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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Samantha (1/?)

I guess some of you can remember the three banner I posted some time ago and I asked you what story will be the short one, what the long one and what is more a universe with different stories in it.

While all of you were right when it came to Hedgehog Love, most of you said, Samantha would be the universe. Sorry to disappoint you ;). I hope you will love this story anyway. Though:

warning: it will mostly be PG 13 with a touch R - a bit sad and a lot of fluff - sorry

Hope you can live with that, because I can ;) I love it to write this story though I'm not sure where all this will go to (well, I guess, I know the ending, but I don't know which way I will choose to get there ... soooo many ideas)

Have fun with it.

Title: Samantha - part 1
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: PG13
Author's note: AU - The boys have great future plans ...
Disclaimer: of course, not mine



It was not necessary to hear the answer. Zeke could read Casey's beaming face all too well, when he put the envelope with the photos onto the table.


Casey giggled hilariously. It was hard not to laugh with him. He was grown up a lot since they had left Herrington behind ... but a part of him probably would never change. He was still the same, little boy he had gotten to know ... and learned to love ... five years ago at Herrington High.

He still could remember as if it had been yesterday. His first day at school. His last chance to graduate. As if he would care. Although his parents threatened to stop sending the monthly cheques when he would be kicked out of school again.

With screeching tires he stopped at the students parking lot. Only a few cars parked here; most students used the bike or the school bus. Zeke was aware that he earned a lot of curious and admiring glances.

With a cigarette in his hand he ignored the whispering behind his back and turned to the school building, when he felt the thrust into his back.

"Hey, careful," he snarled.

"Sorry," the boy murmured and hurried on.

Right into two others guys, much bigger and stronger than him, probably members of the football-team The grin onto their faces spoke volumes, obviously it was not the first time that they pushed him around and finally bumped him into the flagpole. The boy yelped in pain. It was the school bell that saved him ... at least for the moment.

"See you at lunch, fag-boy," one of the jocks said and his buddy laughed loud. The boy got back onto his feet, grabbed his backpack and followed them into the school. He was limping a bit. Zeke pulled the face. Great! Always the same shit at every fucking school.

In the classroom he met the boy again. His name was Casey ... holy shit! A girls name! During the next few month he learned more about him. He was one year younger than him and obviously one of the best in class. Not that this was difficult, with all these dumbheads around. The two jocks were in his class too. Famous football player, but the rest ... Not very smart to provoke them like Casey did during the lessons, but nevertheless amusing. There was more to this boy than you would expect. And he had interesting eyes. Blue. Big. Zeke decided to keep an eye on him.

When he saw him one saturday afternoon at the roadside he probably knew more about him than Casey himself. It was raining cats and dogs. Casey was kneeling beside his bike and tried to fix an obviously flat tire. Zeke stopped the GTO beside him.

"Need some help?"

He didn't even look up.
"Fuck off!"

Zeke grinned. So easily he wouldn't give up.
"Hey! No need to be feisty."

"What do you want, Zeke?"

Finally he turned his head. He was drenched with rain. The hair stuck to his face. But his eyes sparkled challenging, as usual when he felt cornered.

"What about a ride home?"

Casey blinked a few raindrops away.
"Why should you," he asked distrustfully.

"Because I want to," explained Zeke.
"I always do what I want, you know.

C'mon, Casey, don't be stupid. Put the bike behind these copse. We can come back to get it when it stops raining."

The rest was history. They went to his house and he send Casey into the bathroom for a hot shower while his wet clothes found their way into the tumble drier. He had made him hot chocolate ... because he knew Casey loved this sweet stuff. Sometimes he didn't go home directly after school but made a short stop at Annie's Milk Bar to enjoy one.

They had spent the whole afternoon together. On saturday they went to a movie. During summer vacation they spend long days at the lake. And they went stargazing at the night. This changed everything.

After vacation Zeke surprised the teachers at school because for the first time he showed interest for the lessons, his notes changed from C's and D's to straight A's. He started to talk about future plans: graduation, Community College in Columbus, later maybe even New York or San Francisco ... No one knew the reason for it.

Casey. Columbus. First they had small dorms at College. They didn't even dare to share one. But since ten months now they where entirely out and lived together in an apartment. It was so much easier to be a gay couple here than back in Herrington, where the people were still so closed-minded and almost afraid of everyone who was different. Here no one looked disapproving when they held hands or even kissed each other right onto the streets. They had friends, they went to clubs.

Especially Casey enjoyed this new freedom. At the Academy of Arts everyone accepted him. No jocks anymore who bullied him day-in, day-out. No parents who loved him but sometimes could get a bit too overprotective.

His parents. This was still a problem after all this years. While his mom at least tried to accept that Casey would never marry a nice girl, would never have a family, children, something she had always dreamed about, Mr. Connor was still reserved. Every time when they visited them he talked about his law office and the great chance Casey had dumped for a career as a trivial photographer. He used to ignore Zeke and the fact that his son was gay and living together with him ...

Often enough a visit ended with a fight. Zeke knew all too much, this was not only Mr. Connor's fault. Casey was still a little hothead and he knew how to provoke his dad. Though he loved him ... and every time they came back home Zeke needed hours to comfort him.

Back into the present. Zeke felt two arms around his neck and a long, soft kiss. He chuckled slightly.

"Lemme guess, they did accept a pic?"

Zeke knew how much it meant for him that the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco had shown interest in his photography. It could be the great breakthrough ... and he hadn't even finished college yet.


Casey giggled once again. Zeke looked at him questioningly.


"Make it two."
Casey grabbed his arm and the grin deepened.
"Two, Zeke. They will show two of my pictures in their next exhibition. God, I can't wait to tell my mom. She will burst with excitement. I need to call her!"

Zeke laughed while he jumped over to the bedroom to get the phone. Yes, life had never been better ...

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