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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (2/?)

I know, some of you haven't even read part one of this story, but my writing mood is good in the moment and I'm already some chapter ahead. Though - here is part two of it - but go back and read the first one first ;)

Tomorrow I will have to go back into the hospital - urgh - just for one or two days this time, at least I hope so - for a sonographie where they will go inside through the stomach to look at the bileduct. I just hope they will finally be able to find out what's wrong and it will be over then, not, like my doctor said: sometimes it happens that you will have problems with it even after a surgery.

Whatever, back to Samantha. Hope you will like!

Title: Samantha - part 2
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

previous parts here

- two -

"Zeke? My Mom wants us to come over to Herrington next weekend. She says we should celebrate a bit!

I think we should go. It's a long time. And I would love to meet Stan and Stokes again. And Del, if she's at home. What do you say?"


Casey frowned. Zeke sounded as if hadn't listened at all.
"Hey, Zeke. Earth on Zeke. What's wrong?"

Unwillingly he shook his head.
"It's nothing!"

"It doesn't look like nothing."
Casey knew him all too well. He could feel the tension in the air. It was then that his eyes fell onto the letter on the table.
"What's this?"

He reached out for the small envelope. The address was crossed out - Zeke's old one from his parents house back in Herrington. Then someone had added the new one by hand. And the sender. Pastoral Care, Akron City Hospital. Pastoral Care ?!?

"What do they want," he asked.

"I've already told you," Zeke growled.
"It's nothing!"

"You mean, it's a mistake?"

When Zeke didn't bother to answer, he pulled the letter out of the envelope. A part of him was not sure if he really wanted to know. But Zeke's behavior was bewildering. With gloomy eyes he stared at the table in front of him while Casey carefully unfolded the paper.

Dear Mr. Tyler, he could read. I'm writing this letter on behalf of Anne Catherine Dickenson who is in therapy at our hospital for quite a while now. Sadly her state is giving cause for concern lately. This is why I would like to ask you to get in contact with us as soon as possible. Yours sincerely, Maria Wellington, Pastoral Care, Akron City Hospital.

Casey put the letter down.
"Do you know her? Anne ... Anne Catherine Dickenson? Never heard about her."

Zeke shrugged.
"She's history."

So this was not a mistake. Zeke had known her. And he had never mentioned her before. Casey was sure of this. But usually they had no secrets from each other. What made her so special? He gave Zeke a questioning look.

"I wonder who she is?"

Finally Zeke looked up and sighed.
"I never thought that I would ever hear from her again. It's long ago ..."

This was not an answer to his question. Casey's unpleasant feeling increased.
"Who is she," he asked again.

The answer was a shock.
"History, like I said. We were engaged ... well, sort of ... and I was acting like a prick against her."


Zeke was standing in front of the barred bathroom door and felt annoyance climbing up.
"Casey, please, open the door!"

"Leave me alone, you fucking traitor!"

"God, this is ridiculous. Stop acting like a stupid drama queen. I think, you trust me."

"Ridiculous? You think it's ridiculous that you were engaged and never told me about it? How can you dare to talk about trust?"

Zeke put his head against the door frame, feeling exhausted. At least in one point Casey was right. He had never talked about Anne Catherine ... Kat ... he had called her Kat. He had wanted to forget her ... and everything he had done. He had liked her ... not like he loved Casey, this was different ... but he had liked her ... and she ... had loved him.

Finally the door opened. Zeke could see that Casey had cried. Why? Why had he done this to him? Why today? He had been so happy. And he had fucked everything up. He was still the same prick like he had been years before. He always hurt people who cared for him.

"I'm gonna tell you whatever you want to know," he said.
At least he owned him this. 

Casey smirked.
"A bit late, don't you think so," he murmured, but nevertheless he followed him into the living room


It was ... how many years ago? Almost six years. He had been seventeen. And Kat, she was a few month younger, still sixteen. Sweet sixteen. The summer before he went back to Herrington High. The exclusive boarding school his father had decided to sent him to one year ago because it was high time for him to learn to accept rules and discipline had finally given up and expelled him. His father was raving mad, his stepmother didn't care much, as long as he stayed out of her life.

As if he would care. He was used to live on his own. He needed no one. One night he sneaked into his father's study to take a few hundred dollars out of the safe; he wouldn't even notice. Just enough to buy the old GTO he had seen on a scrap yard this afternoon. Black with red stripes. A real gem.

He fixed it, then he got in and left ... without knowing where he would end. It was about a week later, in a small town in Indiana, when he met her. Anne Catherine Dickenson. Kat. He already knew for a while now that he was bi and preferred to be together with guys. But she was pretty, really pretty. Wonderful, green eyes. He always noticed the eyes first.

She was as lost as he was. Tried hard to escape her life. A home that never had been one. Her parents were members of a sect, Zeke couldn't remember the name any more. But he did remember what Kat had told him about her childhood. The whole life, every minute of it, planned out. School, work, church, a few hour to sleep in the night, church, work, school. Her parents didn't allow even the most innocent fun. No friends. No school excursions. No hobbies. She was not allowed to read books, to listen to music. Nothing.

All she wanted was to be free. Already twice she had tried to run away ... already twice the police had found her and brought her back. She didn't talk about the punishment for that, but Zeke was sure there had been one.

He knew, it could bring him into serious trouble when he allowed her to come with him. She was only sixteen. But how could he resist her beseeching eyes?

They had a great time together. She was amazing. Smart. Funny. And ... she knew how to fuck. Though she had never been together with a guy before. But she was all too willing to learn. It lasted about four weeks. One evening Zeke used his faked identity card to buy some bottom self liquor and a few bottles of coke. They both drunk too much.

Suddenly she said: "Wanna marry you, Zeke!"

Just a joke. He had answered 'Sure, why not!' and promised to buy her a ring next day. Then he started to realize that she meant it. She loved him. A voice warned him. Of course, he liked her. She had never demanded too much. She didn't talk about family and children. All she wanted was someone she belonged to. But he knew, he couldn't give her what she needed. This would not last forever.

Why he bought the ring he couldn't say. But in the next night he left her ... without a  word. He left her all the money they had and went back to Ohio, to Herrington ... because he was sure she would never look for him there.

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