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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (27/?)

Title: Samantha - part 27
Fandom: Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
previous parts here

- twenty-seven -

Half an hour later. Mr. Connor had gotten an urgent call from the office and after some apologizes he had left them in a hurry. Samantha was just awake and had called for Casey. Zeke had enjoyed his long missed cigarette on the porch and afterward he went back into the kitchen to ask Mrs. Connor if she could need his help. She smiled while she handed him a dish cloth. They worked in silence for a while until Mrs. Connor suddenly started to talk.

“Zeke, Honey, you are not alone any more, you know. You have a family now, people who care for you.”

He was not sure were this would go to.
“I care for them too,“ he answered deliberately.
“A lot. Don't worry, I might be not perfect, but I will do my best and try not hurt them again.”

“Oh, I'm not worried about Casey. He's much stronger then most people think. And you will learn to be the father Samantha needs.”
She hesitated for an instant before going on.
“Not so sure about yourself though. Don't overdo it, Zeke. You can't take over full responsibility for everything and everyone. It's nothing wrong with it to think about yourself now and then.

I guess it's a waste of talent when you quit College now. Even if you can't get the job at NASA … there will be for you to work … other possibilities to work as a scientist.”

Oh, that Zeke smirked, feeling slightly annoyed. This was such typical parental stuff. Go to school. Learn as much as you can. Get best notes. Graduate. Go to College. Climb the social ladder. Be a jurist. A scientist. Working hard as a photographer or a mechanic didn't count.

Deep inside he knew he was overreacting. Mrs. Connor didn't mind in the slightest that Casey studied Art. Actually Mr. Connor did neither, he just had had a hard time to realize that being a photographer was Casey's dream. Non of them would look down to someone who was working hard in what job ever.

Nevertheless he felt cornered. Didn't she realize why he had to make this decision? It was unthinkable to give Samantha in the care of someone else after school just because he had to learn for College for endless hours. He wanted to be there for her, wanted to make up for all the time he had left her alone.

“I can't see how we could make it work otherwise. It's not an option that Casey cuts down his courses. I know he would do it without complaining. He always tries to make the best out of it.

When Samantha stepped in our life everything changed. I was almost freaking out and didn't know how to deal with it. For Casey it was never a problem. The moment he got to know about her he started to make future plans for all of us.

But Sam is my daughter. I can't let it happen that he risks his life dream for her.”

Mrs. Connor put the last plates onto the counter and turned around to look at him.
“You could ask for help, Zeke. I know, you are used to it to do everything all alone. But we would really like to support you if you let us. We could take care of Samantha as long as you are still going to College.”

Zeke looked at her distrustful.
“You're gonna move to Columbus,” he asked.

“No, of course not.”
Mrs. Connor shook her head.
“I'm talking about it that it might be a good idea to let her stay here for a while. She needs a place where she can come to rest. Might be difficult at a students dorm. I will have enough time to ...”

“What the fuck … !”
Zeke's eyes went dark, he was full of defense now. What kind of shit was this? Had this been the plan from the very beginning? He did remember Mr. Connor's words all too well. 'It never was a question that we wanted a big family … later the doctor told us that we would risk her life with another childbearing … it was so hard to accept …' They had taken Samantha to their heart in an instant. Maybe too much. Maybe they were not willing to let her go again …
“No! She will come and stay with us. We will find a bigger apartment near to her school. I will adapt my working time to her timetable and ...”

“Don't say 'no' before thinking about it.”
Mrs. Connor seemed not surprised about this reaction.
“This won't going to be a competition about her love. We just want to help.

We can give Samantha the time she needs to heal. She's gone through so much lately. I know you would do your best but it might be too much for the moment. You are still so young, Zeke, and all this is so new. Give yourself a bit more time to grow into your role as a father.

Let her stay here for a while. She knows us, she likes us. You can come and see her whenever you want. Just one year, Zeke. You can finish College. Find a job you really want. And when you finally want to take her with you we will not stand in your way. I can promise you that.

Will you at least think about it?”

An idea crossed his mind.
“What's with Mr. C.? Shouldn't you talk with him about all this first?”

“Well, actually this was his idea. But he was afraid to talk about it. He was sure you would get it wrong. Think that we're trying to get her on our side, that we plan to keep her with us.”
Suddenly Zeke felt like an idiot and blushed slightly. Mrs. Connor smiled warmly when she noticed it.
“It wouldn't work, Zeke. She likes us, yes, but you are her father. She will always love you. No one can change this.”


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We could take care of Samantha as long as you are still going to College

That's the ideal solution actually. That would motiviate both guys to do well, graduate and find a job that would support their family. Also Sam knows and likes the Connor's and seeing her father(s) on weekends and holidays will keep her from feeling rejected.

I wanted a solution which is good for all of them. Glad you like ;)

I think the Connor's plan is perfect. One more year of college isn't really a full year and with weekends and breaks it's won't be that hard.

It is a compromise but I guess it's just the first from a lot. Having a Family means to stay back from time to time for everyone so that everyone can get what is most important for him. Zeke can't miss the chance to graduate and Samantha needs a place where she feels loved and safe. Mrs. Connor's offer can make this happen for both of them even if it means that they will be separated for some time.

(Deleted comment)
I like to write Mrs. C in that way - she knows she can't force Zeke to a decision but she can offer him a chance. Zeke should take it - it would be good for all of them.

They're really acting like grandparents already and what more natural that they should help out their sons by taking care of their little granddaughter and let them all find their feet while they bond as one extended family? I sympathise that Zeke will not find it easy to deal with the possibility of sharing Sam's love but it is great for her to have this wider support system and more people in her life to love her. And he deserves the time to achieve all he's worked for.

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