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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (19/?)

Hello everybody. I know, most of of you haven't even read the last chapter but I'm in the mood to post the next one. So, here we go ... have fun ...

Title: Samantha - part 19
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

 - nineteen -

It was after breakfast when Zeke turned to Samantha.

"So, ready to have a look at the Lady?"

The little girl wrinkled her nose.
"It's a Lady? But it's a car!"

Zeke laughed.
"Oh no, she's not, she's a good old Lady! C'mon, I'm sure you will like her."

Eagerly Samantha jumped from her chair. When she reached out for Zeke's hand, he was surprised at first, but then he took it and together they went outside to the driveway.

Now, about half an hour later she was still sitting on the driver seat, both hands at the steering wheel, looking highly excited. Zeke laughed and talked with her, every uneasiness gone. This was fun. She was smart. For a five year old kid she knew a lot about cars, she asked curious questions about this and that and Zeke was all to willing to answer them.

Casey was standing at the window, observing them. He smiled wide when his mom stepped beside him.

"Isn't this great? She's so Zeke's daughter."

She nodded.
"It's good for both of them, I guess, that they finally get closer together."

"Just in time," said Casey.
"I've started to worry because Zeke was so determined to let her go. This will change his mind about adoption. He will surely not give her away any more."

His mother eyed him thoughtfully.
"Better don't expect too much, Casey."

Casey frowned.
"What? Look at them, mom, they belong together. He's totally crazy with her."

"But maybe this won't be enough. To raise a child, Casey, means to take over a lot of responsibility. It's not all about having fun. It would change your whole life, all your future plans. I'm not sure if Zeke feels ready for that yet."

"And I thought you would take my side," snapped Casey.
"Zeke loves her. I love her. How could I not? She's Zeke's daughter! She has a family, she doesn't need another one."

His mother smiled.
"You think with your heart, Casey. Zeke has learned to think more rational. He loves her... this is, why he tries to do what he thinks is best the her. He knows love alone might be not enough. She needs a lot of stability in her life now. It's hard enough for a kid to lose the mother. And I don't want to think about it, what these weeks with her grandparents might have done to her. What your father has told me about this sect is not very reassuring."

Casey pulled the face, ready to protest, but his mother put a hand onto his arm to stop him.
"Please, Casey, don't push him too much. I'm sure, he will make the right decisions when the time is right for it."

His answer was cut off because Zeke and Samantha entered the kitchen.

"Zeke want to make a trip with me," Samantha said, her eyes were sparkling excited.
"Maybe we can do a race? Pleeease!"

Zeke chuckled but shook his head.
"No, sorry, no races anymore. The Lady likes to take it slower nowadays. But we can go to the lake. Feed the ducks, have some ice cream. Would you like that?"

Her face changed from disappointment to a wide grin in an instant.
She turned to Casey.
"Will you come with us?"

Casey smiled.
"Would you mind?"

"No! You're nice, I like you. ... I like Zeke too."

The feeling of warmth and happiness that rushed through him surprised Zeke.


Zeke had never pictured himself spending his sunday together with a little kid. Kids were irritating with their constant questions and babbling. Feeding ducks was one of the most boring stuff he could imagine, not to mention to sit around on a bank near a playground. Good was only the ice cream at Henny's - homemade ice cream with fresh fruits and crispy waffle cones.

He had visited the lake before, together with Casey. They had always made a short stop at Henny's first, but later they had tried to avoid the popular, overcrowded places like the skating rink or the beach. They didn't want to hang around with others but had looked for hidden places on the other side of the lake. Here they were almost on there own, they were able to hold hands and change kisses. It had been their first summer, everything was still so new, especially for Casey ... 

Today everything was different, they were not alone anymore. All they could do was to change a few looks and smile at each other. Nevertheless, today he felt closer to Casey than ever before. It didn't even feel strange when Samantha reached for Casey's and his hand and hoped up and down between them. When Casey taught her a song he had learned from his grandmother ... an old, irish children's song ... Zeke suddenly started to sing along with them but exchanged the name of the girl in the song for the name Sam.

... she's handsome, she's pretty
she's Sam of Herrington City...

Casey laughed slightly and Samantha looked at him with a beaming face.

They went to the great playground in the park. He bought some old bread at the baker to feed the ducks. He spoiled Samantha ... and Casey, of course ... with ice cream and on the way home with a stop at McDonald's. All he wished was that this day would never come to an end.

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