casey, because if you do you are doomed.”

Casey kept quiet for a while, drawing invisible lines onto the table with his spoon. Finally he looked up and smiled tentatively.

“Thank you, Zeke,” he said.
“I guess, you're right. It's time to go my own way. When I get home at Ohio I need to talk with my dad. I still don't know what to do, but … it's not Law School. He will have to accept that."

“New York is waiting for you. My offer stands. If you don't mind to sleep an my old couch, you can come and stay as long as necessary.”

Casey hesitated.
“I can't, Zeke,” he finally said.
“There is so much I need to think about now. New York would be a great chance. But I guess I could still go to Stanford. They have a good Photo-Academy too. And maybe I wouldn't have to wait for a year.”

So Casey had finally made the decision to take his life in his own hands. Probably a good one. Nevertheless, Zeke had to force down the disappointment he felt rushing through him. He had almost been sure that Casey would decide not to fly home tomorrow. That they would go back to New York together. That Casey would move in with him … at least for a while ... He had wanted to show him how great the life could be in New York. So many places waiting to be discovered by a photographer like Casey. Not the tourist attractions, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, that was impressive, yes, but Zeke preferred the more unknown places. He just knew, Casey would fall in love with China Town in an instant, so colorful, so exotic, so full of life ...

But Casey had probably made the better choice … for his life. He shouldn't fulfill his fathers dreams … and he shouldn't fulfill Zeke's. He would figure out what he wanted to do with his talent. He would go to College in California, new friends, new life. Only now and then he would remember this summer in Miami ... and Zeke.

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