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Jeremiah FF - english // A Life

Characters: Mister Smith, Kurdy
Rating: PG
Words: 324

revised story: January 2016

The roof of the house was already gone up in flames, it couldn't be saved anymore. But they had been able to rescue the two children who had been blocked up in their room. This was all that counted.

Suddenly Smith groaned. "Oh no!"

Before Kurdy could react, he jumped up. "Wait here!" he yelled, then ran back into the still burning ruins. Kurdy frowned alarmed. What did they overlook? For a moment, he thought about it to follow Smith, but finally, his words held back him. Wait here! It was better to listen to him, that was something he had learned during the last weeks.

Minutes passed. Flames were coming out of the front windows. The heat became more and more intolerable. Kurdy cursed loud, what if Smith had been wrong this time? What was going in the house?

Finally, he couldn't endure the endless wait for longer. He ran to the back door of the house and was greeted by dense smoke.  He started to cough instantly, no chance to get inside anymore.

"Smith," he yelled.
"Fuck, Smith, where are you?!"
Instead of an answer, someone grabbed for his arm and pulled him away from the house last minute. With a loud roar, it imploded.

"I've told you to wait here, didn’t I?!"

Kurdy stared at Smith flabbergasted. His face was black from soot, the hair burnt. Blood was dropping out of a gash at his left arm. And in this arm lay - a dog! Still a puppy, shaking with fear he cuddled up to Smith, who talked to him whispering.

"Holy shit. Are you fucking mad, Smith," Kurdy hissed after the shock started to ebb away.
"You risk your life for a stupid dog?!"

"It's not just a dog," he replied softly and put the puppy on the ground. He watched the little dog jumping to the both saved children who greeted him with loud laughing.
"It' s a life!"
Tags: fan fiction, jeremiah, revised work
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