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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (20/?)

Time is flying. There is so much I want to do lately ... and nothing seems to come to an end. Well, at least I have a new chapter 'Samamtha' ready. I guess some of you still need to catch up but I will post it anyway.

Title: Samantha - part 20
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- twenty -

Later in Mrs. Connor's utility room. The air bed had finally made it's way into this room. Casey would make sure that the sheets looked crumpled next morning though he wasn't sure if this would convince his mom. She was smart, probably she would know that he was not willing to leave Zeke alone onto the couch. It was a small one, almost too small for two people to sleep comfortable on it, but they didn't care. They had even dared a quick but intense making out session with grabbing, stroking, licking, kissing and suppressed groaning. Now Casey cuddled up to Zeke who spooned him. Smoothly he pressed his lips onto Casey's shoulder.

"Think she would mind to have two Daddys?"

Casey chuckled slightly and this made him realize what he had said.

"Don't get your hopes up too high," he growled.
"Just talking without thinking."

"No, you don't. You want her to come with us to Columbus, won't you? You don't want to let her go."

"I wish we could. But we need to keep a clear head. It's complicated. After summer she will go to school. She needs someone who is looking for her when she comes back but we will still have to learn for College. Our last year before graduation, it will be tough, you know that. If I want a chance to get the job at the NASA Research Center it's not enough to be good ... I must be under the top five. They don't accept anyone."

"We can look for a babysitter. Maybe a girl from Highschool, they will be glad to get a job like this. Samantha is a sunshine, it's easy to handle her. She belongs to you, Zeke, to us! We're gonna find a way."

Casey turned around. Zeke grabbed for his shoulders to prevent him from slipping from the couch and smiled. His always optimistic, wonderful boyfriend. He couldn't tell how much he loved him.


When he had closed his eyes he had dared to think about Casey, Samantha and himself living together in Columbus like a normal family. But the night changed everything.

It was about three o'clock when everyone in the house was jolted out of their sleep by Samantha's earsplitting cries. Zeke was first at her room, but it seemed impossible to calm her down. With wide opened eyes and soaked in sweat the little girl was gasping for air; she failed her arms and kicked away everyone who tried to get near to her. Finally Mrs. Connor stepped in.

"Frank, please, go down and make some tea for us. You two, go with him. It's not very helpful to press her so much."

Casey wanted to protest, but his father took his arm and pushed him out of the door.
"C'mon, your mom is right. We need to give her some room."

Zeke followed them downstairs, his ears still tingling with Samantha's desperate sobbing. His hands were trembling when he dropped down onto a chair and lit a cigarette ... he didn't care about rules any longer, it was needed to calm down his nerves or he would burst right now. It had been hard to see his little daughter in this state ... and even harder that he hadn't been able to help her. She had hit him, she had yelled at him ... as if he was a stranger for her ... probably he was ... he had left her alone for too long ...

Casey put mugs on the table while his father prepared the tea. Then they sat together in silence, Casey had put an arm around him, he could feel him trembling too. Everything had worked out all too well, it had seemed as if Samantha was okay, a happy, curious little girl. She had laughed a lot and gave him a firm huge when he had put her to bed last evening and he had promised her that he would still be here tomorrow. Zeke squeezed his eyes shut. He felt like an idiot. How could he ever think about a future together with her? He should have known better.

He barely moved when Mrs. Connor entered the kitchen. She looked exhausted but tried to smile reassuring while she dropped down onto a chair and grabbed for the mug her husband had filled with fresh, hot tea.

"Thank you, Frank."

"Mom," asked Casey cautiously.
"Is she okay? Should we better call a doctor?"

"I don't think a doctor can help here," his mother answered.
"She's sleeping now, the best she can do. Probably she won't even remember tomorrow. It was a nightmare, she was frightened and confused. When she woke up she cried for her mom ... I'm afraid deep inside she's much more vulnerable than she seems to be. She will need professional help."

Zeke finally looked up.
"A shrink?"

"A good therapist for children, yes. I guess she still has to come to terms with her mother's death. She should talk about it. And she needs time to morn."
Casey frowned.
"Do you think she doesn't know that Kat is dead?"

"Oh yes, she does. Kids have a very good instinct and she's seen her in a bad state in hospital."
Mrs. Connor hesitated.
"But obviously she was never able to say goodbye. And ... she didn't exactly say it, but she seems to be afraid that her mom might be in hell now ... I guess, her grandparents ..."

"Oh god," groaned Mr. Connor.
"No wonder that she has nightmares. Someone should proceed against this sect and their members. It's irresponsible to give them the custody of children."

"This fucking shit!"
Zeke jumped up, the chair crashed down onto the floor.
"I'm gonna kill him."

"Zeke, Zeke!"
Mrs. Connor held him back before he could storm out of the house, jump into the GTO and vanish into the night, ready to fulfill his threat. He looked so angry, no one doubt that he was able to do so.
"I do understand your feelings, but they are not worth it. It's Samantha who needs you now. Be strong for her, Zeke. She needs you by her side."

Zeke stared at her.
"I can't," he whispered weakly.
"I can't!"

At the next moment he felt Casey's arms around him, ready to hold him before he could break down. Tears of helplessness and fury surged into his eyes.

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