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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (5/?)

Hallo, good morning everyone!

Time for a bit more 'Samantha' - - the writing mood is slowed down a bit, but still working :) The drama goes on ....

Title: Samantha - part 5
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts: here

- five -

Zeke switched off the engine and reached for a cigarette. He stared at the small house in front of him, a white painted house with a porch at the front. Divided light windows with plain, gray curtains. A few bushes on the grass beside the house, a few trees behind it. It could have been a comfortable home, but it looked somehow lifeless. It was early in the afternoon, from the houses around he could hear people laughing, talking, children were playing basketball and a father taught his little boy how to ride his bike. Here? Nothing. Only the black van under the carport showed that someone was living here.

Zeke closed his eyes. He didn't want to imagine how it must feel to grow up in such a house. What was he actually doing here? He could hardly remember how he had made his way to Indiana. Everything he did remember were Casey's sad eyes when he drove away. But he hadn't endured it any longer, this happy family world of the Conner Family ... he had never had one ... Casey was his family ... he didn't need another one ...

It felt good to sit in his GTO and ride along the streets. It always had helped him to get his head clear. He needed a clear head ... he needed to make decisions ... or he would lose Casey. He was patient. He tried not to bother him too much. But he didn't understand what happened to them. Of course not.

How could he explain it? How could he tell him the truth? How could he not hate him when he found out? Zeke hated himself. He hated Kat. She destroyed his life. Was this her revenge? Did she punish him in this way for what he had done to her? A part of him thought that he didn't deserve better. The other part cried:

'No! Stay out of my life. All I want is to be together with Casey. I can't bear it to lose him.'


The loud voice which called this name startled him. Nearly against his will he looked back to the house. The door was open now and an elderly man was standing in the door frame It was warm this afternoon, but he wore an old-fashioned, dark suit. White shirt, black tie. Under other circumstances Zeke would have laughed about this oh-so-fake-religious-people who thought every little fun would bring them everlasting perdition. Not today.


His voice was cold and hard. Annoyed. Irreconcilable. Unforgiving.
"What did I tell you? I don't want you to leave the house. Did you made the dishes?"

Zeke could see some movement into one of the old trees behind the house. A small figure jumped down from one of the lower branches, tried to clean her dress from some leaves and dirt. She looked up when the man left the porch and approached her with firm steps. Quick she grabbed something from the ground under the tree and hid it between some thick branches. Just in time before the man reached her. He grabbed for her arm.

"What are you doing here again? How can you dare it? These trees are given to us from god for food, not for playing in it."

He pulled her with him towards the house. She followed him reluctantly but didn't protest.

"Go into the bathroom and clean your face. Then we will have to go to church once again, to ask god for forgiveness for your sin. Though I guess it's hopeless. You are a child of a demon."

Suddenly the little girl tried to free herself out of his hard grip.
"I'm not," she yelled.
"I have a dad. And he's not a demon!"

Zeke could see the man stiffen and for a moment he was afraid he would hit her. But then he just pulled her into the house.
"Again," he said.
"No dinner for you tonight!"

The door closed behind them. Zeke couldn't stop trembling.



The young man looked up an smiled.

"Y'know ..."
Stokely sighed slightly.
"I'm starving for chocolate right now!"

Stan looked at her belly and grinned at Casey.
"Since she knows she's pregnant she thinks she needs to develop a sweet tooth. Can you believe this? She always hated chocolate."

Casey chuckled. It had been a big surprise when his friends had told him that they wanted to marry next month because Stokes was pregnant. Not entirely planned but they both looked very happy. Casey almost felt jealousy climbing up in himself.

Hard to imagine that this always gloomy punk girl from school who tried hard to make everyone believe she would be a lesbian would marry the former star-quarterback from the Hornets. He tried to be happy for them. But a part of him couldn't stop thinking:

"And what's with me? Will I ever be happy again ... together with Zeke?"

Stokely blinked, smiling wide.
"Think you could go and get me one," she begged.
"This whole milk chocolate with nuts, you know, the sort you only can get at the 'Quick Stop'?"

"'Quick Stop', huh?"
Stan chuckled and got up, looking for the keys of his car.
"Everything you want, sweety pie. Whole milk chocolate with nuts. See you later, Case!"

He had barely left when Stokely leaned back and looked at Casey with inquiring eyes.
"Guess, we are alone for a while now," she said.
"So, what's going on with lover-boy?"

Casey groaned. He had hoped to avoid this, but of course Stokely was much to smart to not look through his faked good mood.

"Nothing big," he tried to play it down.
"Zeke's just a bit stressed out. This course at college, you know ... Guess, he needs some time for himself and ..."

"Stop," Stokely interrupted him.
"We are friends now for ... how long? Four years? So stop trying to fool me, okay? You look like shit, Casey. So, what's wrong?"

It was too much. He had spent a whole hour to persuade his mom that everything was okay between him and Zeke. And now Stokes. He just wanted to hide somewhere and cry. Tears were pricking in his eyes. In an instant Stokely was at his side and put her arm around his shoulder.

"Hey. That worse? C'mon, talk to me."

"Zeke," Casey sniffed.
"I guess he don't want to be together with me any longer."

Finally it was out. It had bothered him all over the time, though he had desperatly tried to ignore these thoughts. He could feel Stokely stiffen with surprise.

"Why do you think so," she asked.

"He ... he's changed so much. He ... didn't ... even want to touch me."
Casey started to tremble when he remembered.
"I tried to ... take him in my arms ... wanted to ... whatever. He pushed me away and told me to leave him the fuck alone ... I've never seen him like this before."

Stokely shook her head as if she couldn't believe what she had heard.
"But there must be a reason for it," she said.
"What's happened?"

"It's this girl. Anne Catherine. ... She and Zeke ... they were engaged ... and since he got this letter ... it is as if he can't get her out of his head any more," Casey stammered a bit incoherent.

"Wait, wait, wait!"
Stokely frowned.
"What do you mean, he's engaged? With a girl?"

"He was, about six years ago. And of course with a girl!"

"He's gay, Casey, remember?"

"He is not. He is bi," Casey hissed, feeling annoyed. It made no sense to talk about all this. It didn't change anything. Next moment he regretted it. This was not fair. Stokely only tried to help him.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you.

But, look, Zeke wasn't together only with guys, he likes girls too. So, it is possible that he starts to realize that he's missing something. Maybe they can give him what I can't!"

"I can't believe that!"
Stokely remained skeptical.
"Zeke has changed his life for you. He loves you! He's not gonna dump you just because of a stupid bitch he has known years before.

What is this with this her anyway? Does she want him back? After all this time?"

"She's dead," was all Casey said.

Before Stokely could get over the shock the phone started to ring. She rolled her eyes.
"One sec. I bet this is Stan.

Hey, Honey, what ... oh, sorry."

She blushed slightly and listened.
"Yeah, sure," she said and handed the phone to Casey.
"It's your Mom!"

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