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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (17/?)

Hello to everyone. I just want to come by to wish all of you a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Make the best out of it.

And if you are in the mood for a bit Casey & Zeke ... here we go ...

Title: Samantha - part 17
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- seventeen -

The dinner was not as bad as expected. Zeke had never liked it much to have dinner at the Connor's home. It had always felt strange, he belonged to Casey, but he was not a part of his family. Today it had been different.

Mrs. Connor obviously enjoyed to have all of them around ... and Samantha seemed to like her. She followed her at every turn and even called her 'Ditha'.

Casey had laughed at Zekes questioning glance.
"It's short for Meredith. My cousin's kids used to call her 'Ditha' because they couldn't pronounce her name right."

Even Mr. Connor was around, enjoyed his spaghetti and looked as relaxed as Zeke had never seen him before. He even told some anecdotes from Casey's childhood which made his son roll with the eyes and groan: 'Dad, please!'

"What, you was such a cute boy," Mrs. Connor backed up her husband.

Even Samantha giggled slightly. She was sitting beside Casey who did help her with her spaghetti. He bent forward to whisper something into her ear. She laughed even more and risked a quick glance at Zeke. He had smiled back but kept quiet, like most of the time.

After dinner Mrs. Connor started to clean up the kitchen. Zeke grabbed the remaining dishes and followed her. 
"What are you doing here, Zeke," she asked.
 "Why don't you go onto the porch with Casey and Samantha?"

"The two get on quite well with each other even without me," murmured Zeke.
"And I don't mind to help you."

"Fine. You could wash this glasses, will you?"
She smiled while loading the dish washer with the rest of the plates, bowls, knifes ...
"Casey was always good with children. But Samantha makes it easy for everyone. You have a great daughter, you know."

"Yeah, I guess. But this is not to my credit."

Mrs. Connor put the last dirty pan into the dish washer and closed it. Then she turned around to Zeke and eyed him thoughtfully.
"Need some advice, Zeke? Don't try to force it. After all it's quite normal that you are still a bit uncomfortable with the situation. Give yourself a bit more time."

Time? But there was no time. Only two days, on monday, and he would go to the welfare service together with Mr. Connor. He would have to make decisions about her future. And maybe he would never see her again after this weekend ...

"I'm afraid I would only hurt her," he said.
"It feels so strange. All this family stuff. For Casey it's easy. He's grown up with parents who care for him. I ... I was always on my own, even as a kid. My parents got divorced when I was six. Some month later my Mom moved to Washington. She is married again. I have a sister, but I've never met her. And my father ... he was always more interested in his secretaries than in me.

What came closest to a family for me was my nanny. She stayed with us until I was ten, then she married and left me too. My dad send me to the Fryeburg Academy in Massachusetts, my first boarding school in a lot."

He kept quiet and wondered why he had told her all that. Usually he didn't like to talk about his past. It was over. He had found his place in life. Casey. College. Future plans which include a job as an aerospace engineer in New York or San Francisco. But Samantha did remind him of all he had missed as a child. She shouldn't grow up as lonesome as he did.

"That's kinda sad!"
Mrs. Connor sighed.
"But it doesn't mean that this will happen again, Zeke. Samantha is your daughter and it's up to you what you're gonna do with it."


Mrs. Connor was not utterly amused about smoking but she has told him that it was okay when he did outside. So finally he had no other choice. He entered the porch and sat down onto the stairs where he lit a cigarette. Casey and Samantha shared the swing, Casey had put an arm around her shoulder. She laughed when he said something and nodded eagerly.

Zeke smiled slightly and leaned back against the post. He could here them discussing about books. Casey told her about his favorite ones when he was younger. They both liked 'The little prince', but Samantha hadn't heard about 'Huckleberry Finn' before. She hang on his lips when he told her more about it and Casey promised her: "I will read it to you when you go to bed later!"

"But what I loved most was 'Winnie the Pooh'," he continued.
"I didn't own just the books, but most of the plush toys too. Winnie and I-aah and Tigger, of course."

Samantha sniffed slightly.

Casey looked amused.
"You don't like Tigger? But he's the best!"

"Winnie the Pooh is for babies," she stated resolutely.

Zeke chuckled and remembered the big, fluffy Tigger who was still sitting on the couch in their living room.
"I am five. I can even write."

"Oh," laughed Casey.
"Then you are indeed a big girl."

"Yeah! Wanna see?"


She jumped from the swing and ran back into the house.
"Uncle Frank," they could hear her calling.
"Can I have a sheet of paper, please? And a pencil?"

In an instant she was back and sat down at the little table in the corner of the porch. Eagerly she started drawing big, a bit clumsy letters onto the paper. Her eyes were slightly narrowed, her little tongue was dancing over her lips. Finally she smiled wide and jumped back to Casey.

"See? It's 'SAM'. It's the short form of Samantha."

"That's great," Casey praised her and reached for the pencil himself. In capital letters he wrote 'CASEY'. Then he pointed at the 'A'.
"Look, I've an 'A' in my name too, like the 'A' in 'SAM'."

She nodded.
"Yes. And an 'S'," she said and laughed.
"I can write even more."

"Go ahead," Casey encouraged her.

'MOM' she wrote and, finally, 'DAD'. 

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