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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Hedgehog love

I'm baaaack ... at least for the moment. Next week I will have to go back to hospital, but only for one or two days if all goes well. Not 100% okay ... but ... yeah ... there is always hope, isn't it?!

Anyway, I didn't took same C&Z with me this time - I was not in the mood to print it out. But instead of this, I've started to wirte another story :) Yes, I'm hopeless. And it was fun, fun, fun ... But before we will come to this one, here is a one chapter story I#ve wirtten before going to hospital.

Have fun ... because I really had a lot of fun with this one :)

Title: Hedgehog love
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's note: x-posted to fanfic50

Zeke put down his backpack and glanced at the two beds in the room. He grinned.
"So, what do you think? Shall we put them together, or will we share one bed?"

Casey tried to avoid his eyes, busied himself with his photo-bag
"You can take the one beside the door. I like to sleep under the window. It will be full moon tonight and I love watching it."

Zeke smirked.
"You are such a romantic shit. Does this mean we will not fuck this weekend?"

Casey pulled the face.
"You know, we can't," he murmured.
"We are not alone."

"I bet, Stokes would love to find us together in bed. Fucking. Last week, when she found this pic in a magazine, these two boys, kissing, she said it is scalding hot and that she would love to watch them."

"Oh God, Zeke. Shut up!"
Casey became red. He loved that he still blushed now and then ... after all they had done during the last few weeks.

First it had been just a casual friendship. After Marybeth it was nice to be together with someone who knew, what had happened and didn't want to talk about it permanently how they had saved the whole school, not to mention Herrington or even the whole world. Stan and Stokes, Delilah, Casey and Zeke. Delilah soon drifted off, she enjoyed to stand in the center of the interest, liked to give never ending, stupid interviews. Stan and Stokes started to date and of course they wanted a bit more time for themselves. Casey and Zeke were left behind.

It had been a rainy weekend. Casey was in a bad mood because his long planed photo tour into a nearby bird sanctuary was literally rained off. Zeke had tried to sheer him up with pizza and videos. Why he suddenly bent forward to kiss him right onto his mouth he couldn't say.

It hadn't ended with the kiss. Since this night they were together. No one knew about them, not even Stan and Stokes. Zeke was sure they would be okay with it. They weren't  homophobic pricks like some others at school. But Casey had been alone for too long, he didn't want to risk this friendship.

So it was not a big surprise that he refused to share a bed with Zeke in the small cabin at the lake which they had rented together with the 'lovebirds' for a weekend.


It had been a nice afternoon; they had had a lot of fun. Swimming in the lake, having a  barbecue, playing cards and Casey had been able to take a lot of photos. It was not even late when Stokely suddenly yawned loud.

"It was a long day," she murmured.
"I guess, I will go to bed early."

Stan nodded.
"Yeah, you're right! Hope you don't mind if we're gonna leave you alone."

Zeke smirked.
"Have fun," he said.
"And don't forget, breakfast is your turn tomorrow."

When he heard the door to their room being closed, he turned back to Casey and put his arm around his shoulder.
"Alone," he whispered.

But Casey shrugged him up.
"Zeke, please. They can be back every moment."

"They won't," grinned Zeke.
"They are busy. C'mon, Case, let's have a bit fun. I can suck you if you want. You like that, don't you?"

Casey sighed deeply and rolled his eyes.
"I would get loud, you know this."

Zeke chuckled. Probably he would.
"I like you loud."

"Yeah, sure."
Casey threw a killing look at him.
"Will you stop doing this, Zeke? Will you stop to ruin this weekend?"

He nearly sounded desperate and Zeke decided not to bother him any longer. He was not angry, just a bit disappointed. They had not enough time together. One or two hours after school, but Casey needed to be home for dinner. A few hours over the weekend, when he had done his work at home. Sometimes, only rarely, Casey's parents allowed a longer movie night. They didn't mean harm, Zeke knew this, they loved Casey, but they were a bit too overprotective. This weekend was the first where they could be together for three days. He enjoyed it, he enjoyed being together with Casey ... and with his friends. But it was hard that he couldn't even touch him, kiss him ... and had to watch Stan and Stokes flirting and teasing all over the day.

Casey's voice suddenly sounded sad.
"I know, I'm hopeless geek. I'm sorry. I can understand when you get sick of me."

Zeke made the grimace.
"Shut up, geek-boy. I love you!"

For a moment it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Zeke was as shocked as Casey. Never before he had talked about love, not to Casey, not to someone else. Love was just a stupid word.

But it was the truth. Suddenly he knew it. The two months together with Casey had been the best of his life. Never before he had been so close to anyone else. And it was not just about the sex... though it was good ... really good.

Since he could remember everyone expected from him to be tough. His parents had left him alone when he was barely fourteen. They send checks every month, beside of this he was on his own and could do as he pleased. Parties. Clubs. Girls. A few month later the first boy.

No one knew how alone he sometimes felt and that he was afraid of his future. Most of them had dreams: college, a sports career, family ... and him? It was Casey who had changed his life. He knew, together with Casey he could make everything ...

The voice was scarcely audible.

"You heard me."
Zeke chuckled slightly.
"You are a little geek... and that's why I love you!"

Casey struggled for air. Then he started to sniff.

"Don't do that, baby," Zeke smiled.
"Because if you don't stop, I'm gonna need to take you in my arms and to kiss this stupid tears away.

We both know what will happen then."

His voice was warm and soft, as usual, when he tried to tempt Casey into something new they hadn't done before, something wonderful, which Casey learned to love soon enough. Casey groaned.

"I hate you," he murmured.

He could hear Zeke laughing while he rushed out of the room.


Zeke woke up in the middle of the night. The moon was shining through the window above Casey's bed ... but no Casey. He listened into the darkness until he could hear strange sounds coming from the main room. He frowned. What was that? These screeching, squeaking, groaning ... he had never heard anything like this before. As if an animal was in pain ... but there was no animal in the cabin, wasn't it?

Curious he left his bed and followed the noise. A slight flare was coming from the other end of the cabin. He looked around the corner of the rustic stonewall which separated the kitchen from the living area with the old, but comfortable couches and the small TV right onto the table beside the door. It was switched on. And onto the couch was Casey, still wearing his boxers and the old, white T-shirt he always wear for sleep. With his unkempt hair, the glasses, he only needed to watch TV, the knees pulled up, his chin resting on his arms he almost looked like a little boy. Zeke chuckled slightly.

Casey flinched around.
"Fuck, Zeke. You've scared me to death. What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you! Couldn't sleep, huh?"
Zeke glanced at the almost empty bottle with soda and the bowl with chips in front of him. He seemed to sit here already for longer. It was then that another creaky noise came from the TV. Zeke looked over curious.
"What's that?"

"A documentary. About hedgehogs."

"Hedgehogs, huh?"
Zeke dropped onto the sofa beside him and reached for the chips.
"What are they doing? Are they sick?"

"Oh no."
Casey giggled.
"This is their amorous play. Hedgehogs are mostly loners, but during the mating season they find together. The male haunts the female long enough until she finally gives in."

Zeke looked skeptical.
"Hedgehogs can fuck? Must be hell."

"No, it isn't. During the mating she lays the quills tight to her body, so she won't hurt him. See? That's clever, isn't it?"

On the TV screen the noise got louder and louder. Finally one of the hedgehogs, probably the female, pressed her body against the ground while the other one climbed over her from behind.

"Clever," Zeke agreed.
"She knows, how to get what she wants. Lucky hedgehogs, don't you think so?"

Casey frowned.

"They can get as loud as they want and no one blame them."

When Casey glanced at him, half amused, half annoyed, Zeke couldn't resist any longer. He bent forward and kissed him.

"Miss you," he murmured before Casey could protest.

For a moment he tried to slip away, but finally he gave in, at least for the moment. Zeke smiled and lean in even deeper. He wanted to enjoy as long as it lasted. Almost against his own will his hands started to caress Casey's chest. He knew, Casey loved it when he touched him there, when he teased his nipples slightly.

"Zeke, please," protested he halfhearted.

One more kiss.
"Don't worry. It's in the middle of the night and they are sleeping."

"But if ..."

"If nothing."
And he bent forward to put his wet lips around one of the hard, little knobs through the thin material of the shirt.

"Oh God!"

He could feel showers running through Casey's body, his cock reacted in the same moment. He kissed him again while his thumb searched for the other nibble to stroke and pinch.

"Let me do that," Zeke murmured.
"Let me show, how much I love you!"

"You're a fucking stupid shit," Casey groaned.
"They will hear us!"

Zeke chuckled when Casey despite his words closed his eyes and lean into his touch. Soon enough he would not be much more than a gasping, squirming mess in his arms ... and he would not stop to spoil him before next morning.

He grabbed for the remote control to turn up the sound.
"If they do ... we're gonna blame the hedgehogs."

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