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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Filja (2/ ?)

Hello, how are you all doing on this sunny sunday morning? I hope you are all okay and in the mood for a bit more of my scribbling?

Title: Filja (2)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: PG13
Short summary: Casey is working at a shelter and the last he expect to meet there is Zeke ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

part one

Part 2

To be honest, he was not as confident as he tried to act. Casey could read Zeke's mind all too well. He rebelled against every sort of authority and taking orders from Casey was an absolutely no-go for him. But they would have to find a way to work together. The doc and Letty had a difficult surgery ahead of them, they needed to keep a level head for that.

„Fine,“ he finally said and tried to ignore Zeke's moody face.
„I can show you around first. There is a dog, Sally, she got five puppies last week. Would you like to see them?“

Stupid, so stupid! He knew it when he noticed Zeke's incredulous eyes.
„If I wanna see animals behind bars,“ he growled.
„I will go and visit a zoo!

Once in my life I've tried to do the right thing … can you see where this has led to? Just get off my back, okay? I gave a shit about the shelter and I don't intent to make friends here.”

Casey blinked. Once in my life I tried to do the right thing, he could hear him saying once again. He wondered what had happened but he knew better than to ask. Zeke wouldn't share his secrets with him. They had nothing in common, nothing! He had just made it quite clear.

Casey sighed inwardly. This was going to be a great afternoon. He almost wished to be at the Mall together with his mom. The madness there would be so much more fun than to deal with a moody Zeke Tyler. But he couldn't spend the whole time pondering about him, work needed to be done. The animals were waiting for their feed and the cages needed to be cleaned.

Finally he made decision. No broom, no shovel for Zeke like Letty had suggested, at least not today. It made no sense to make him even more angry.

“Okay, I get it. I don't care what you've done, Zeke, but the Judge send you here. It might be better for you to play along, at least for a while. There is a broken lock at one of the kennels and some fences need to be repaired. Think you could have a look at that?”

To his relief Zeke relaxed a bit.
“Maybe, later,” he smirked.
“First I need a smoke.”

He grabbed for his pack of cigarettes before Casey could protest.
“Wait! You can't smoke here!”

“Why not?”

“The doc don't like it when someone is smoking at the area. Even Sim is going to Starbucks during her lunch to have a smoke. And she's already working for him for years.”

Slowly Zeke reached into his pocket and got out a lighter to lit up the cigarette. He inhaled deeply and blew the smoke right into Casey's face.
"I don't care much about rules," he said and grinned.
“But it's fun to break them.”

Suddenly Casey felt anger rising up. Why did he always act like that? The doc had offered him a chance and all he could do was talking mean about him. About Letty and the shelter. What did he actually know about them and their work? They were fighting for every injured animal. Were willing to give all when it comes to save an abused dog or cat. All the hours, days and nights they spend with their freshly operated forsterlings. And how hard it was to realize that it was impossible to save all of them. They were wonderful people, not as stupid and selfish as Zeke was. And he had no right to talk about them like he did.

“Fine,“ Casey snapped.
„Do whatever you want. I don't care when the doc kicks you out. I'm not the one with a foot in jail.“

For a moment Zeke stared dumbfounded but when he finally moved it happened so quickly that Casey had no chance to react. The grip didn't hurt much, he was used worse, nevertheless he felt uncomfortable while Zeke pressed him against the wall.

“No,” Zeke said, emphasizing every single word.
“You are the one with a foot in hospital.”

“Let go off me!”
Casey struggled against Zeke's hands in the hopeless try to escape.
“What are you talking about?”

Zeke laughed slightly and bent a bit closer. His eyes were sparkling. Casey bit the lips. This was … more than annoying … almost scaring. Too much nearness ...

“You should better be nice to me, Casey-boy. You know, I will leave this shit behind, no matter how. But you will have to go to this hellhole of school for still a year. Remember, you are the freak, I'm the king. I can make life sooo miserable for you ...”

“You stupid prick!”
Finally Casey was successful and jerked himself free.
“What do you think you can do what Gabe has not already tried?”

He turned round and stormed away, not caring about what Zeke was doing.


Zeke enjoyed his cigarette while thinking. Only a few steps, the GTO was within reach, he just needed to get in and step on the gas. No one would stop him. And even if this meant to end in juvi … how bad could it be? A week, or two, not more, for what he has done. He knew the Judge, he was strong but fair and this was rather meant as a last warning, to show him where his life could go to if he was not willing to change it.

Though … maybe it would be more fun to stay here. Casey. This little fucker. As if he had not always known it. At school he acted like the smart but shy geek who preferred to stay invisible. But there was so much more in him. The way he did stand up for the doc and the shelter, how angry he could get, his furious sparkling eyes while he had pressed him against the wall. It would be fun to find out how far he could go. Of course he would not hurt him seriously. He was not like Gabe and the other jocks who enjoyed to torment him merciless. It was more like a game. The girls at school made it so easy for him, it started to get boring. He was looking for a new challenge ...

Zeke stubbed out his cigarette. Casey was gone in the direction of the cages. Slowly he followed him and looked around. Probably he could do some of the needed repairs and paintings during the next weeks, he didn't need to bother with the animals and their stinky kennels. Though he had to admit, this had turned out to be just a stupid prejudice. The buildings might be old but everything was clean; no excrements and other dirt on the ways. All the outdoor cages were big enough to give the animals some place to play and relax, with a small hut to protect them against too much sun and rain, there was grass and sand and trees. Everything to make the inhabitants feel as good as it was possible in a shelter.

Zeke had almost left the kennels behind when he noticed the dog in the last one. He was alone in his cage which was unsual enough. Almost hidden behind the hut was he crouching on the ground and stared at Zeke distrustful with great, dark eyes. When he got nearer the dog started growling, barely to hear but it was obviously a warning to stay away.

Zeke stopped and frowned. This dog was not like the other animals he had seen around. All of them looked cared for and well fed. There had been some injuries, yes, a bandaged leg or the dog with the large band aid over the belly, one cat had lost its tail and another dog had a shaven head. But this one?

“Hey, boy,” he murmured.
“What's the matter with you, huh?”

But before he could step closer, Casey's voice stopped him, quietly but sharp.
“What do you think you are doing?”
He grabbed Zeke's arm and pulled him away from the cage.
“You can't sneak around here alone. You are a stranger for them, they are afraid of you.”

Zeke thought about the animals he had met. The cats who had huddled against the fence, mewing loudly, just to get a few strokes from him. The dog who did sit up and beg and finally had almost performed a dance. No, they hadn't been afraid of him. Beside of … Zeke looked back at the small cage behind them. Now, with a bit more distance between them, the dog seemed to calm down a bit, but he still didn't move. He was in such a poor state, with his dull coat and so skinny that you could see every single of his rips. Suddenly Zeke started to feel anger rising up.

“What's wrong with the doc, huh,” he spit.
“How can he waste his time with a useless surgery? Had he ever had a look at this dog? He looks like he's starving right now. Is this the way he cares for the animals?”

For a moment Casey looked as if he wanted to protest but then he slowly shook his head.
“It's not useless,” he said softly.
“It's the only way to save Pilar's life. And he tries to save Filja too. We all do our best but nothing seems to work.”

He liked the sound of the name, a russian one. It reminded him of his childhood, his grandma, she was born in Russia. The nursery rhymes she had sung to him. Of course he hadn't been able to understand the words, but he could still remember her dark, smoky voice. Could feel her strong arms when she hold him. She had always been able to calm him down.

“Letty named her like that because she's a mutt.”
Zeke was torn out of his thoughts by Casey's voice.
“ A bit of a Collie and a Dalmatian, but mostly a Samojede. That's a russian sledge dog.”

“It's a male name!”

“What is?”

“Filja. It's actually a male name, short form of Filip. But I guess that doesn't matter. What's going on with her? Is she sick?”

For a second, or two, Casey eyed him thoughtful.
“I hate to think about what horrible experience has made her like that,” he finally answered with a shaking voice.
“The doc says someone probably tried to beat her to death.

If you think she's in a bad state now, be thankful that you haven't seen her some weeks ago. More dead than alive. Several surgeries were needed because of internal injuries. Her wounds heal quite well, but … she still refuses to eat. Takes only a bit water mixed with milk now and then. No one can get near to her. She's aggressive, even tried to bite the doc. When he needs to look after her wounds he always has to sedate her. Than he can give her some vitamin shots and stuff … it keeps her alive … but …

I'm afraid this is not enough. The doc … he's already thinking about it to put her to sleep. He says, this might be the most human thing he can do for her. Letty has begged him to give her one more week. She refuses to give up hope but I guess she knows the truth. We are gonna lose this fight.”

Casey sniffed slightly and quickly turned away to hide his tears. Good. Zeke felt relieved, he was so not in the mood for an emotional release. The anger he felt was surprising enough. He didn't intent to care for others anymore, not after the incident with this girl and her boyfriend, which had made him end up here. He was so much better off alone. And this was just a dog … Filja … he clenched his fists while thinking about all the things which had happened to her ...

“If I could get hold of these bastards I would let them feel the same what they did to her,” he snarled.

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