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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (15/?)

Hello, good morning to everyone around. Well, it is morning here in Germany and I soon will run for work - but before I had to post this. Have fun.

Title: Samantha - part 15
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13 / maybe a touch R
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- fifteen -

"I can't believe what he's done!"

Casey shook his head, still looking bewildered. Zeke hesitated to take the phone which he hold out to him. He was not sure if he wanted to know what exactly Mr. Connor had done.
"Samantha," he asked hesitating.

Casey rolled with his eyes.
"I guess, it's up to him to tell you."

"Hello, Zeke," said Mr. Conner and his voice was somehow tense. This didn't made it better.

"What's the trouble," asked Zeke without even answering his greeting.
"Did you go to Beantown? Did you talk to them?"

"You better not call this a talk. Believe me, as a lawyer I've seen a lot, but this? I don't know how to name it. I hardly had a chance to tell them about the test result when Mrs. Dickenson rushed out of the room. She was back only a few minutes later ... with a suitcase in her hand. Without a word she thrust it to me ...

I've tried to tell them that it's too early for a step like this. That we will have to wait for the final test result next week and that there are still some things to clear out ... but they didn't even listen to me."

Zeke pulled the face.
"I've told you. You can't talk sense with people like them."

"I can't believe that someone has entrusted them with a child," continued Mr. Connor and he sounded even angrier than before.
"This was irresponsible towards her. They didn't care in the slightest. Even dared to ask me for money compensation because they had to look after her for some weeks. Money for taking care of her granddaughter. Can you believe that?"

Under other circumstances Zeke would have fumed with anger too. But now only one thought haunted him. He barely dared to asked.
"And Samantha? Did you see her?"

"She's okay," Mr. Connor reassured him, with a warm voice this time.
"Just a little bit tired. No wonder after all she had to go through today!"

Casey had snuggled beside him, one ear on the phone so that he didn't miss a word from what his father told Zeke and he giggled slightly. Zeke frowned irritated but Mr. Conner's next words made him almost fall over.

"She has just had some pancakes and now Meredith is putting her to bed."

"Oh my god!"
Zeke gasped for air. Suddenly he was sure that he would wake up soon enough and all this would turn out as a dream. Samantha was still in Beantown and Mr. Connor would call and tell him, that her grandparents were not willing to let her go. But then he felt Casey's hand on his arm and he looked up right into his sparkling eyes and the wide grin. That was real! He started to realize that maybe he was not dreaming.

"Samantha ... she's in Herrington," he finally asked hesitating and his heart beat faster.

"I had no choice," Mr. Connor answered.
"She is five, Zeke. You should expect that she was afraid to go with me. I mean, I'm a stranger for her. But she just got into the car. Without saying a word, without crying. She just got in and she didn't even look back.

Usually I can't afford to get sentimental but this was heart-wrenching. I've tried to call Mr. Caviness. You know, I've told you about him, this guy from the welfare service. But it's Saturday and he has his free weekend. So I guess it's best for her when she stays with us for the next two days.

On monday I will go and talk with him. Decisions need to be made and soon. I would like you to come with me. Though the test is not confirmed yet, Mr. Caviness is a reasonable man ..."

Zeke kept quiet and tried to sort out his feelings. He wondered why he did't feel better. This was what he had wanted. It had looked so easy. Bring her away from Beantown. Find new parents for her. She would grow up happy. This was all what had been important. Now ... suddenly everything had changed. She was in Herrington. With Casey's parents. He could imagine it: Mrs. C. and Samantha in the kitchen of the Connor's house, a homely kitchen. Mrs. C. would make her pancakes and Samantha would sit at the small table in front of the window. They would talk and laugh and ...This was wrong. This was far too familiar to him.

Suddenly Zeke felt panic climbing up. No! He couldn't go to the welfare service and make decisions about her future. It was too early. He didn't even know her. He didn't know anything about little children. He didn't know what they needed. He didn't know what they wanted. He had never been afraid to make decisions for himself. But this was different. She was his daughter. He was responsible for her. No, he couldn't do that. He needed more time ...

"Zeke? You okay?"

Mrs. Connor's voice startled him out of his thoughts.

"Oh, hi, Mrs. C. I'm fine, I guess, thanks!"

He could hear her slight laughing.
"It's okay, honey. There is a lot you have to deal with in the moment, I get that. Just need to tell you about Samantha."

He was still not sure if he wanted to talk about her now.
"How is she doing?"

"She's fine. Still a bit shy and much too serious for a little girl, but this isn't a big surprise, I guess."

Shy and serious?! Zeke felt anger climbing up. He remembered the little girl from the video. She had always laughed, always babbled, she had always looked so happy. Life was not fair. He couldn't turn back the clock but he would do everything to make her laugh again.

"I've put her to bed in Casey's room. Thought she will be more comfortable there than in the guestroom."

This helped to calm him down again. Casey's room. Casey's bed. The bed he had slept in only a few nights ago. Somehow a nice idea.

"That's great," he said.
"You and Mr. C. ... you are amazing. Thank you for all you do for her."

"Nothing big, Zeke," she said and smiled.
"But there is something you should know."

"Yeah," he asked hesitating.

"Samantha ... she's asked for you!"

Zeke frowned.
"What's this supposed to mean? She asked for her dad?!"

"No, Zeke," Mrs. Connor answered.
"She asked for you. She knows that you are her father."

Casey jumped back and stared at him dumbfound when he suddenly yelled.
"What the hell have you done? You had no right to do that. Why did you tell her about me?"

With a loud crash the phone landed on the floor and he stormed out of the room.

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