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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Summer in Miami (2 / ?)

Well ... it's sunday ... and sunday means Cazekiel-Day. Yeah!

Are you ready for a bit more 'Summer in Miami' ... even if the weather outside is not summer anymore. It's grey and raining and starts to be cold .. brrr.

Here we go, back into the sun.

Title: Summer in Miami (2 / ?)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: R
Summery: Casey is a High Society Guy and Zeke just the boy from the garage
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

You can find all chapters of this story: here

Two nights later, around two o'clock. Always the quietest hours in the garage. The notorious party-goer had left the resort for another night in the clubs and bars nearby and they wouldn't be back before sunrise. Zeke had finished his work, the radio was playing classic rock music, only silently because he didn't want to disturb Ben who was dosed off in his office chair.

Suddenly the door flung open with a loud bang followed by hasty, stumbling footsteps. Zeke looked up frowning. Casey. Alone this time. Obviously he had joined a wild party in the resort, Zeke could tell at first sight that he was slightly drunk and pretty much agitated. He was wildly digging around in his pockets and startled when he suddenly noticed Zeke.

“A bit late for a trip at night, huh?”

Casey looked confused, he obviously had a hard time to understand Zeke's words.
“Get out of my way,“ he said in a slightly slurred voice.
“I need the Stingray”

Zeke shook his head.
“Not a good idea. You should better go to bed.”

“You don't get it. I need it! It's …. some kind of … emergency.“

He blinked nervous when Zeke stepped closer and tried to snatch the key from him.
„Hey! You have no right to do this. I … I will call the manager!“

“Go ahead.”
Zeke shrugged.
“He will tell you the same. I don't think it's in his interest when his barely legal guests end up in hospital.”

For a moment he thought that Casey would give in, but then he turned around and run towards the cars. His hands were trembling while he tried to open the door of the Stingray

“Hey, c'mon!”
Zeke reached for his arm.
“Whatever it is, it can wait til tomorrow.”
But Casey jerked around, tried to break free, lashed out wildly. He was stronger than he seemed to be at first look. Suddenly Zeke felt a fist hitting his face and cursed loudly.
“Goddamned, stop it,” he yelled.

His right eye already started to swell up, tomorrow it would be a brilliant black eye, if he wouldn't be able to put some ice on it right now. Great. For a moment he just wanted to let him go. If he wanted to wreck the Stingray at the next palm tree it was so not his problem. But he knew better. He would never forgive himself if something happened to him.

“I will bring you back into your room now,” he said.
“Shut up. Even if I need to carry you back … you will not get into this damned car tonight.”

Casey slowly seemed to cool down. He looked at him with big blue eyes, desperate, teared up. Zeke smirked. Drama. Luckily he never got sentimental when he was drunk.

„I can't,“ Casey whispered.
„Please. Someone needs to help him. He needs to get out here for a while.“

“What is?”
Zeke suddenly felt alerted.
“Who needs help? What are you talking about?”

Casey bit his lower lips.
“An … Andrew. We … we were a bit partying tonight …. in his Suite. Suddenly he … he got sick … he looked as if he wanted to collapse next moment … and … “

“Oh shit.”
Zeke rolled his eyes.
“Did you call the doctor?”

Casey shook the head.
“Alcohol … drugs … just some weed,” he stammered.
“But Andy … He will go to Washington Academy next months. They will kick him out when they find out about his drug problems. I … I … need to bring him out here until he's better again. And no one will ever get to know.”

Zeke stared at Casey and he knew that he meant it. It was not sure if he actually knew what he was doing and where to go with Andrew. He was so not in the state to think clearly ... but wildly resolved not to abandon his stupid friend.

“Where is he now,” Zeke asked.
“Is anyone with him?”

Casey sniffed.
“When he started to feel dizzy the others laughed about him. He got angry and told us to go. They did, to join another party. Me … I couldn't. He looked so pale. When I left him he was in his bedroom and could barely stand straight. I don't think that he followed them.”

“Great friends you have.”
Zeke snorted.
“Let's go. What Suite is it?”

Casey looked confused.
“But … What are you gonna do?”

“Someone should look after him.”

“That's non of your business. You didn't even know him.”

No, he didn't. And he was not interest in the slightest to get to know him. What he knew was enough. If this would be just about Andrew he would call the hotel staff and leave it to them to sweep the incident under the carpet. Not the first time they had to do that. But there was Casey and he was genuinely worried about Andrew, if he deserved this or not.

“The Suite,” Zeke repeated.
“Which is it?”


Why this didn't surprise him? The Lincoln Suite, one of the most expensive, with a private sun terrace, a sauna inclusive whirlpool and all comfort one could imagine was on the last floor of the hotel. Zeke grabbed for Casey's arm and pulled him to a freight elevator the guests of the resort usually never got to see.

“It's a great Suite. But the best is the view from the terrace. One day I would like to take some picture from the sun dawn. The whole beach looks like in fire ...”

Zeke didn't pay much attention to his babbling but as long as it helped him to stay relaxed it was fine by him. At least Casey had been sober enough to remember the key card when he had left the Suite. Zeke pulled it through the slot, followed by the familiar buzz and the door jumped open. Inside it was nearly dark. Empty bottles of champagne, vodka and energy drinks, ashtrays filled not only with cigarette butts, a t-shirt and a bra, carelessly thrown onto the floor, ear battering music booming through the rooms. First of all Zeke looked for the remote control to shut it off. The sudden silence almost made Casey jump. He suddenly looked pale like a sheet.

“Hey, sit down!”
Zeke pulled him to one of the comfy looking leather chairs. The last he could need was that Casey passed out now.
“Stay here. I will get you a glass of water. Then I will have a look at Andrew.”

Casey nodded weakly.
When Zeke put the glass onto the small table beside him he sighed deeply.
“He will get angry because I brought you here.”

Zeke pulled the face.
“I really don't know why you care about him.”
He went over to the bedroom. The door was closed. Zeke knocked. No loud was to hear.
“Anyyone in there? Are you okay?”
When he didn't get an answer he finally entered the room. His eyes fall onto the double-sized bed. Andrew was lying there, curled up, trembling violently, his eyes twisted, barely conscious.

“Shit,” Zeke cursed and hurried to the bed. He grabbed his arm, feeling for the pulse. It was abnormally quick.
“Hey. Can you hear me? Open your eyes!”

No reaction. At least he was still breathing. But there was no time to lose, this was worse then just a mix of booze and weed, Zeke knew that much. He hurried back into the main room where Casey was still sitting in the chair, holding the glass with a hard grip, looking up at him with great eyes. It was not the time for long explanations though. Without hesitation Zeke reached for the phone and dialed the number of the resort's hospital ward.

“Hallo, Lincoln Suite here. We need help, it's an emergency, tell the doc he should better hurry to get here.”
He hang up, ignoring the questions at the other end of the line. The doc would come anyway, that was enough.

Casey jumped up, the glass fall down.
“What are you doing,” he yelled.
“I've told you, not the doc! You've just fucked up his life.”

Suddenly Zeke felt annoyance climbing up. He grabbed for his arm and pulled him over into the bedroom.
“Look at him,” he hissed.
“He's the only one who fucks up his life. What shit has he taken?”

“What ...”
Casey shook his head.
“No … nothing. Just what we all had, a glass champagne and … What's up with him?”

Zeke could tell that it was lie. He was still trying to protect Andrew.
“He should better kiss your ass later because you are not such a fucking coward like the others. This probably saved his life.”

Casey looked at him shocked. Even in his still slightly drunk state the words hit him with full force.
“He can die?”

“Hopefully not. Don't worry, he doc will be here soon, he will call an ambulance, anything possible will be done for him.”

Casey stared from Andrew, who finally was lying motionless, only his hands opened and closed … opened and closed … his breath loud and unsteady … it was a scaring sight, back to Zeke.
“He said … it would be fun when we all take some of the pills.”

“What kind of pills?”

Casey shrugged.
“I don't know. Green ones. The newest stuff on the market, Andy told us, I don't know where he got them.”

Zeke glanced at him with narrowed eyes.
“And? Did you take one?”

“No, no one did but Andy. The girls were afraid to take pills they didn't know and he wanted to prove them that it's harmless stuff.”

“Then they have more sanity as I thought,” Zeke murmured, feeling relieved.
The resolute knocking at the door interrupted him.
“Leave it to me to talk with the doc, okay?”

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