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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Summer in Miami (4 / ?)

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It's Cazekiel-Day again :) Time for another chapter of 'Summer in Miami'. Have fun with it.

Title: Summer in Miami (4 / ?)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: R
Summery: Casey is a High Society Guy and Zeke just the boy from the garage
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)
You can find all chapters of this story: here

Every morning when the job in the garage was finished Zeke went over to the pool for a few rounds of swimming before going back into his apartment to get some sleep. He liked to come here early in the morning when the whole pool area was deserted … beside of the odd party-goer from the night before who hadn't made it back into their room but were fallen asleep in one of the beach-chairs. Today he seemed to be alone though. He put his towel onto the bench beside the pool and was ready to jump in when he noticed him.

He was sitting at the end of the pool, fully dresses with Jeans and a white shirt, and though it was early in the morning and the sun was barely out, he had put on his sunglasses. Zeke hadn't seen him anymore since that night a week ago. While the others moved on like before, hanging around at the pool all day long, endless parties during the nights, Casey was not with them. Maybe it was a good sign and he finally started to realize how shallow all this was. But maybe he was just trying to be invisible for Zeke because he felt embarrassed for what he had said and done in that night.

Zeke did still remember, how Casey had finally kicked him out of his apartment, looking angry and tired and confused. He had left him alone, of course, he had no right to tell him how to live his life. But whenever he thought about these big, blue eyes, which could sparkle so mischievous but often looked much too sad, all he wanted was to pull him into his arms, hold him tight and kiss all his stupid behavior away.

It was long ago since Zeke had cared about someone that much. He had been sixteen and the guy was three years older. He had made a lot of promises and Zeke had trusted him. It didn't last for long though. Zeke finally had noticed that the guy just used him, that he was just one of a lot of other guys. He had been deeply hurt and decided that this would never happen again. Never again he would let someone into his life, his heart. Parties, booze, drugs, sex and cars, that had been his life for some wild years. Until one night changed everything … it had been close and he would have fucked up his life beyond retrieval.

He hated the idea that one day Casey could end like that too but he knew well enough, it was up to Casey to found the courage to live his dreams. He was not part of his life, never had been. It had been just one night, a few hours, Casey had been drunk and shocked and desperate and he had opened up to a stranger ... which he probably already regretted. No, Zeke would never be a part of his future, no matter which way he decided to go … which was probably a good thing … for both of them … the last he wanted were new problems in his life, now, when he finally had started to settle down.

But here he was, sitting at the end of the pool without moving, Zeke hesitated. But it would be pathetic to ignore him, he knew, Casey had already noticed him too. Zeke put the towel around his shoulders and slowly went over to the bench.

Casey had turned back to the pool, he stared into the water as if it would be the most interesting thing of the world.
“Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you,” he murmured.

Zeke felt puzzled.

Casey shrugged.
“I know you like to come here early in the morning when you are all alone. The sunrise over the beach, you can smell the ocean and hear the wind whispering in the palm trees. Best time of the day to enjoy all this … without all the people around, much too loud and too crazy.“

“I don't mind to share.”
When Zeke dropped down beside him onto the bench he noticed the camera.
„Oh, you are taking pics.“

Finally Casey looked up. Zeke noticed how tired he looked like and wondered if he had slept at least for some hours in the night.

„It has always helped me to calm down,“ Casey said and touched the camera with his fingertips.
„Doesn't work anymore though. Like everything in my life … it's so fucked up.”

Zeke eyed him intently.
„Pretty much self-pity so early in the morning,“ he said.

„What do you know,“ Casey snapped.
„You are just ...“

„...the boy from the the garage,“ Zeke finished the sentence and smirked.
„I know.”

„Sorry. I … I didn't mean to offend you.”
Suddenly Casey looked uncomfortable. Unsure he shook his head.
“It's just … life is so easy for you. You have a job you like and you are free to do whatever you want. I never was a popular guy. But since my dad is a famous lawyer everything is becoming so difficult. He … he wants the best for me … but I don't know where I belong to.“

Zeke nodded slowly.
„I've noticed it, you are not hanging around much with your friends lately. No parties anymore?“

“They are not my friends,” Casey murmured.
“They care about no one. Not about me. Not about Andy. They didn't even ask about him.”
He pulled the face.
„I visited him at the hospital every day. But now I'm not allowed to do so any longer.”

„What's happened?“

„When I came to hospital yesterday the nurse told me to leave and not to come back. Andy's dad doesn't want me to see him again.“
Casey shrugged.
„He got a letter from Washington Academy. I've told you, they will find out about Andy staying at hospital … and the reason for it. The pills, you know. They advised him better to look for another College.”

“Well, maybe he should better have thought about that before. Now he has to pay the price. But don't worry, he will survive, guys like him will always land on their feet.”

“You don't get it. It's tradition in his family to go to Washington. His father did, his grandfather did, his cousin is going. Andy would be the first one who can't go.

His dad thinks it's all my fault because I did call the doctor. He is an important client of the lawyer office my dad is working for. And he's called them, demands that they put things straight.

My dad is fuming, he says this can not only ruin my future but his career too. He did hope to become a partner next year latest. Now … if the office lose such an important client because of me ... “

Casey sighed.
“I don't know, maybe it is all my fault. I was panicking. But instead of calling the doc I should better have called my dad first. He would have known what to do.”

“Oh stop it!”
Zeke had listened quietly but now he couldn't hide his anger.
“Just a while longer and no one would have to worry about Andrew's future anymore because he would be dead.“

Casey winced.
„Don't say that!“

„But it's the truth and you know that. His father should be thankful because you saved Andrew's life. Though I'm afraid he will never be able to see it like that. It's easier to blame others than to admit that his son better should go into rehab instead to College.

Stop blaming yourself, Casey, you did the only right thing. If Andrew would have died you would never be able to forgive yourself.“

“I guess you're right.”
Despite his words Casey didn't look totally convinced.
“Still … my life feels like a total mess in the moment.”

Zeke kept quiet for a moment, then he chuckled slightly.
“Maybe a good breakfast can help.”

Casey blinked confused.

“Breakfast. It looks like you could need one. The cook of the canteen makes delicious scrambled eggs with bacon. You are invited … if you don't mind to share a table with the lower crowd.”

Zeke could see him hesitating and was almost sure he would refuse the offer. But finally Casey smiled slightly.
“Why are you doing all this? Why do you care?”

Zeke shrugged.
“Because I'm a nice guy!”

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