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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (14/?)

Ufff ... the heat is on. really, I don't need this. Okay, this summer was much to cold and windy, I will admit this, but I like this so much more than the weather we are supposed to have this weekend. And it's still not the high point, tomorrow it will be even warmer than today. I think about moving to Alaska ... where I maybe would meet the boys - I remember some stories where the went / want to go to Alaska ;)

But at least I will have this weekend off. Time to write, read, watch stupid DVD's ... and maybe do some chores. If it's not too hot for this.

I will start today with a bit boy fun (sorry for not answering some older comments so far, I will come back to them, promised ... maybe around christmas ... but just know, I've read and love all of them.

Title: Samantha - part 14
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13 / maybe a touch R
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- fourteen -

Casey was already waiting for him when he entered their little apartment. He put his backpack aside and pulled him into his arms.

"Hey, you're early today."

"I was much too nervous to concentrate on boring stuff like light effects in black-and-white shots. So I've skipped college."
He inspected Zeke with inquiring eyes.
"How was it?"

"Like hell," Zeke growled ... and pulled the bottle of champagnes out of his backpack. It was a stupid sentimentality, he knew it, but he felt almost high since Dr. Miller had finally told him:

"Your DNA is nearly identical, so I'm afraid to tell you that without much doubt she is your daughter. Though I think you don't need be too much concerned about it. You have a good lawyer and ..."

Obviously he liked the sound of his own voice, but when he had noticed Zeke's wide grin he stopped confused. Probably he was not used to it that people looked happy when he told them a result like this.

"Not a big surprise," Casey said and chuckled.
"I knew it anyway. Who needs a test to make sure that she is your daughter? Just look at her! The way she laughs. And how she pulls her face when she gets angry. She's so much like you."

But all this was much too good to last for longer. A bit later Mr. Connor called and brought them back to earth. It was not over yet.

"I'm already half on the way to Indiana," he said and caused Zeke's heart to flutter. He hadn't expected it that it would happen so fast.
"I want to talk with the Dickensons before they get the official test result. If they consult their religious leader that might complicate things."

"Complicate things?"
Zeke frowned.
"But you've said when there is the proof that I'm her biological father no one can deny me the right to take care of her any longer."

"That's right, the law should finally take our side. But they can cause some trouble. Let me say it that way: The leader of this sect seems to like to take things to court. They have some good lawyer on their side. A fight at court is the last we need."

"Think they might win?"

"No, oh no," Mr. Connor reassured him.
"But it would be an unnecessary delay. Plus: there are some facts I would prefer not to discuss in a court room."

"Oh, I get it."
Suddenly Zeke felt the wellknown resentment climbing up.
"It's because I'm gay, right? Because I live together with Casey."

"This doesn't make it easier, yes," admitted Mr. Connor.
"This and your history with Kat. People have prejudices. Even judges. I would like to avoid this, mainly in Samantha's interest.

But I hope to convince the Dickensons that an amicable arrangement is best for them so that they will hopefully agree to release Samantha into the care of the child welfare service."

"Welfare service?"
Zeke frowned.
"Did you forget what they've done to Kat and Samantha? Did they ever help them? They are useless as shi ... useless."

"But they are usually involved when it comes to fosterage or adoption. No need to worry though, I've already worked together with one of the guys. He's a decent young man and he actually cares for the children in his custody.

Try to trust me, Zeke, please. I will do my best, I promise you that, to make it as easy as possible for Samantha."


Thank god the next day was a saturday. Last night they had decided to visit their favorite pub. It was way too long that they had met with friends. And it was exactly what Zeke had needed to forget at least for a while.

A few games of pool billiard, his favorite Irish Beer and Casey on the small dance floor. Zeke was not a great dancer but he liked to watch Casey when he did. He just needed a bit alcohol to let go, to forget everything around him. Without caring about someone else he just moved with the music, sometimes slow, sometimes wild. Zeke loved to see him like this. And when they came home Casey was always so turned on ...

That meant sex ... hot, wild, endless sex. The first time right on the floor of the living room. Casey clung to him, put his arms around his neck and his legs around his hips, dug his fingers into his shoulders, even bit him into his blade bone. The noises he made when Zeke started to fuck him without further foreplay drove him into an almost endless climax. The second time in the bedroom, more affectionate and slower this time. They wanted it to last as long as possible.

It already started to dawn when Casey finally dozed off in his arms. Zeke enjoyed one last cigarette while watching him. In this almost perfect moment he did believe that everything would become okay.


Zeke groaned and tried to pull the pillow over his head to block out the obtrusive ring, ring from the phone. Finally Casey sighed and gave up.

"Fuck you, Tyler," he murmured and grabbed for the phone.
"I just hope it's something important.


Oh, hi, dad! What's up?"

He kept quiet for a while, just listened to his father on the other side of the phone. Suddenly he jumped up, gasping for air.

"Holy shit, dad," he yelled.

In a flash Zeke was wide awake.

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