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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (9/?)

I think today is a good day for a bit more ' Samantha' , though there are not much people around here in the moment. But whoever is waiting for more ... have fun. I hope you can still remember the last past? If not, you can go back and re-read ;)

Title: Samantha - part 9
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- nine -

Mrs. Connor picked them up at the bus station when they arrived at Herrington about four hours later. They felt tired, especially Zeke's mood was lower than low. His arm had started to hurt again, he felt sweaty and when he had managed to doze off for a while a stupid dream had haunted him. Casey with Samantha in his arms, singing 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' ...

"Oh honey!"
Mrs. Connor put her hand onto his cheek and made him almost jump back.
"You look so pale. What a horrible accident."
Only then she turned around to Casey.
"Good you brought him here for a while."

Huh? Zeke blinked confused. What was this? She called him 'Honey' and had not even time for a short hug to her son? Maybe he was still sitting in this hellhole of bus, dreaming stupid shit ...

"C'mon, let's bring you home. I've made you a good chicken soup. And then you should rest for a while."

"Ähm, yeah, thank you," murmured Zeke and followed her to the parking lot with Casey by his side.
"What's going on here," he whispered. 

"My mom!"
Casey chuckled sligthly.
"She has a helper syndrome Hold on, Zeke, this is just the beginning. Today everything in the Connor's home will focus on you."

Zeke rolled his eyes, feeling numb. He was not sure if he liked that much attention.
"Oh god. Tell her that she doesn't need to make such a fuss."

Casey shrugged.
"Good luck. Try to stop her."

This turned out to be right as soon as they arrived at home. Mrs. Connor hurried into the kitchen to warm up the soup while she told them to go upstairs to fresh up a bit.

"Oh, and ... Casey," she called behind them.
"I guess Zeke can need a bit more comfort today. You switch rooms. I'm sure you don't mind to sleep on the couch tonight!"

The Connor's home. The Connor's rules.

'We cannot prevent you from living your life in Columbus. But as long as you stay under this roof you will not share a bed with Zeke!' No even a room. While Casey always moved in into his old room, Zeke was exiled onto the couch in Mrs. Connors utility room. Without exception.

"It's okay, Mrs. C.," Zeke tried to protest.
"I'm fine!"

"Just give it up," Casey interrupted him and opened the door to his old room.

It was always a strange feeling to enter this room, like a step back into his old life. The poster on the walls, the pics he had made at High-school, the books he had liked when he was a little boy. Huckleberry fin and The little prince. His mom had changed nothing. He knew, he would always be her 'little boy.'

"My mom always gets what she wants."

"Yeah, this sounds familiar!"

Zeke smiled weakly and sat down on the edge of the bed. He really felt exhausted and not even the sight of Casey's bed could change this. How often had he joked that one day he would fuck him here? Not today though. He was still not sure if it was good idea to tell Casey's parents about Kat and Samantha. Mr. Connor had always had his doubts about him and what he had done to Kat ... and Samantha, even if he hadn't known about her ... would surely not convince him otherwise.

"I actually still don't know what we are doing here. Your dad doesn't like me! I'm afraid he will rather kick me out of the house than help me."

Casey shrugged.
"No, he won't. Not with my mom taking your side!"


It was about one hour later. Zeke was still sleeping, while Casey was sitting in the kitchen with his mom.

"Will dad be at home for dinner," he asked.

"Don't worry, no fights today. And he was quite shocked about Zeke's accident, believe me."

"Oh no!"
Casey groaned.
"Does this mean he will stay in the office for half the night once again?"

Mrs. Connor looked up from the potatoes she peeled.
"Are you in trouble, Casey?"

"Ähm, what? No! Why do you think so?"

"Call it motherly instinct. Zeke's behavior over the weekend. The way you try to avoid all my questions. This ominous accident. Something is going on between you two, I can feel that.

Don't you think, it's time to tell me?"

Casey considered it for a moment, then he shook the head.
"I can't, mom, sorry. It's something very personal. And it's up to Zeke if he wants to tell you."

"Zeke, huh? I see. Think your Dad is able to help? Alright, I will call him. He will be home for dinner, don't worry."

"Thank you, mom!"
Casey reached out to hug her.
"You're the best. You and Dad."

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