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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Summer in Miami (5 / ?)

So ... sunday again. How do you spend that day? I hope it was a good one for all of you. Mine was pretty lazy ... just what I needed. But how can I forget that it's Cazekiel-Day again ??? So, have a bit more about the boys in Miami.

Title: Summer in Miami (5 / ?)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: R
Summery: Casey is a High Society Guy and Zeke just the boy from the garage
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

You can find all chapters of this story: here

After a plate of scrambled eggs with toast, some fresh fruits and coffee Casey started to relax visibly. When he finally put off his sunglasses Zeke smiled. Casey noticed his look and frowned.


And he couldn't hold back.
“It's kinda stupid to hide these eyes.”

Casey slightly blushed but smiled.
“My grandma always told me that I'm my grandpa all over. His eyes were blue like mine. I never got to know him but she told me everything. He was a carpenter, but he loved to write poems and brought her flowers from the fields. She often said, obviously his romantic heart did skip a generation. My dad is not a bad guy, you know, he cares for my mom and for me. But in a very businesslike way, great emotions are alien to him. I guess that's the reason why we never were really close.”

“And nevertheless you want to go his way?”

Casey shrugged.
“It never was a question. He expected from me to give my best even at pre-school. No problem though, it did come easy for me to learn. Two months ago I did graduate with a straight A+. I know, Stanford will be different, a lot of brilliant students, but I will do my best to become a good lawyer like he is.”

Zeke looked at him thoughtfully.
“I'm afraid you're wrong,” he said.

Casey frowned.
“What do you mean?”

“You can go to the best Colleges, Casey. You can learn every law inside out. But this doesn't make you a good lawyer.

Your dad is successful in his job because it is what he wants to do. But what's with you? Will you love this job, Casey, are you ready to forget this great heart you got from your grandpa? Because you will have to do this if you want to be brilliant in this job. There is no place for a guy who loves photography and who is willing to bring himself into trouble just to help a friend.”

“What else can I do?”
Casey sighed.
“Last year I wanted to send some of my pics to an art school in Columbus. Just to find out what they think about my work. But when my dad noticed it, he got angry, dumped the letter into the bin and told me that he has already payed a lot of money for my education and that he won't let it happen that I waste my time with such unprofitable studies.”

“Has he ever had a look at your pictures,” Zeke asked.
“I don't know much about art, but even I can say, that you are pretty talented. One day you could become a famous photographer. Earn a shitload of money with your pics.”

Casey chuckled, slightly embarrassed.
“Just pipe dreams though. Tomorrow I will go back to Columbus. My dad has already placed a flight-ticket at the airport.”

Zeke looked up surprised, a slight disappointment was rushing through him.
“Tomorrow? I thought you wanted to stay here over summer. There are still some weeks left.”

“My dad says it makes no sense to waste even more time and money. I guess, he wanted me to come here because of Andy. To be good friend with him can be helpful … his dad has a lot of influence.”
Casey pulled the face.
“Well, I guess I can't count on his help anymore.”

Suddenly Zeke felt anger rushing through him. My dad this … my dad that … was he not able to make own decisions? It was his life and no one had the right to tell him what to do with it. Not someone as selfish and small-minded like his father. He needed to free himself out of his clutches or one day he would end swallowed up by a world which wasn't his.

He couldn't say why suddenly the memories hit him out of the blue. A little boy, about five years old. He had spend the day with making a card for his dad, with glitter and hearts and stuff. When he heard him coming home in the evening he run to him to gave him his present, so full of proud. He didn't even need to close his eyes to remember the stoney face of his father while he eyed the card for a while, finally he shoved it back to him and said: Try it again, Ezekiel, you can do this so much better.

He hadn't thought about it for so long. No, Casey was not the only one who did grow up with an overpowering father. Like Casey Zeke had build up a shell around himself but he had never been the obedient son who tried everything to satisfy his father. He had rebelled against every kind of authority, more than once he had gotten himself into trouble. And the more his dad freaked out the more he had enjoyed it. It had taken almost twenty years until he realized that it was time for his own life.

His eyes were thoughtfully resting on Casey. He was still not sure about what he was going to do, but maybe this was his last chance before Casey would leave Miami.

“Tell me, Casey, how old are you,” he asked … as if he didn't know.

“Nineteen. Why?”

“So you are legal. Old enough to go your own way. You are not a puppet in his hands, you know.”

“You mean ...”
Casey stopped, blinking wild.

Zeke nodded.
“I mean it's time for you to make a decision. You can move on like before. Follow all the rules of your dad, try to satisfy him … which will probably never happen ...”

“He just wants my best,” Casey protested weakly.

“If you say so. In my eyes he acts pretty selfish. He didn't even try to understand you, it's all up to him and his way of life. But he can't force you to give up all your dreams, to make a show out of the rest of your life. When you are willing to take the risk, Casey, the world is open for you. You don't need to go to Law School just because he wants you to go.”

Casey looked almost shocked as if the thought alone was a sacrilege. All too long he was following his father's wishes and had put back his own dreams. The thought to stand on his own two feet was bewildering and frightening. But Zeke could read in his eyes, how much he longed for doing this step.

“When I'm not going to Stanford, but stay back in Ohio and go to a local art school, he will kick me out of the house,” Casey finally answered.
“You don't know him. I won't get a penny from him for school or needed photo-stuff. And I cannot afford that.”

“You can't? You own two good hands and a smart head, Casey. Try it with jobbing.”
Zeke chuckled at Casey's dumbfounded face.
“It's nothing wrong with it to work for your dreams, you know? Not everyone can live on daddy's credit card.”

Suddenly looked Casey embarrassed.
“I'm not like that,” he murmured.
“All this doesn't mean anything for me. Best time of my life … back in Herrington. My dad asked for good grades but beside of that he didn't care much about what I was doing.”

“I know!”
Zeke nodded.
“He must be pretty blind that he doesn't notice how unhappy you are with the life he tries to force you into. But I agree with him in one point. It's a waste of talent to go to a local art school. Better try one of the great Colleges in Frisco or New York.”

For a moment Casey looked stunned, then a smile sneaked on his face.
“I would like to go to New York,” he admitted.
“The Film Academy. Their Photography School is one of the best, well-known all over the world.”

“So, what are you waiting for? Send out your application. You have nothing to lose, huh?”

“It's too late. College starts next month. You need to enroll months ago.”

“Fine. Go for next year. It will give you some time to settle down. Get familiar with the town. I'm sure you will fall in love with it in an instant.”

Casey smirked.
“I know no one in New York. No place where I could crash. No money. No job. How should this work?”

“You could stay with me … at least for a while,” Zeke said.

Casey looked bewildered.
“Here? In Miami?”

“In New York. Just some days … and I will go back there. It's just a small apartment in the basement and the bathroom is more a closet. But I'm sure we could find some room for you and your stuff.”

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