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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (6/?)

Hello, good morning to everyone around. Ready for the next chapter 'Samantha' ?

Title: Samantha - part 6
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- six -

It was dark when Stan stopped at the parking lot of the State Hospital in Richmond. He turned around to Casey.
"You sure that you don't want me to wait? I could ..."

"No, Stan."
Casey shook his head.
"Thank you for giving me a ride. But Zeke will probably still have to stay for a while. Go home to Stokes and tell her thank you for all. Without you two I wouldn't have known what to do."

"Hey, that's what friends are for. But you will call us when you know more, okay?"

Casey tried to smile. It was great to know that he had such caring friends.

"What has happened," Stokely had asked when he put the phone aside, looking pale and shocked.

"Zeke. He had a car accident. The State Hospital in Richmond has called my Mom. This is in Indiana. What is he doing in Indiana?"

Then it fall from his eyes like scales. Indiana. Anne Catherine. Again. Zeke had met her first in Indiana. Did he go back because of her? Did this nightmare never end? Casey started to shiver all over.

"Hey, sit down!"
Stokely had pressed him into the next chair before he could fall over.
"What did she say? Zeke is such a good driver. How could this happen?"

"How could what happen?"
Stan was back and eyed them curious. Then he put two bars of chocolate onto the table and bent forward to kiss Stokely.
"Whole-milk-chocolate with nuts, as desired. Go wild!"

"Zeke had a car accident," she explained, ignoring the chocolate.

"Oh shit. Is he okay?"

Casey shrugged. Thankfully he started to think clearer again.
"I don't know. The nurse couldn't tell much because he was still in the emergency room. But it's nothing life-threatening, says my mom."

"I can give you a ride to the hospital," Stan offered.
"Certainly you want to be with him now."

"Thanks, Stan!"
Casey hesitated.
"But he's in Indiana. These are around 150 miles. I guess I will try to find a bus tomorrow."

Stan looked at him surprised.
"What the hell is he doing in Indiana? Think he's in Columbus, learning for College."

When Casey didn't bother to answer he exchanged glances with Stokely who shook her head.
"I will tell you later," she murmured.
"For now, bring him to Indiana. Guess, these guys need to straighten out a lot."


Slowly he opened the door and looked into the room. Zeke was laying in a hospital's bed, eyes closed, the right arm in a cast. The nurse had told him that he could count himself lucky, that nothing serious had happened beside of his broken arm and a mild concussion.

Quietly Casey sat down on the chair beside his bed. Zeke turned his head and looked at him with blary eyes. The painkiller they gave him made it difficult to think clearly.

"Case?! What are you doing here?"

"Stan gave me a ride," he answered and put one hand on Zeke's intact arm.
"God, Zeke, you've scared me to death. What's happened?"

"Crashed my baby," murmured Zeke.
"Fucking shit. Hope they can fix it!"

Casey wasn't interested in the slightest in the GTO even if he knew that Zeke loved this car. All what he wanted was to understand what was going on. What Zeke had done here in Indiana. Why he had lost control over the car on a straight stretch of the road and crashed into a tree without even slowing down. Zeke was a fast driver, but an full-fledged one. He never risked too much.

Zeke stretched out his hand and put it onto his cheek. Only now Casey realized his tears. The whole tension of the last days broke free and he started sobbing. Zeke sat up a bit.
"Don't! It's okay. It's just the stupid car."

"I don't wanna lose you," stammered Casey.
"I love you!"

"Love you too! More than you can imagine."

"So, why don't you trust me any more?"
Casey sniffed.
"Why don't you let me help you?"

Zeke sank back into the cushions and he weakly shook the head.
"You can't, Casey. Not with this."

"It's Anne Catherine, isn't it? Do you regret that you've left her? Will you leave me?"

"What? No! I mean, yes, it has to do with her ... but not in the way you think. I love you, Casey. I want to live with you. Believe me. It's just ..."

"Just ... what? What is it, Zeke? Please, talk to me! This starts to drive me crazy. I need to understand."

Zeke took a deep breath. His head started to hurt again. All he wanted was to sleep and to forget at least for a while. But he couldn't leave Casey behind like this. He deserved to know the truth. It was high time to get over with it. Though he was not sure if he would endure it to see the disdain in Casey's eyes.

"Okay, I'm gonna tell you all. But you will not like it!"

He grabbed for his hand and intertwined their fingers. Right to the point. This was the only way he could do it.

"Kat ... she has ... she had a daughter. Samantha. Because of her she tried to contact me. She wanted me to take care of her because she couldn't do it any more ... she knew she would never leave the hospital again, you know. But ... it was too late. I was not there, she weakened more with every day and the child welfare contacted her parents.

This was what she was most afraid of, Casey! She has never had contact with them again. To think, that her daughter will grow up under the same circumstances like she did ... I don't want to imagine how much this bothered her.

She needed me, more than ever before, and I've failed again. I'm a pathetic coward. You earn better than me."

"Don't say that, Zeke," Casey reassured him and squeezed his hand.
"It's not your fault that you got the letter too late."

He needed a moment to let all sink in what Zeke had just told him. Indeed, this was different than all he had imagined. What the heck she had been thinking? How could she entrust her daughter to Zeke? She hadn't talked to him for years. They had been engaged ... for one day ... then Zeke had left her head over heals. How could she think that Zeke would be able now to take care of a little girl? Why didn't she asked anyone else ... like ... friends? The father of her daughter. Every child had a father, right? He should take care of her. He, not Zeke! But he tried to fight his anger against her, because he knew this wouldn't be very helpful in the moment.

"Zeke, you know, she was seriously sick and she knew she would die soon. Maybe it was a sort of panic reaction that she wrote this letter. She should better have tried to contact her parents. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe they have changed and they regret what they've done to her. I'm sure they are glad to have at least her granddaughter around now."

"I wish, I could believe that."
Zeke laughed sadly.
"But I was there, Casey, don't ask why. I was in Grandville at their house. And I've seen her. She's still so small. And nothing has changed. Her grandfather is a fanatic prick. Must be hell to live there.

But I ... I did nothing at all. I've turned the engine on and left her alone. I'm a fucking shit!"

When Casey wanted to protest again, he put his thumb onto his mouth and shook his head. Now ... or never.

"She's my daughter, Casey. I should protect her. Every good father protetcs his children. But all I could think about was that she will destroy my life with you!"

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