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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Haven (Casey's POV)

Some time ago naemi asked for doing the 'Summer Heat Bingo Challenge'  (btw. It's kinda sad that almost no one wants to play ... sniff ... I really, really miss the old times). Well, I needed a bit time to finish the little ficlet too, but finally it's done.

It's a sequel from a drabble I wrote for aliensouldream. This drabble is written from Zeke's POV and I know all of you were wondering what Casey is thinking. So, here's the answer ;)

Title: Haven (Casey's POV)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: G
Author's note: written for naemi and her 'Sommer Heat Bingo Challenge'
Disclaimer: Sadly The Faculty and the boys are not mine ;)

If you want to go back: Haven (Zeke's POV)

When I noticed the white rat in the window of the pet shop I knew I would buy it for Zeke.

He hadn't been at school again, so I took my bike to went to his house. The driveway looked empty without the GTO. He loved this car. He loved Oscar too. I've noticed the hidden tears in his eyes when he had to kill him. Nowadays Zeke acts as cool as ever but I wonder what is going on in his head.

Music was coming out of the garage. I hesitated to get in. Since this incident we haven't talked much and I wasn't sure if he would be eager to see me. But then, as if he could feel my hesitation, the little rat in it's box started to scratch and squeak. And I knew what I had to do.

Delilah has crashed the lab in that night but now the garage almost looks like before. The old couch, the crowded shelves, the big fan, the empty cage from Oscar. Zeke looked up from his microscope, not saying a word. Carefully I freed the little rat out of it's box and put it into the cage. And suddenly Zeke smiled at me.

„Want a beer,“ he asked.

I stayed for the whole afternoon. Today I will go to him again. At school Zeke is the king and my hero-status starts to fade away. But in his garage we are soul mates. I hold him tight in my arms … and he lets it happen.

revised March 2015

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Awe, this is sweet. It's amazing how such a simple gesture can mean (and change) the world! Thank you, darling!

Puhhh ... I'm so much behind with answering comments :(

I'm glad you like this litte ficlet, yes, sometimes a litte gesture can change everything.

This is so heartwarming and sweet. Just lovely.

Puhhh ... I'm so much behind with answering comments :(

Thank you for reading, I'm glad you like this little ficlet.

(Deleted comment)
Puhhh ... I'm so much behind with answering comments :(

Thanks for reading. Yes, sometimes it doesn't need many words to tell a story. I'm glad you like this one.

I love that last liner, it says so much!

Puhhh ... I'm so much behind with answering comments :(

Thanks for reading. I guess there is hope, that this one afternoon will change the lonely world for these two guys.

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