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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (13/?)

Hallo, good morning everyone. I hope you will have a great, sunny weekend. It's time for the next chapter 'Samantha'. Whoever is here to read, I hope you will like it.

Title: Samantha - part 13
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- thirteen -

"Maybe we should visit them," Casey suggested.

Zeke frowned.
"Visit whom?"

"The Quests. They cared so much about them, I'm sure they will be glad to hear that you take care of Samantha now. And they might be able to tell you more about her."

Casey tried to look nonchalant, but Zeke smirked slightly.
"I know what you are trying to do," he said.
"Think, I will finally fall for her when I get to know her better?"

Casey shrugged.
"You already do! You've watched this video ... how often? Three times?"

He knew him much too well. Good enough to know what was going on inside him. First he had just felt guilty about how he had acted against Kat and Samantha. But the more he got to know about his daughter the more he cared for her. It was hard not to like her. She was an amazing little girl ... and Kat had been the best mother he could imagine. He was just not sure how he ever should be able to take over this place. Samantha deserved someone better than him. Even if Casey didn't agree with that.

"This will not change my mind," Zeke finally said ... and Casey rolled his eyes but kept quiet.

On Saturday they went to Akron anyway ... only to find out, that the Quest's had sold their hotel and moved into a retirement home nearby. 

"It was a hard decision," Mrs. Quest told them.
"Ann needed our help, more than ever before. But it was too much, I had a light heart attack and the doctor told me I need to take it slower, or the next time it would end worse."

She sadly shook her head.
"I will never forget the day when they came to bring Samantha to her grandparents.

I don't know if she did understand what was going on. She didn't even cry, just put her arms around me and said: 'Don't be sad, granny. It's okay.'

Ann was like a daughter for us, you know. And Samantha liked to call me 'granny'."

 Pensively she looked at Zeke.
"She's a smart, little girl. And it looks as if she was right.

Ann didn't tell us much about you, and when she did, she never talked you down. But I will admit, I was suspicious. I was not sure what to think about you."

"That's okay," murmured Zeke.
"I know, I can't make it up for all I've done. But I will do my best for Samantha now."

Mrs. Quest smiled.
"I'm sure you will," she reassured him.
"You're here. That means a lot for us."

Before they went back to Columbus they promised to keep in touch from now on.


A few days later Zeke put aside the magazine he just thumbed through and cursed inwardly. He had always hated to visit a doctor, he always tried to avoid overcrowded waiting rooms. Though here he was almost alone, beside of the young man opposite him. He had tried to ignore him but it was easy to read in his face.

What a stupid dumbhead! How could someone be that shallow? First he fucked around without thinking ... now he was afraid of the possible consequences. He almost felt sorry for the girl who might get a baby from him. She better did not expect too much help ...

He could feel anger climbing up ... and almost laughed loud about himself. He had more in common with him than he liked to admit. This guy was much too young and he obviously felt not ready for a baby. But maybe ... in a few years ... he would regret it that he had dumped the girl ... and his child ...

Zeke felt the guy's nervous eyes resting on him and turned away. No, he couldn't help him. Everyone needed to make his own decisions and learn to live with it. He had finally made a decision. He had accepted the responsibility for Samantha. He would be there for her as long as it was necessary. Maybe he would never be her dad, but he was her father.

At least he hoped so. He remembered how he had come back home from the pizzeria yesterday and Casey had told him:

"You've just missed my dad. He has a date for the paternity test. Tomorrow, nine o'clock. You should go to the General Hospital and ask for doctor Miller, he's said."

Since then he couldn't think about anything else. What if the test was negative? What if he was wrong and she was not his daughter? Would it change anything?

Casey had laughed about him.
"She will always be Kat's daughter," he had said.
"And you care about her. Isn't it that what counts?"

Of course he was right. Of course he would do everything to find a good, new home for her, no matter if she was his daughter or not. Even Casey's dad had finally admitted that this was best. He didn't talk of his researches about the Dicksensons and the sect they belonged to, but it had obviously appalled him. 

Nevertheless ... it would not be the same ... Zeke just knew it.

"Mr. Tyler?"
He looked up when the nurse from the reception called him.
"Doctor Miller has your results now. Will you follow me, please?"

He stood up and could feel his legs shaking.
"Yeah, thanks!"

Dr. Miller smiled widely when Zeke entered his office.
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Tyler," he said and it almost sounded as if he meant it. He seemed to be a nice guy but Zeke couldn't care less. Nervous he took place onto the chair in front of the desk.

"So," he said.
"Can we come right to the point, please?"

"Sure! I guess, you did read the information brochure? You know it will last about two or three days to get a final result?"

When Zeke looked at him questioning and started to feel annoyed ... what the heck was he still doing here then ??? ... he went on.

"Frank Connor is an old friend of mine, I know him since school. He's begged me to make it as soon as possible. So I decided to do the quick test first. Though this test is not accepted by all experts, but in my opinion it shows the quickest results. It will need affirmation by the official test, but in 98 per cent of cases the result will be the same."

Zeke was ready to burst. If he wouldn't stop talking round and round the point right now he would jump up and shook the truth out of him, that was for sure.

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