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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (16/?)

Good morning everyone. This is for all of you who are waiting to know what happens next with Zeke and his little daughter.

Title: Samantha - part 16
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- sixteen -

"Zeke, stop acting like a stupid shit!"
Casey started to get impatient.
"Do you know what my dad is doing? This can bring him into a lot of trouble. He is a lawyer, Zeke and not supposed to kidnap kids."

"Don't be stupid! You can't call this kidnapping," Zeke stubbornly stated.

"He should call the welfare service and they would bring her into a children's home. You know, this is what he's supposed to do as long as your test is not confirmed. But he didn't! Because he cares!"

Zeke pulled his face.
"And that gives him the right to tell her?"

"Who says he did?"
Casey rolled with his eyes.
"Why didn't you give my mom a chance to tell you what has actually happened? Remember my pics?"

Of course he did. Casey had always been a photo-geek, he did pics from everything and everyone. His room was plastered with old photos. Trees, flowers, clouds. The photo series he did once in the old mill they had discovered one day when they had looked for a shelter from a heavy thunder storm. He smiled when he remembered that day. Memories not only about taking pics ...

There were other pics in Casey's room too. His parents, his grandparents, his cousin and her children and a lot of schoolmates. Stan. Stokes. Delilah. Even one of Gabe with a football cup in his hands. And Zeke. Over and over again: Zeke. He had often wondered why his parents had never noticed this.

"You know, my mom put her to bed in my room. Mom says she was almost asleep but suddenly she smiled and pointed at your pic. 'That's my dad!', she said.

She knew, Zeke. I guess, Kat has told her about you. She wanted that she gets to know her father."


Some hours later. Herrington. The Conner's house. Never before in his life Zeke had felt so scared. He had learned to deal with almost everything: with the neglect of his parents, with his loneliness, with his unexpected deep feelings for Casey. But Samantha? He didn't even feel able to leave the car, it felt like his last sanctuary. Silently he cursed everyone who had brought him here: the Conner's, Kat, even Samantha. And Casey, of course, Casey who was sitting beside him, not willing to stop grinning. As if all this would be a good joke.

A good joke! He didn't want to be here. He had been ready to take over responsibility for his daughter but he definitely didn't want to meet her. For what? He would have to let her go soon enough.

But Casey could be a stubborn, little shit. He had told him that Samantha had a right to get to know her father. That this was Kat had had in her mind when she wrote the letter. That he would regret it later when he would run away again.

Finally he had felt too dizzy to think clear anymore and he had given in. Now he was just a step away from her ... and he still didn't know what to say or to do.

"I need a cigarette," he murmured and reached for the box.

Casey grabbed for his arm.
"No, you don't. You've already had two during the last five minutes."
He looked over to the porch.
"C'mon, Zeke, you were the King of Herrington High, remember? You never was afraid of a girl!"

"Shut up!"
Zeke glared at him.

"Don't worry!"
Casey made sure that they were still alone, before he bent forward to give him a little peck.
"She's your daughter, Zeke. I bet you two will have more in common than you think."

"First of all she's a little girl. All they can talk about are dolls and fairy tales. Not exactly the stuff I'm interes ... "

The door opened and Mrs. Connor entered the porch, followed by Samantha. Casey squeezed Zeke's hand.

"Wow," he murmured.
"She almost looks like you when you were five."

He was right. Today she was dressed in dark Jeans and a yellow T-shirt. With her short cut, brown hair she indeed looked more like a boy. But Zeke knew it were Kat's eyes which were directed on the GTO now.

"Fuck it!"
He sighed and grabbed for the door handle. It was time to get over with it. Or he would turn the key in the ignition and speed away head over heels.

"Better watch your mouth around her," Casey warned him and smirked.
"Or you will draw a sharp rebuke from my mom on you."

"Oh, great!"
Zeke rolled with his eyes.
"This weekend is going to be a hell of a lot fun."

But there was no time for complaining anymore. Mrs. Connor, Samantha by her side, reached the car just when Casey got out of it.

"Hi, mom."

"Hello, you two," she greeted them cheerfully.
"Just in time for dinner. Spaghetti with tomato sauce, I guess you won't mind."

Casey grinned and turned to Samantha.
"Hey, I'm Casey. And you are Samantha, huh? I bet I can thank you for that. Usually she refuses to make my favorite food. It's not healthy enough, she says. Does she promise jell-o for dessert, too?"

"We made the green one!"
She smiled slightly but her eyes rested on Zeke.

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