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Casey & Zeke - Still love my boys

Since I've managed to write the last part of 'Car-Stealing' and have a holiday today here in Germany, I was sitting in front of my computer (not all the day, of course not) and was thinking about it what to do next.

Not in the mood to read - sorry, but be sure, one day I will come back to all of your WIP's - just in the moment I can't - I just hate the feeling that I will have to wait for weeks / month for the next part (no, I don't blame you for that, Fandom should always be fun and that means you write and read when you are in the mood for it - no stress).

But I'm in a writing mood - and I guess I shoud take advantage of it as long as it lasts. So I did some writing of a new story, only a short one. And I was thinking about some plots.

What came out of this were three banner - one for a short story - a second one for a longer one - a third one for a universe, I would like to write different stories about. Are you curious? Ready to risk a look under the cut? Go ahead ... and then try to guess what banner will be the short story, what the longer one und what the universe. Just for fun and without garantie that I will ever write all this ...

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