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F-Zeke-charming boy

FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (8/?)

Hello F-list. Hello LJ. Anyone around? It is soooo quiet here lately ... and not just in Fandom. Though maybe I should not complain, I'm quiet too.

But today it's time for the next chapter 'Samantha'. Have fun with it.

Title: Samantha - part 8
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- eight -

Zeke was fighting with the scrambled eggs he had just put into his mouth. They had a late breakfast at McDonald's while they waited for the bus back to Columbus. A bus! Zeke couldn't remember the last time he had used a sticky, overcrowded bus - it seemed to be in another life. But there was no other way, the GTO was still in the repair shop, his arm was in a cast and Casey, stubborn as he sometimes could be, refused to take a cab for the 180 miles back home.

"We need to save our money now," he had said.

Bullshit. Money was not the problem. His bank account was well-stocked. He had never used up the monthly cheques his father had send him during his last years in Herrington, had made some successful investments and now he was well off. Especially with Casey by his side who was not willing to take his money as much as he would have liked to spoil him.
But he felt much too good this morning to be grumpy for longer. So he enjoyed his breakfast, the first time for days he felt hungry, while Casey had already started to make future plans. Plans which made him speechless.

"Think, we should start to look for a bigger apartment? She will need her own room when she moves in with us."

Zeke swallowed down the eggs and cleared his throat.
"What the hell are you talking about," he asked ... though he knew all too good. It was great how easily Casey seemed to accept the changed situation, but ...

"Samantha! I guess, she will feel more welcome when she doesn't have to sleep on the couch in the living-room"

Zeke put the fork aside, now he had lost his appetite. And his head started to throb again.
"Okay, Casey, slow down. She's not gonna move to Columbus, to live with us. This is impossible. We can't ..."

"So you want to give up? But you are her father. You are responsible of her. And you own Anne Catherine, remember, she entrusted you with her."

Zeke pulled the face. This was not fair. He couldn't say what he would have done back then if she had told him that they would have a baby. He was not ready to be a father now and he definitely hadn't been with seventeen. Most likely he would have left her anyway ... but he would have done his best to help her out at least with money or stuff for the baby. This was all he could do ... and to find a new home for Samantha now. People who were good for her.

"Of course I will do my best to get her out there. As soon as we are back in Columbus I will call the Department of Children & Family Service. They will know what is best for her. Foster parents. Or adoption. I will agree with everything, as long as it is far, far away from Beantown and her stupid grandparents."

"Foster parents? Best for her?"
Casey frowned.
"She has a father, Zeke. That's what she needs."

"How can I be a father for her when I doesn't even know how it feels to have one?"
Zeke sighed.
"Watch our life, Casey. We are gay. We are still going to College. We can't play 'happy family' with a little girl."

"I like children," Casey murmured, stubborn as he sometimes could be.
"Not that I ever thought about it to have own. But I wouldn't mind.

When I was thirteen, I did baby-sit for my cousin, before they moved to Florida. Jason was still a baby. But Jenny was almost two. She always wanted to dance with me. When my cousin wanted to bring her to bed, she used to say:

'Cassy, dance!'

I took her on my arms and we danced from the living-room through the kitchen upstairs into her room. Then I put her to bed and sung for her. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. She couldn't get enough of it."

Zeke smiled.
"Bet, you would be a good father," he said.
Then his face darkened again.
"I can't stand children. All I know is that they turn into crying little monsters in the moment you push the stroller into the Mall."

Casey laughed.
"Well, at least we don't need to worry about this. I guess Samantha will not sit in a stroller any more."

Zeke shook his head. He did remember the little girl he had seen yesterday all too well. She had sneaked out of the house though her grandfather had forbidden it. She had her little secrets. Zeke wondered what she hid from them in the tree.

"She is five. And I'm sure, she wouldn't cry. She is strong, you know. This asshole of her grandfather calls her a child of a demon. Wanna know what she did?

She yelled at him. 'I have a father. And he's not a demon.'"
Zeke sighed and wondered what Kat had told her about her father. Did she know his name? Had she ever seen a photo of him? Or had Kat refused to talk about him? He couldn't blame her.

Casey chuckled slightly.
"Sounds a lot like you," he said.
"What are you afraid of, Zeke? You are not like your father. You care a lot about her."

Zeke stretched out his hand and briefly touched Casey's wrist. He needed this contact; if it had not been for Casey he would probably have just run away. Again! He was still not sure how to deal with the fact that he was responsible for a child. His child. Every decision he made could change her life - for the better or for the worse. He didn't like this idea.

"Yeah. I care enough to make it not even more difficult for her. She's a little girl, Casey, and she has just lost her mom. How should she deal with it when I suddenly appear from nowhere in her life and tell her: 'Hey, I'm your father!' And the next day I will leave her again. How can I do that to her?"

He felt relieved when Casey finally decided to give in, at least for the moment.

"Well, I guess, we don't need to make a decision now. First of all we should find a way to bring her out there as soon as possible. I guess the Dickensons will be not very cooperative when you tell them about the letter?!"

Zeke smirked.
"No, probably not. More likely they will call the police to report me. Remember, Kat was still sixteen when she got pregnant. Think your dad will play the devil's advocate?"

"Zeke, you are a genius!"
Every head in the McDonald turns around to them when Casey jumped up and yelled.
"Why didn't I think about it earlier?"

Zeke smirked.
"About what?"

"My dad," Casey said, with a lower voice this time.
"For what is he one of the best lawyer in Ohio? We're gonna make an overnight stop in Herrington and tell him. I'm sure he will come up with some ideas what we can do next. Without getting you into trouble."

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(Deleted comment)
It's Casey, isn't it? He loves Zeke and it is no question for him what they have to do now. Though it is understandable that Zeke is a bit scared. He never cared about other people - not before Casey - and now he is responsible for a five year old, little girl. It makes him feel helpless ... and he hates it to feel helpless.

Aw, Casey. I love how he started planning a room for Samantha and told Zeke about his baby sitting experiences. He know Zeke is scared, who would blame him? But he is right that Zeke will make a good father.

Great idea Casey had about his Dad. I hope he can help them work something out. :D

Casey loves Zeke, how can he not love Zeke's daughter? Oh course, it's difficult for Zeke and probably for Casey too, but for Casey it is the only reasonable decision - Samantha needs her dad now, more than ever before - every little girl needs a father and Zeke will learn to be one. Even though he is scared in the moment.

We will see if Casey's dad will help them ...

That little girl will be glad to know her father shows an interest in her. At least she Will when she learns that he's kind. A d goog for Casey for being supportive, after all he's probably still in shock a bit.

Of course, Samantha needs her father now, more than ever before. Zeke cares for her, even if he's a bit scared, but he would probably be able to learn to be a good father. With Casey by his side.

Playing serious catch-up! :D

I like how Casey's all about taking action here, making sure Zeke makes the right decision. While some can move on in life after giving up their kid to adoption, some end up regretting it. Personal decisions, and all, buuuut... I get the feeling Casey's under Zeke's skin enough to do it up!

Try to catch up too, with all your comments ;)

Casey is smart and he knows his Zeke ... maybe better than Zeke knows himself.

Oh this is great, they have a plan! And Casey's Dad can hopefully take on the case. I can tell from their conversation that Zeke is becoming more open to different possibilities. He did like Samantha's stubborness and her spirit. Already he's wondering about her personality. He must be a tiny bit curious to know his own flesh and blood child. Casey's support is loving and total. He has opened his heart already. I like to think of him singing lullabys. But maybe they have a fight ahead first to win Samantha.

I think Casey is a 'family guy' - grown up with parents, grandparents who loved him and it's unthinkable for him that Zeke's daughter will have to grow up without her father. Plus: he knows his Zeke. Yes, deep inside Zeke starts to like the idea of having a daughter like Samantha.

Oy, I totally picture Mr, Connor being the Devil's advocate, lol. That's a great line!

Come on Zeke. Stop wailing in self-pity and be the godammned man you gotta be. Can't be that hard. *rolleyes*

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