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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (28 / 28)

Like I've promised before .... 'Samantha' .... the (almost) last part ... sorry that I didn't warn you before, it was because I was still not sure about it. But I guess this is a good point to bring it to an end. Though there will still be an epiloge :) 

But now ... here we go. I hope you like :)

Title: Samantha - part 28
Fandom: Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
previous parts here


Zeke stopped at the door frame to Casey's old room. It was still the same with all the photos on the wall and the amount of books on the shelf, but the bed clothes were blue now with printed trucks on it and over the bed the poster of 'Huckleberry Finn' which Casey had hung up just a few days ago. Stuff Samantha did like.

His little daughter. He watched Casey helping her with her sweatshirt, he teased and tickled her a bit and she giggled softly. As if the last night never had happened. The last night when she had been desperate enough to run away because she thought her dad didn't want her. He needed to tell her that he had been so wrong. But how to explain this to a five year old little girl, how could he tell her that he loved her, wanted her to stay with him … and at the same time that he was ready to leave her alone again? 

Mrs. Connor's offer was generous … and did make sense They would be good for Samantha, he knew this. They would take care of her, like they had taken care of Casey. They were good parents. He should shut down his distrust against them. And grab his chance. College. Graduation. NASA. Within reach again. 

Just … would Samantha be able to see it like that? Or would she feel rejected again?

Zeke sighed inwardly. Trying to be a good father felt like the maximum challenge of his life. Not even the discovery of being gay or his deep feelings for Casey came close to it. He wanted to do the right thing for all of them but this seemed to be impossible. 

Suddenly Samantha noticed him. She hesitated for a moment, then she jumped over and threw her arms around him.

It was just a whisper, barely to understand. Zeke stiffened in surprise. It was the first time she called him like that. It had always been Zeke. Zeke, not Daddy! Slowly he bent down to her.
“Hey,” was all he could say.

“You don't want to sent me away anymore,” she blurted out.
“We are family, Casey, you and me?”

From the corner of his eyes he could see Casey shrugging apologizing.
“Sorry, I know this was your matter. But when she asked me if you are mad and don't like her anymore, I couldn't hold back. I needed to tell her.” 

Zeke smiled and pulled Samantha even closer into his arms. How could he be mad at him? He didn't know about his mother's idea yet. But this didn't ease the situation. Zeke knew he needed to be careful with what he told Samantha now.

“A new family for you felt like a good idea,” he murmured.
“I guess I was pretty stupid."

“You are not stupid,” she protested.
“You are my dad!” 

So much trust and love were lying behind these words. No matter what he has done … he was her dad, she didn't want another one. It had taken him almost too long to realize that. 

“Yes, I am,” Zeke assured her.
“You belong to me. To Casey, Uncle Frank and Ditha. I know this now. And I don't let you go, never again!”

She smiled wide.
“So I can go to Columbus with you and Casey?”

Zeke took a deep breath. He had hoped for a last respite but probably it was better this way. No halfhearted promises anymore.
“Well … yeah … I was thinking about this. Maybe it is a better idea when you just stay here a bit longer.”

He could feel her stiffen in his arms. Casey looked confused too and opened his mouth to protest.
"But ..."

Zeke shook his head almost unnoticeable. Explanations would have to wait. For the moment it was all about Samantha. She needed to understand. Zeke stroked her cheek softly and grabbed her chin to make her look up at him. 

“Hey, I don't mean to leave you alone again. It's just for a while, as long as Casey and I still go to College. You like to be here, don't you? And Ditha will be very glad to hear that you want to stay for some time. She likes you a lot."
Now he bent forward to whisper into her ear.
“You know, I guess she always wanted a little girl like you. But that's our secret, okay? We don't tell Casey!”

Samantha giggled slightly before she pressed her lips together and shock her head. Good. At least he had been able to ease the tension. 

“You could have a lot of fun with her while Casey and me will have a hard time with learning for College. I bet Ditha will spoil you quite a lot. And Uncle Frank already got tickets for the opening game of the Ohio Bombers.”

He needed to think about it later where to get tickets for this game. It was almost sold out since weeks, everyone knew this. But he had always been good with it to make the impossible possible. Samantha obviously had a hard time to think about this new information. Zeke knew how much she liked Baseball and to miss this game would break the heart of almost every fan. She shot a short glance at Casey who was smiling back reassuring. Obviously he had started to understand what was going on.

“Will you miss me when I stay here,” Samantha finally asked.

Casey nodded.
“Sure, a lot! But we will keep us busy with College stuff … and with making plans for the weekend. Zeke and me will come and visit you as often as possible, that's for sure. You can't have all the fun just for you alone.

So, what do you think? Would it be okay for you?”

She bit her lower lip.
“It's just for a while!?”

“Yeah, only a few month,” assured Zeke her once again.
“Next year, after graduation, you can come with Casey and me. Maybe we're gonna move to New York or San Francisco. But where ever we go, you will come with us. Casey and you and me … we are family, okay?”

She nodded slowly.
“Okay,” she whispered.
Zeke could feel her arms around his neck tighten when she snuggled even closer and gave him a wet peck onto his cheek.
“I love you, daddy.”

All he could do was fighting with much too overwhelming feelings. He barely noticed when she freed herself out of his arms and rushed over to Casey to gave him the same hug and kiss. Then she chuckled hilariously.
“Now I have two daddys!”

- The End -

but don't worry, there will still be an epiloge ;)
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