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Thank you, Sean!

This is my way to say "Thank you" for all the movies you have done!

It´s my first video I ever did - pics of my four favorite Sean-Movies! Maybe you will like it a little bit!

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What a nice birthday tribute to Sean. Great choices of Sean-roles, and I love the music you used! :-)

I would have preferred to use the music of "Jeremiah", but it´s too short for a video! :( - but I like "Rudy" too! It´s such a great soundtrack!

I only feel sorry, that I could use no pic of "Harrison Bergeron" - that would have been the fifth movie and I like it so much, too!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you - it was really fun to make it!

Belleferret pointed me to this, and it's just lovely. Those four performances by Sean are so powerful and moving, and the pictures you chose show it. I love that music from 'Rudy', too!

Thank you! (and thanks to Belleferret, too ;) )

Just beautiful! Thank you, Prisca!

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