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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Summer in Miami (1 / ?)

Hello my friends.

There are Frodays, there are Samdays, there are Woodays .... but I've never heard about a Cazekiel-Day. So I've decided to turn my Sundays into Cazekiel-Days from now on. Without any promises ... I actually don't know where this will go to. But at least I will try to come up with a litte something about the boys every sunday. Just to keep the Fandom alive. And maybe, if the one or the other from you will join me now and then, it would be great ;)

Today I will start with a new story. It's called: Summer in Miami and I had planned this as my contribution for aliensouldream's Summer-Challenge. Unfortunately this starts out to be longer than expected, so we will have another WIP (not that long, don't worry). I hope you will like.

Title: Summer in Miami (1 / ?)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: R
Summery: Casey is a High Society Guy and Zeke just the boy from the garage
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

Zeke lowered his book when the familiar laughter drifted towards him. His eyes wandered along the gigantic pool of the holiday resort to the sunterrace with all the palmtrees, canvas chairs and the great bar at the end. There he was, sun-tanned, glearing colorful trunks, the hair slighty wet and tossled. As usual he hid his eyes behind sunglasses.

Zeke smirked. What a little sap. How could he ignore that his eyes were the most interesting part of him? There was no need for all his exaggerated affectation, one look in his eyes and the girls would hang around him like the bees around a beeyard. But he preferred to play the tough guy, used to hang around with a group of stupid, shallow kids, laughed too loud, dared the most risqué jumps into the pool, smoked too much and payed for rounds of drinks … though most of them could be barely be older then twenty. No one seemed to care about, not the parents, not the barkepper. This was a holiday resort for people richer than rich. And with money you could buy just everything. Even the friendship of people who would usually give a shit about you. Like Casey did.

Casey! This was his name. Casey Connor, his father was Frank Connor, a wellknown lawyer for everyone with enough money. A few years ago he was still living in a small town in Ohio, Herrington, working for an unknown lawyer office and Casey went to a local Highschool. After all what Zeke had heard he hadn't been one of the popular students. But then life had changed for them. Mr. Connor had to step into the breach for an accoziate who was killed by a car accident. The court case attracted more attention than expected when it turned out that a well known building tycoon was involved in it. Mr. Connor did win the hopeless looking case and the tycoon was thankful enough to smooth the way into High Society for him. Nowadays the Connors owned a mansion in German Village, one of the most popular places in Columbus. Mr. Connor was working for a lawyer office with an exclusive clientel and his son had just graduated at a private boarding school … and could spend his holidays in Miami Beach.

It hadn't been hard to find out. Some questions to the hotel boy, some researches in the net and he knew almost everything about him he wanted to know. Though Zeke was usually not interested in the guests of the resort … just in their cars. They came here with the coolest, newest, most expensive marks … and it didn't mean anything for them. It was just a status symbol to show off. Unheedingly they threw the keys to him without even looking up. He was just the boy from the garage, he provided the running condition of their cars, refuels them, cleaned them out- and inside. All the things he did found … after a wild night spend in the clubs of Miami Beach ... all the stories he could tell. Sometimes he got a nice extra tip, with a secret wink or nervous smile. He took the money and kept quiet. He wouldn't have talked about it anyway, this was so not his business.

Casey owned a Stingrey, black with silver leather seats, 344PS, not the newest model but still insanely expensive. A great car, Zeke did drive it once into the carwash of the resort, for a playboy with too much money on his bank account, not for a nineteen year old boy who was living from daddy's credit card.

He looked back to the poolbar again where Casey just put his arms around two girls beside him. Slender, a bikini that barley hid anything, the blonde one with bleached hair, the other one looked nicer with her wild red curls. But Casey turned to the Blonde and kissed her cheek fleetingly. She giggled like mad. Zeke huffed. Hard to believe that someone fall for that shit. It was so obvious how shallow all this was. The more he secretly observed him the more he knew that this was not Casey's world. He tried so desperate to fit in. But he would never be a real part of this group, he was just accepted because his father was rich and a well known lawyer.

Zeke sighed and forced his interest back to his book. He knew he couldn't do anything against it. It was up to Casey to wake up and realize that he was on the best way to waste his life. Hopefully he would before it was too late. Even today the nightmares still haunted him … the cars, the lights, the laughter and yelling, the roaring motors, the thrill of speed. Only a moment later the dark shadow, squeeling tires, the crash … nothing more … The end of Ezekiel Tyler junior.


It was later in the evening. Zeke had gotten the night shift in the garage again but he didn't mind. He had never needed much sleep and working together with Ben Miller was fun. He was an elderly man who had spent his whole life working hard and since an accident had wrecked up his left leg some years ago he had taken over the responsibilty for the resort's garage at night. He didn't talk much, preferred to sit in his small office, smoking his pipe, reading his newspaper. But when Zeke had free time to join him for a coffee they had always a good talk about cars and car racing … and a lot other stuff Zeke wouldn't tell many others.

He looked up from the Corvette where he had just checked the oil pressure when he heard the harsh voice echoing through the garage.

“My car, and quick. We are in a hurry!”

One of the guys Casey used to hang around with. Zeke frowned. What a little fucker, he was the worst of all.

“What's that? I've left it this afternoon and told you to give it a wash. You call this clean? What is this behind the wiper?”

Zeke took a deep breath and got up. Slowly he went over to the group beside a darkblue Mustang. Polishid as if it had just left the factory. Beside of Ben and the little shit of car owner two girls were standing there, the blonde one he had seen this afternoon at the pool bar and another girl he didn't know. Dressed up and rouged like a hollywood diva on the red carpet. They were listening intently to the argument between Ben and the guy. Zeke did almost overlook Casey who was standing a bit aside in the shadow. He looked good tonight, Zeke noticed. Tight, dark designerjeans, a black shirt and a casually bound red tie … and he had decided to take off this stupid sunglasses. It was too dark inside the garage though to see his blue eyes.

“Hey, any problems with the car,” he stepped in.

The young guy turned from Ben to Zeke and looked him over.
“Who are you? I've never seen you before.”

“The Mustang. I've checked it through this evening. Nice car.”

Suddenly the guy grinned wide.
“Yes, it is. My Dad bought it for my birthday. It's expensive but he says I deserve it for getting into Washington Academy. It's an exclusive College, not every one is accepted.”

Zeke nodded.
“Just a shame that your expensive luxury car will probably end at a scrap yard within some months.”


“The automated manual transmission is almost a wreck. The chassis is distorted. And the undercarridge …What the hell are you doing with it? Crosscountry racing?“

The look of the guy was priceless.
“What is this about,” he huffed.
“You are jealous because you can't afford such a car? I know how to drive since I'm fifteen and the Mustang gets a service check every third month.”

“Need a good advice?”
Zeke smirked.
“Look for another mechanic.”

“How can you dare it,” the guy hissed.
“You are just the boy from the garage. What do you know about exclusive cars? You should better go back from where you did come from. I'm gonna talk with my dad … he's good friend with the resort's director.”

Out of breath he finally jumped into his car and turned back to his … friends. Hard to believe he had some, with the way he acted against them and almost everyone.
“You coming? Or do you wanna spend the night with this scum?”

The girls hurried to get in, giggling again. Zeke wondered if they were actually that stupid or maybe already drunk before the party had started. Casey followed a moment later. His eyes crossed Zeke's when he opened the backdoor and for a split of a moment there was a fleetingly grin on his lips.

The tires screeched when the Mustang speeded the driveway along. Ben shook his head and said something. Zeke turned round and looked at him questioning, his mind was still with Casey. For a moment the mask was dropped.

“If this would be my girls,” Ben repeated.
“They wouldn't leave the house dressed up like that. And I would ban them from even talking with guys like these. I've seen a lot over the last years but it seems to get worse with every summer. No respect for anything.”

“I bet their parents don't even know,” said Zeke in a low voice.
“Because they actually don't care. They enjoy their own parties at night, sleep in most of the day and they call it love when they send their children to private boarding schools and give them a credit card for own use. You should rather feel sorry for them because they never had a chance for a normal life.”

Ben glanced at him thoughtful, finally put his arm around his shoulder, squeezed him slightly.
“C'mon, son, time for a good coffee!”


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