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It's never too late ...

... for a bit Casey & Zeke fun, so I hope you don't mind that:

1. I'm late
2. it's not finished yet - I'm already working on the next (last) part

Title: The sanctuary (1)
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: NC17
Author's note: thanks to aliensouldream for organizing this - even if I'm so much behind lately with reading and writing, it's always wonderful so see so many C&Z stories around :)
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

He felt so worn out. This summer break was like hell. He had always liked winter more than summer. When it was freezing cold most people stayed at home. During summer the town was overcrowded with stupid people. Wherever you went to, to the mall, the beach, the club ... you never had a moment just for yourself.

Guys who bothered him with all the shit they needed. Booze. Scat. Faked identity cards. Porn ... over and over again porn. Everyone seemed to believe that summer and sex belonged together. And Zeke was the first address for all this stuff.

Even worse the girls. Stupid bitches, all of them. It was beyond him why they didn't get it that he was just playing with them. He could get all of them, just, he was not interested. Of course, he flirted and laughed, he kissed them and sometimes he took them to a motel ... never home, oh no ... He fucked them, he found his relief, but no one knew about the stale taste he always felt afterward.

He knew all this was just a meaningless show. He was the bad boy of town. It was cool to be his best buddy. It was cool to be kissed from him. But who did actually care for him? Who knew how lonesome he sometimes was? Who knew about the long nights in front of the TV, a frozen pizza and some beer beside him, when he cursed his parents for leaving him alone when he was barely old enough for it, when all he had wanted was a normal family.

But the life had to go on. He had learned that complaining and getting drunk never was a great help. What helped was a day at the lake. His lake. Not one of the popular places where everyone went to. He had discovered this place one day two years ago, after he had gotten a call from his mom. As ever it had ended with a fight. As ever he had felt the need to run. Usually he jogged for hours, until he felt so worn out that all he could do was drop down onto his bed and sleep .... sleep ... sleep.

Not this time. Because he had found the hidden lake. It was only a small one, the water icecold, even on the hottest summer days. High, dark trees were towering around it. But there was also a small clearing, green grass, flowers, the sun. Silence. Heavenly silence. A sanctuary. His sanctuary.


Zeke smiled when he left the GTO. The small path through the woods was almost invisible but he would find it even blindfound. Just a few minutes and he would be free. He already felt so much better. It was a hot day, no clouds at the sky, but at the lake it would be wonderfully cool. He grabbed for the small backpack, only a few things inside, a towel, a book, suncream, a few bottles of soda, sandwiches and some fruits in a cool bag. No radio, no beer, the lake was the only place where he didn't feel the need to drown out the silence in his life with loud music and a lot of booze. No blanket, he liked to feel the grass under his naked body. No trunks, he was alone here and he could do whatever he wanted ...

Only a few steps ... suddenly he jerked to a stop. Hot showers were rushing through his body - rage and disappointment. No, no, no, he cried inside. This couldn't be. He came here for almost two years now and never ... never ... he had noticed the presence of someone else. Why today?! Tears were pricking in his eyes, but he fought them back. Zeke Tyler didn't cry! Never ever!

With narrowed eyes he stared at the figure in front of him. It was a boy at his age, he could say that much. How could he dare to come here? This was his place and he wanted it back. But the boy didn't seem to care. He was lying face down, the head rested on his arms. Probably he was sleeping. Beside him a black sling bag. A few steps away an old bike was leaning at a tree. 

Zeke frowned. He had seen this bike before, he was sure. His eyes searched for the boy on the clearing again. He was small, slender, dark hair. The black bag beside him. A camera bag!

Suddenly it hit him. Casey-fucking-Connor!

The biggest geek from school. From town even. Alone, as ever. He didn't seem to have friends to spend his vacation with. Probably he had looked for a sanctuary too ... and he had found one. His sanctuary. His lake. And Zeke didn't want to share.

He wondered if it would be difficult to scare Casey that much that he would run back home to mommy and never would dare to come back again. Probably not. He was Zeke Tyler, everyone knew better not to fuck around with him. Casey was just a stupid wimp, used to it that others pushed him around.

He grinned and started to develop a plan. He would sneak up from behind and grab his beloved camera. Before Casey would be able to realize what happened to him he would reach the lake. This would be a bad awakening for him. Casey loved his camera more than anything else. Zeke could imagine his wide open eyes, so fucking blue, and how he would beg him to give it back. Of course he wouldn't do so. He would keep him in suspense for a while but at the end he would drop it right into the icecold water. Maybe Casey would jump after it, maybe he would cry ... Zeke sneered spiteful. He didn't deserve anything better. He should learn how it felt to loose something what meant all for him.

But Zeke was smart enough to realize that this wouldn't change much. Even if Casey would never come back here ... this place would never be the same for him.

"Fuck you, Connor," he murmured and gnashed his teeth with anger.

But before he could make the first step forward Casey suddenly yawned and stretched, finally he sat up. Disappointed Zeke pulled his face. Without the element of surprise it would be just half the fun. He stared at him, not sure what to do next.

Only dressed with his trunks today Casey looked so different from the geek at school, who tried to be invisible with his over-sized jeans and stupid checkered shirts. When bitchy Delilah, Casey's secret crush, would see him like that, she would probably change her mind about him.

Casey reached for his backpack to take out a tube with sun lotion. Carefully he spread it onto his arms first before attending to his chest. With gentle, rotary movements he massaged the lotion in. Only a geek like Casey would do it that way. This looked almost girlish ... so embarrassing ... And what was he doing now? Zeke squinted his eyes against the dazzling sun. Casey had finally stopped at his nipples, his thumb was resting on it, squeezed and stroke it gentle. Zeke huffed slightly. Holy fuck. He was not able to turn his eyes away when Casey leaned his head back and closed his eyes, while his fingers were still dancing over his nipples.

Obviously he was enjoying it. Zeke was sure to see his chest moving up and down heavily, hear his slight groaning. Though maybe this was just his own fantasy. He had to admit it: Casey Connor was stunning hot today.

This made him even more angry. What was wrong with this stuipid shit? First he came here and took over his secret place. Then he stirred up emotions Zeke didn't like at all. He would be dead if anyone at Herrington ever found out that he gave a shit about all the girls he fucked. That he sneaked out of town now and then to visit special clubs in Columbus or elsewhere, where no one knew him. This was the only time he allowed himself to feel what he felt. Never ... never ... he took this home to Herrington.

Until today. When Casey finally reached for the sun lotion again and continued with his legs he knew it was about time to go. But he couldn't take his eyes away. His hands run excessively slow and soft over the skin. Up and down ... and back again. He had long legs, legs which could run so fast when it was needed. How would it be to feel them around his hips? Zeke's mouth felt dry, his dick started to react as if it had an own will ...

Suddenly Casey stopped and looked up, stared right into the direction of the trees which hid Zeke. It almost made him jump back. But soon enough Casey relaxed again, sighed long and satisfied ... and continued stroking himself. It felt as if he would make a show just for him. Zeke could see his fingers moving over his belly ... deeper and deeper ... he past the waist of his trunk without hesitating ... what was he doing there?!

"Take it off," Zeke begged him silently and bit his lower lip.
"Please, take it off!"

He wanted to watch how Casey jerked off. How his fingers would clasp his dick, how he would tease the head of it, how he would play with his balls. Alone the sheer thought of it almost drove him crazy.

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