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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Swinging Henrys (2/?)

Hello again. I've tried hard to finish this story over the last week but it won't work out as I want it to be. So I've finally decided to make three parts out of it - this will give me a bit more room to develop the story like I want it to be. I know it's almost Thanksgiving and everyone starts to prepare for Christmas already and this is still about Halloween ... well, I hope you will like it anyway.

Title: Swinging Henry's (2/?)
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

part one

When he re-opened his eyes, he was alone. In a bed, much to small, much to uncomfortable to be his. But he had slept like a log, much too worn out to realize it. No wonder, after all what had happened this night.

Though ... what had actually happened? What was real and what just fantasy? It felt like a dream, blurred and only fractions of memories. He could barely remember the club, 'Swinging Henrys'. Their way back home to Casey's little apartment was a blurred mash. The next few hours ... hard to believe that the pictures he still had in his mind told the truth. But his stiff body talked volumes.

The moment Casey closed the door behind them Zeke had known what he wanted, what he needed. His whole body was buzzing with excitement. He had grabbed for Casey and pulled him into a kiss even before he could say a word. But Casey was lithe and slipped out of his arms in an instant.

"I will get you a something to drink. Soda will be good, as much as possible. Then I'm gonna call you a cab!"

Zeke stared at him, amused and slightly annoyed at the same time. Suddenly his dick was so hard that it hurt. He felt the urge to pin Casey down onto the mattress, he wanted to feel his small body squirming underneath him, he wanted to hear him cry and beg for more. He had promised it ... he owned him ... no one had ever dared just to play around with him like that ...

"So this is what you call the best night of my life," he hissed with narrowed eyes.

Casey hesitated, his eyes were flickering nervously.
"Zeke, you don't want this. You're gonna regret it tomorrow."

He hadn't listened at all. Had pressed him against the wall and had kissed all his resistance out of his body. One moment he was still wriggling in his arms, the next he was giving in. All Zeke could remember about the next few hours was ... Sex ... Wild and rough and endless ... without any tabu.

"I want to feel you inside me. Take me, please, fuck me!"

Zeke blinked, thinking hard while these words where still buzzing in his head. He had begged Casey to fuck him? This was impossible. He was the topper ... always. No one would ever get so much control over him.

But why he did remember Casey, how he had hold him in his arms, kissed him, teased all his sensitive places. He did remember the slight pain when he started to slip into him, one finger first, slow and careful; two, deeper this time; three, to prepare him even more. To make him groan with desire and finally whisper the words. 'Take me, please, fuck me!'

Stop! Zeke fight hard to get back a clear mind. He would think about all this later when he was fully awake. Then he would be able to understand what had happened to him last night.

It had started in the club. Swinging Henrys. The darkness, the music, the sweet, addictive cocktail. Henry himself. Mysterious and dangerous. A cold shiver rushed through his body. If not for Casey ...

"Hi. What do you want for breakfast? You need to eat. Toast with eggs or an omelet ..."

He looked up. There he was, the guy he was just thinking about. Or maybe not. He has changed. He was standing in the door frame, a slightly unsure smile on his lips. Freshly showered and dressed in Jeans and a checked Shirt, not exactly a copy of what he used to wear ages ago at school, but near to. The geek was back.

"Just Coffee, thanks," Zeke murmured.

Casey hesitated first, then he nodded.
"Okay, I guess black, strong coffee will do it for the moment."
With flickering eyes he was gnawing at his lower lip. And Zeke knew what would come next.

"Don't worry, Case, I get it. You want me to leave," he asked and smirked.
"Hope you don't mind when I take a shower first."

Casey answered with a slight smile.
"It's better that way, Zeke. Go on with you your life and try to forget. It was Halloween, a spooky night full of crazy people. But today it's time to move on."

Off he was again. Suddenly Zeke felt much to worn out to move. Reality. Coffee. Shower. Then the Goodbye. This was like one-night-stands were supposed to end. He knew this all to well. So, why did he feel slightly disappointed? Had he really expected it would be different this time?

He didn't know anything about Casey and his life. Had only seen the attractive club boy. The guy who wanted to have sex for a whole night. He seemed to be gone. Did he regret it today? Would he turn back the time if this would be possible?

Zeke looked around in the little apartment. For the first time he noticed the modest furniture, boring, unpersonal stuff one could find in every cheap motel room. Only the high tech computer on the old desk and all the pictures which covered the walls were striking. Photographs, mostly blurred, dark. Interesting ... unusual ... hard to understand ... like Casey. He had always been a mystery for him. All he wished was that he could stay and solve it.


"You can earn money with that stuff?"
Zeke tried to break the awkward silence between them.

Casey followed his eyes to the pics at the wall.
"Oh, that. No. I'm working for a small magazine as a nature photographer. This is just ... personal shit. You don't want to know."

"Give it a try. I'm curious."

Casey put his mug down onto the table and sighed.
"Zeke, don't do that! Look, we have nothing in common, we never had. What happened between us last night ... it was wrong. I took advantage of the situation ... To meet you at the club, it was a shock. You shouldn't have been there. But I was not supposed to take you home and spend the night with you."

Zeke smirked and tried hard to follow him. A hopeless try.
"Casey, you're still a geek. I've no clue what you are talking about. It was a one night stand, things like that happen. Believe me, I've done worse before ... and I'm pretty sure this was not your first time too, right?"

To his amusement Casey blushed slightly.
"Yes ... No! Of course I was together with guys before. But ... not like this. It was ..."
He hesitated.
"It was like a chance to get what I always wanted ... my only chance. I'm realistic, Zeke, I know you're not interested in me. You never was! Back in Herrington High, all the girls, you know, they could be together with you. I could see that you was just playing with them but this was more that I would ever get."

"I get that much!"
Zeke chuckled.
"So you always had secret crush on me?!"

"I didn't even understand what was going. I mean, you was a guy ... a king at school ... and everyone respected you. All I knew was that you would kill me when you would ever find out that I had wet dreams about you instead of Deliah.

Last night ... when I kissed you in the club ... it was mind blowing. You wanted me so much ... when you touched me ... your hands were so strong and warm ... I knew there was no way to stop you ... and I didn't mind.

But when you begged me to fuck you ..."

"I never did that," Zeke wanted to protest ... but he knew better.

Casey breathed in deeply.
"You was not yourself in this moment," he whispered.
"It was not okay to took advantage out of your situation. But I couldn't resist ... I've used you ... I'm afraid, I'm not better than he is."

Zeke frowned.
"'He?' Who's 'he'?"
And he was not sure if he actually wanted to know.

"Better don't ask, Zeke! Try to forget. Go home, have some rest, you need it. And tomorrow you will hopefully barely remember. It will all be not more then just a blurred dream. Better that way."

Zeke looked at him thoughtful. It was tempting. Leave all this shit behind. Take a rest. Wake up. Go on with your life. No Club. No Henry. No Casey any more. Just the Job. And Jezabel. Jezzy! He hadn't thought of her since last evening, as if she didn't existed, as if his whole life didn't existed any more. For a moment he felt guilty. She was the first one he had never cheated on before because he really, really liked her. He would have think about this later. Not now.

Slowly he shook the head.
"No, I guess not. I'm gonna go nowhere before I don't know what's going on here. So, if you want me to leave better stop talking in stupid riddles."

Now Casey outright glared at him.
"You are still the same stubborn shit you was back at school," he groaned.

"I just don't like it when people try to make a fool out of me."

"It was a spell!"

"A ... what?"
Zeke narrowed his eyes, not knowing if he should laugh or get angry.
"Nice try, Case, but I'm not seventeen any longer. And even then the whole school was laughing their ass off because of your alien story."

"I wish it would be that easy."
Casey sighed.
"But I can't blame you for laughing about me. Most people don't believe in aliens ... and they don't believe in vampires too. They better should be more careful."

Zeke smirked.
"You try to tell me that a vampire put me under a spell? What is this, a belated Halloween joke?"

"Didn't you feel it last night that something strange was going on? I'm sure you did. Most people do ... but usually they ignore it ... before it's to late."

Zeke swallowed when he remembered. Yes, he had felt it. Yes, he had ignored the warnings in his head. Had given Henry the chance to fuck around with his mind ... Stop! He wasn't willing to get involved into Casey's fantasies that much. All he wanted was the truth about what had happened last night. Too much alcohol. Drugs, someone had secretly put into his cocktail. Everything but vampires and spells ... stupid Halloween stuff ...

"I guess it's not a big surprise for you," Casey continued.
"It was Henry. He belongs to an old vampire clan. We could trace back their history to the 15th century. Some of them were illegitimate children of king Henry VIII of England. But Henry is younger. A yoodoo-priest of New Orleans made him a vampire about hundred years ago."

One hundred years? Zeke did remember the good looking young man from the club and he couldn't help a grin.
"Oh, that young?"

"For a vampire, yes, he is. They are not immortal but they can get very, very old. All they need is a human mate. This is what makes them strong. They use you body and your soul. Sometimes they take your blood too, but it's more an aphrodisiac for them. They don't need it to survive, that's just a myth."

Suddenly Zeke was not sure if he actually wanted to hear more. His mouth was dry, his heart was racing. Angry about himself he shook off the dark feeling which crept back into his mind. This was ridiculous. Even as a teenager he had never liked horror stories. Nowadays he was a high-flying scientist and he shouldn't start to believe in vampires. Maybe Casey did. He looked so serious as if he did. Whatever had happened between them last night, he still was a stupid geek. Why he still stayed here and listened to this wild fantasies was beyond him.

"The club was like a playground for Henry. He's still untamed and he likes to test out his power. He is ... like a cat who is playing around with a mouse before she kills it.

We knew, it was time for him to take his first real mate. This is why I visited the club since a few weeks. We try to help as good as we can. But we are just a handful of people scattered throughout the East Coast. Sometimes it's difficult to find their trace. They are smart, they knew how to cover their true self. And when you get under their spell it's usually too late.

I've never thought that it would be you. You are not supposed to visit a gay club. What the hell is gotten into you?"

Casey's eyes could get so big and deep blue when he got angry. Zeke couldn't help a grin. He had always liked it when he started to lose his temper.

"What, you think, this is funny," Casey hissed, his voice trembling.
"It was close, Zeke, so close. He had already taken control over you. And I was sure, it was too late.

Until I noticed your eyes. The way you looked at me, with want, need, desire. I don't know why. You was under his spell, you should have been craving for him. But it didn't matter because it gave me a chance to get you out there. I just needed to give you what you wanted.

Just ... I should have put a halt on it before ... before we fucked. I know it was just the aftermath of his spell which let you do all the things to me, the words you said. But for some hours I did forget that this night was just an illusion. And I'm sorry for that."

"I guess one night is a fair price for saving me from a vampire," Zeke chuckled.

Casey blinked, then smiled slightly.
"You don't believe me, do you?"

"Your fantasy was always running wild," Zeke answered.
"Ever thought about writing a novel? I'm sure people would love your stuff. Henry is so much more sexy than stupid Edward."

tbc sometime ... at least I hope so
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