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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - The letter

Hallo everyone. I hope all mothers have a great day together with the family and everyone else a wonderful sunday. Even if not many of you will be around today, it feels as if this is the perfect day for a bit Casey & Zeke fluff. Hope you like.

Title: The letter
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: R
Summery: Mothers always know ...
Author's note: it was a post i_o_r_h_a_e_l made some time ago which gave me the idea for this little story, so I want to say 'Thank you' to her
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

„I'm sorry, Zeke!"

Casey sighed and clutched the phone even harder though there was nothing but silence as a response. He felt awful. What kind of boyfriend was he? Zeke deserved someone better than him. But he tried to be understanding as ever, didn't force him to a decision. It was still hard to believe that this was Zeke Tyler, well known as the greatest heart breaker at school, the boy who gave a damn about anything.

Even today, after almost three months, it sometimes felt like a dream. No one had ever paid much attention to him, he was Casey Connor, the photo geek, almost invisible. MaryBeth had changed everything. For a short time he had been a hero, everyone wanted to be good friend with him. In the meantime the fame had started to fade away, but Casey didn't mind. He had found some good friends. Stokely, Stan, even Delilah. She acted bitchy as ever but when you got to know her a bit better it was easy to see through the mask she used to put on. And there was Zeke, of course … all of them bound together because of this horrible night where they had to fight an alien ...

It had been a rainy Friday evening, some weeks after the incident, when he went to a movie together with Zeke. Stan and Stokes made a weekend-trip to Boston to visit their future College, Del had planned an evening together with her cheerleader group. He had secretly enjoyed it to have Zeke all for him alone ... at least for some hours ...

Then the first kiss. Casey smiled while he recalled this moment. His panic, his urge to run away. But Zeke had refused to let him go. Had kissed all his doubts away. And Casey had given in. He had longed for this all too long. Even if it was just one night … it was worth it …

But Zeke had surprised him again. Next weekend they made a trip to Columbus, to a popular club. Zeke pulled him into his arms for a slow dance, kissed him, for all the world to see. And no one seemed to be bothered by it ...

Two weeks later Zeke took him to his grandmother. The only one in his life who was near to his heart. While his parents were jetting around the world, his grandma did rise him up. Until some years ago a stroke changed everything. Today she was a case for nursing care, sitting in a wheel chair, barely able to talk. Zeke had taken Casey's hand and pulled him down in front of her.

„This is Casey. My boyfriend.“

A smile had flickered over her face and she had uttered some words Casey couldn't understand. But Zeke had nodded.

„I will, Granny. He is the one!“

Yes, being together with Zeke was like the biggest adventure of his life. He was his best friend, his confident, his lover. He never expected too much, never tried to force him to anything. Until some days ago he suddenly started to talk about a coming out.

“I'm so sick of it, Case,” he had told him.
“All the girls at school, craving for my attention. Everyone thinking I'm the tough guy who doesn't care about anyone.”

„But it's Herrington High, Zeke“ Casey did remind him.
„They will give us a hard time when they find out.”

Zeke put his hand onto his cheek and smiled.
„No one will dare to touch you as long as we are together,“ he promised him. And Casey knew that he meant it.
„Two months and everything will come to an end. After graduation we will leave this shithole behind and never come back.”

That was the point. Zeke didn't need to come back. There was nothing what did keep him here. For Casey it was different. He was grown up in a caring home, he loved his parents, his grandfather, Mrs. Miller, a nice, elderly lady from the neighborhood who already did babysitting for him when he still had been a little boy. People who did believe in him. Who were always there for him. Unthinkable that he would leave them behind. Unthinkable that he would disappoint them.

His parents didn't even know that he was gay. How often he had wanted to tell them … but where to start? Coming out at school was impossible before they did know. It would be like a wildfire … in the morning the students and teacher would talk about it, at the evening the whole town.

“We can talk about it tomorrow, okay,” he said.
“Maybe … today is the right time to tell them.”


Casey bit his lower lip. No wonder that Zeke didn't sound all too enthusiastic. It was not the first time that he promised it. Two days ago his father had gotten an unexpected call from his work, yesterday his mom did complain about a slight headache. Today … who could say.

“Need to go, Zeke,” he said.
“Mom is calling for dinner.”

Silence for a split of a second. Then: “Love you!”

Casey smiled weakly, feeling even worse.
“Yeah. See you tomorrow.”
With his mom and dad around he didn't dare to answer: Love you too. Miss you. Can't wait to see you again.


Some hours later he want upstairs into his room. An evening like a lot others at the Connor's home. They had had dinner together, watched a TV show, his dad talked about his work, his mom about the flowers she wanted to buy tomorrow … and Casey had kept quiet again. He knew he was a coward. His parents had taught him to be open minded and not to condemn people too hasty. But this was different. They had plans for their son, good plans, they wanted him to go to College, later find a good job to be able to take care of his own family. Nothing wrong with it. Just … he wanted to live together with another guy … a guy he loved … and this was not part of the plan. It would hit them like a bold from the blue when he told them … his mother would cry silently and his dad would get angry. He had never been very happy with it that he was hanging around that much with Zeke lately …

Casey frowned when he noticed the envelope onto his pillow. A plain white one, like the ones his mother used for her correspondence. That was weird. Only a few minutes ago she had said him 'Good night'. Hesitating he opened the envelope … and stopped dead.

Dear son,

I guess it's time for an open talk. This evening I overheard your phone conversation with Zeke. I didn't intend to listen but when I heard your voice I couldn't hold back. I knew it was not just a talk with a good friend.

Casey paled, his hands started to tremble. He was not sure if he wanted to read more.

So Zeke is the one you are thinking about all the time? I knew something was going on, mothers always know. Even your father did notice it, though I'm afraid he thinks it's Delilah.

Wait. What? His dad wanted him to be together with the popular cheerleader queen from school? Great. He would never accept Zeke as his boyfriend.

I've been waiting for this moment for quiet a while now. Since you went to junior highschool I've suspected that you might be gay. You were actually never interested in girls. The posters you put on the walls, these decadent models, this was so not you. I could tell it was just for show. But you secretly cried you eyes out when Leonardo di Caprio did sink together with the Titanic.

Oh god. Casey felt slightly embarrassed but chuckled anyway. Leo. He had indeed had a deep crush on him, it had been so hard to hide it and not to talk about him all day long. Until finally the reality did catch up with him, the reality in form of Zeke Tyler. The moment he entered the school Leo was history.

It's fine by me. As long as you are happy. You are the best son I can think about, honest, caring, compassionate. Always there for your friends, for everyone who asks for help. All I will ask you for is that you will always remain true to yourself, no matter what others might say. If you love Zeke, love him with all your heart. It's nothing wrong with it.

Casey swallowed and felt tears pricking in his eyes.

And bring Zeke for dinner on Friday. I guess it's time to tell your dad.


Don't worry, he will not bite his head off. Zeke is a good boy. It's kinda sad that his parents care so less about him. I guess, you are good for him. Like he's good for you. And your father knows.

He loves you. He already did even before you was born. The months, we were afraid that I might lose you. Then you was born, some weeks to early. You looked so small and fragile. Your father was sitting beside your bed every night, he changed your diapers, lulled you back to sleep when you cried.

The first tears started to roll down his cheeks.

He was the one who went to the playground with you every Saturday morning. He taught you to ride your bike and to swim. At your pre school's christmas play he was sitting in the first row, applauding louder than all the others. At your birthday he bought two expensive tickets for the Ohio Bobcats, but when he noticed your excitement about the little circus in town he dumped them into the bin without hesitating. You two had wonderful times together. But now you are moving on. Without him. He knows, all he can do is to let you go but it's kinda hard for him to think that you will be all alone out there.

The moment he will notice that Zeke is the one for you, that he makes you happy, he will take him into his heart and love him like his own son. There is enough room for both of you.


The end
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