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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Filja (3/ ?)

A bit belated but here we go with chapter 3. Have fun with it.

Title: Filja (3)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: PG13
Short summary: Casey is working at a shelter and the last he expect to meet there is Zeke ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
part one / part two

Part three

Casey looked up when he felt the wet muzzle of the puppy at his hand and smiled. The dog had put the little ball onto the ground to his feets and wagged his tail full of expectation.

„Fine,“ he said and got up.
„Let's get your sisters. Playtime!“

While he threw the ball repeatedly and the dogs run after it he couldn't stop thinking about Zeke. He hadn't expected to still find him here when he came back from the indoor cages. Just in time. He didn't want to think about what could have happened when Zeke had tried to enter Filja's cage. She wasn't actually vicious, just scared, and when she felt cornered she did attack. No wonder, after all what had happened to her, that she didn't trust anyone. It was so sad. She was lovely, her long black and white coat, her intelligent, dark eyes … you just needed to look twice to notice it. Zeke had been right, she was indeed in a poor state.

Why of all animals she had attracted Zeke's attention was beyond him. It was so hard to see behind his mask. He always acted uncaring, but he had been so angry about Filja's story. Even if he had tried to play it down quickly. After having a short look at the old, used up tools of the shelter he had put on his usual smirk.

„Wow, that's antique,“ was all he said.

Without further ado he had turned around and headed to his GTO. For a moment Casey was sure that he had changed his mind but he just opened the trunk and dug around in it. When he came back he had a great tool box with him. There was obviously nothing you couldn't find in this trunk.

Finally both of them had turned to their duties. Time was running late. Casey still needed to clean the cat's cages and Zeke started with the broken lock. They didn't talk much for the rest of the afternoon.


Monday. Herrington High. All what Casey got to see from Zeke that day was the flirty guy with a lot of girls around at the halls. And during lunch he was sneaking to the parking lot together with a junior. When the boy came back without Zeke he looked slightly nervous and tried to hide a small package under his jacket. Casey wondered what it was this time: porn magazines, condoms or even Zeke's mystery drugs? He actually should be more careful after the mess he had gotten himself into but obviously he hadn't learned much about it.

Tuesday. Zeke had decided to skip school once again. Mr. Furlong had looked angry when he noticed it. He was a patient teacher, ready to overlook a lot, but even he seemed to be at the end of his tether. When Casey arrived at the shelter this afternoon the GTO was already there on the parking lot.

„What a stupid dumbhead,“ he murmured. But his heart started to flutter excited.

Letty just stepped out of the door, a leash in her hand, followed by three dogs who were jumping around her, anticipating a long walk.
„Hey, Case,“ she smiled.
„Great news. Pilar is doing so much better today. My Dad says she's gonna make it.“

„That's cool!“
Casey bent down to give the dogs a heartily hello.
„So, he's still here, huh? How is he doing?“

Letty let her eyes wander to the GTO and smiled.
„Well, to be honest, I hadn't expected to see him again, but he showed up yesterday right after school. With a coverall this time, brand new and much too expensive. But I will admit, he looks devilishly good in it.“

„Oh no! Not you too!“
Casey rolled his eyes.
“What has he done that you changed your mind about him?”

„Don't worry, I'm not gonna fall for his shit.“
Letty chuckled.
„But he's okay. Does a good job. Repaired the back fence yesterday. Today he wants to do up the office, it's long overdue. He's even brought the wall paint.“

„Better don't ask where he got it from,“ Casey groaned.
„I wonder what all this is about. There must be a reason for it that he still comes here. He cares not a whit about the shelter.“

„The alternative is the juvi,“ Letty reminded him.
„This should be reason enough.“

But Casey was not convinced.
„You don't know him. It's so close that he will be suspended from school. He knows, Herrington High is his last chance to graduate. And what is he doing? He gives a shit and wrecks his life. I don't believe that it will bother him much when he finally ends up in juvi.”

“You're quite found of him, huh?”Letty smiled slightly.
“Don't worry, he knows how to put on a show, but I don't think he's that shallow.”

“I'm not,” Casey snapped.
"And it's his life, not mine!”
Next moment he felt sorry for it. It was not Letty's fault that he cared so much for Zeke Tyler. Which was ridiculous. He had enough on his own plate and Zeke enjoyed his way of life. The last he needed was to get rebuke from Casey.
“Sorry,” he murmured.
“I didn't mean to yell at you.”

“ 's okay.”
Letty shrugged.
“Yesterday I found him at Filja's cage, you know.”

Casey pulled the face.
“See! He gives a shit about what others tell him. I've told him not to get near to the animals. He scares her!”

“No, he did nothing wrong.”
Letty shook her head.
“He respected her need for distance. Just crouched there and talked to her. I don't know what he was saying, but it seemed as if it calmed her down.”

Casey looked at her skeptical
“It calmed her down?”

“She was so apathetic yesterday. I'd already started to worry if this is the point … you know. But when Zeke talked to her she relaxed visibly. As if there was an emotional connection between them.”

Casey sighed, not knowing how to say it. He could see the hope in her eyes and it was hard to disappoint her.
“I know, you want her to be better. We all want this. But this is stupid. Zeke is not a kind of a dog whisperer. He actually don't care ...”

“I guess you're wrong,” Letty interrupted him softly.
“He cares, maybe more then he wants to admit even to himself.”
She hesitated.
“He asked for you too!”

“He … what?”
Casey stared at her, not knowing what to think about this news.

“When I've told him that you usually don't come here on Monday's and Wednesday's because of your photo workshop, he looked quite disappointed. He didn't say anything, of course not, but it was easy to figure it out. It seems as if he cares for you too.”

Great, this talk got out of control. He would not get deeper into it, no, no, no. Or he would admit things he would regret later. It was his secret, he had never talked about it before, not even with his mom. And he knew he could tell her everything. Not this, though. He himself had had a hard time to accept, that he liked Zeke Tyler much more than a guy should like another one.

“I'm sure, you did read something wrong,” he murmured.
“Hey, the dogs are becoming restless, I guess it's time for their walk.”

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