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FanFiction // Jeremiah // Lost History

Characters: Mister Smith
Rating: G
Words: 100 - drabble
A/N: okay, let´s start! My first story ever I do in English! I hope, you like my fics a little bit - indeed, I am open for honest criticism too! *** Special thanks to my beta Baumberta - she is not from LJ, but a really nice woman ... Hi Baum, hope, you will read this.

Story revised: January 2016

It's so important to have a history. Pictures of people and places you can remember. Memories to share with others.

There are good and bad memories. In times like these, they are often bad, full of pain and loss. But everything is better than the emptiness he feels. Not to know, where he comes from. No parents, brothers, sisters, friends he could think about, mourn about.

He can't even remember his name. Nowadays they call him "Mr. Smith". First name: Mister - last name: Smith.

It actually is okay - but sometimes he wonders who might hide behind this name.

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YAY!! Congrats on your first English fic!!!

("witch" in the first paragraph should be "which")

Oops ... thanks! (for both ;-) )

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! And thank you for adding to Flist too! I will add you back, hope this is ok!

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Here per Belleferret's rec. Very nice! I enjoyed your take on Smith's thoughts.

Thank you that you were here to read it! Nice you have liked it!

Very nice. It would be a very empty feeling not to know. So sad.

Thank you! This occupies me very much - the emptiness which must be in Smith!

So sad and so beautiful. Wonderful work, dear! Go on this way. I love Mr. Smith, too! :-))

Thank you. I will try to do more like this!

That was your first ficlet ? Wow. Nothing more than... wow...

Oh, that was soooo long ago. In the meantime, I have started to edit my older stories, because ... yeah, sometimes the grammatic is morrible (or worse) ;) It takes a lot of time to go through all the stuff (I've written too much;) but I actually enjoy it. Some of the stories I don't like anymore but most of the stuff only needs some editing.

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