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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Car-Stealing (4/4)

I'm done! I'm done!

Hope you will like ;)

Title: Car-Stealing (4/4)
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: remember this post [info]aliensouldream made some time ago? I always thought it makes a good premise for a new story

If you want to go back first  chapter one - chapter two - chapter three

Zeke stared at him, half amused, half annoyed. This was so ridiculous.

"Casey, this is the most upturning shit I've ever seen!"

The boy stopped unbuttoning his shirt and frowned.
"But we are supposed to get naked, aren't we?"

Zeke smirked. It was so obvious that he tried hard to play cool ... but he wasn't. His cheeks were deep red, his hands trembling, he barely dared to look at him.

Fuck it. Zeke cursed inwardly. What the hell was he doing here when he was not ready for it? But maybe it was not fair to blame Casey. Zeke was the experienced one. He had known that Casey was still a virgin ... and he never did virgins. Never! It downright cried for complications. He didn't want to play someone's babysitter, he just wanted to fuck!

His eyes wandered back to Casey, over the half open shirt. The pale but soft looking skin. He could see one of his nipples, dark and hard ... from the cold air or from excitement, Zeke couldn't say. The dark jeans which didn't hide anything today. He had caught a look at Casey's ass when he'd followed him into the living room. A cute one, small but well formed and tight. And no matter what he had said just a moment before, he could feel his own dick harden when he thought about it.

Ridiculous! He wanted to fuck Casey Connor. He wanted him so much as if he hadn't fucked for weeks.

"You sure you want this," he asked with a rough voice.

Last chance, Connor! You should leave now, before it's too late. Casey stared at him with narrowed eyes.

"What is all this about, huh? Did you change your mind? Do you want me to leave?"
When Zeke said nothing he shrugged and started to button up his shirt again.
"Fine. I'm not gonna beg you, y'know? I don't need to. There are others who would like to fuck me."
Zeke frowned when he grabbed for his backpack, ready to leave. He wouldn't do that, right? He was just hurt and angry, but he wasn't that loaded with determination to get fucked that he would go with anyone. He could picture him in a dark back room of a shabby bar, together with some guys, much older than him, and they would give a shit about it that he was still so inexperienced. The things they would do with him ... things Casey couldn't even imagine.

"Shut up!"

He grabbed him by his shoulders and turned him around. Casey eyes flickered wide with shock when he pressed his lips onto his mouth. There was no resistance when his tongue searched for its way, lips opened almost on its own, only a soft, surprised gasp for air. And he kissed him, demanding, rough, with the promise for more. A Zeke Tyler kiss no one could resist.

It was evident that Casey didn't know what to do. One of his hands searched for hold onto his shoulder, beside of this he didn't dare to move. He even seemed to stop breathing. Zeke chuckled inwardly when he pulled him even closer, one of his legs pressed hard against Casey's groin. What he could feel almost made him groan. Geez, this boy really needed to get laid. Finally he let him go. Casey swayed and struggled for air. Zeke smiled and bend forward to his ear.

"I've promised you one hour," he murmured.
"You will get one."

Why he did what he did next was beyond him. He had fucked them everywhere: on the couch, on the floor, even on the counter to his kitchen. Most of them never got to see more from his house. When it was over it was over and he was almost relieved when they finally left.

Only two of them had stayed over night, had shared his bed with him. Number one, Jessie, he had really liked her and being together with her for almost three month was what came closest to a serious relationship for him. Number two, Maria, she had been a great mistake. After their night - and it had been just one night for him; they had met at a bar, they had flirted and maybe he had drunk a bit more than usual before he took her home - she had started to stalk him over months until he felt ready to kill her. Thankfully one day she hadn't turned up anymore - probably she had found another poor victim for her exaggerated affections of love. He had promised himself that this would never happen again ... unless ... yeah ... unless Jessie would come back to him. He knew this would never happen, but sometimes he still missed her.

Casey was not Jessie, of course not, Casey was the school's geek and this was just a one-time-thing. But nevertheless he grabbed for his hand and pulled him upstairs into his room.

He closed the door with a kick of his foot and pulled him back into his arms. Another kiss, a bit softer this time ... and Casey started to kiss back. The boy learned quick.


His tongue was dancing over his penis one last time. One last touch of his balls. Then Zeke let him go. His eyes rested on Casey. He had closed his eyes, his eyelashes fluttered slightly, his twisted mouth told about his disappointment because Zeke had stopped to spoil him. Zeke chuckled slightly. It was not like he had expected it to be. Casey had lost most of his shyness as soon as he had noticed that Zeke would not laugh about him. His eyes wandered over his body. There was indeed nothing to be ashamed of.

It was nice to tease him, to touch him carefully, to kiss, to nibble, even to bite from time to time. It was great to hear him groan and cry softly when he discovered another sensitive place. Casey loved it when he nibbled at his neck. When his hands caressed the inside of his thighs. Then he giggled and leaned in even more into the touch.

Finally he had started to suck him. Only for a second Casey had stiffened, then he relaxed ... and enjoyed. Zeke wondered if this would be enough for him. It would be easy to drive him over the edge. Just a bit more teasing and it would be over. The boy would leave him happy. This here was so much better than the quick fuck he had expected, Zeke was sure of this. But he didn't want it to be over. He wanted to fuck him, wanted to put his dick into this cute little ass. After all he deserved this.

Casey eyes finally flattered open. Zeke smiled and crawled over him.
"You like," he asked.

Casey licked his lips and nodded.

Zeke bend forward for a little kiss.
"Will you repay me?"

Casey swallowed and hesitated. His eyes were resting on Zeke's groin. He was still wearing his jeans, but the bulge between his legs was highly visible.
"I guess, I could," he finally said, sounding only a bit unsure.

"Do it!"
Zeke turned around.
"Make me ready for more."

He grabbed for his belt. The buttons of the jeans followed, he kicked the denim aside and laid back onto his bed. Casey had followed him with his eyes. Now he stretched out his hand to touch him. The little, black brief didn't hide anything. It was obvious that Zeke was well endowed. Without hesitation Casey started to stroke along the shaft, to touch his balls. Now it was Zeke who closed his eyes and groaned slightly. No matter how inexperienced the boy was, it felt good. So good. It was hard to hold back, not to urge him to pull the brief down and to take his dick into his mouth. Deep ... deeeeep ...

He didn't need to wait for long. To his surprise Casey suddenly straddled over him. Zeke could hear him giggling a bit nervous, could feel his breath onto his cock when he shoved the brief aside. Then he bent forward. Holy shit. Zeke stared at the ass right in front of his face. Before he could think about it he felt Casey lips onto his dick. A bit unsure at first, he was just licking over the head, hesitated a moment, giggled again. Then he dared to lick over the whole shaft, like Zeke had done it before with him.

Zeke couldn't help it. He grabbed for his head and pushed him forward.
"Do it," he groaned.
"Take it in! Suck me!"

 And he did ... and started to choke in the same moment. He tried to fight against Zeke's hand but he was not willing to let him go.

"Hey, hey, relax," he said reassuring.
"Take it slow. Put your hand around the base of the shaft, this will make it easier. And watch the teeth. You can do this. I know, you can!"

It lasted a few moments. First Casey tried to copy what Zeke had done to him, but finally he found his own rhythm. Zeke felt like in heaven. ... girls had sucked him ... guys had sucked him ... but Casey was the biggest surprise. He started to meet his movements, careful first, he didn't want to freak him out, but soon enough Casey was able to take him in deep and deeper. Hard to believe that he hadn't done anything like this before. He was born for sex. Born to be fucked.

Zeke grabbed for his ass, stroked and kneaded the cheeks, his thumbs started to move around the cleft. Casey groaned and took him even deeper. Fuck! Blind Zeke fumbled for the tube of lube in the drawer, opened it, pressed a bit of the cool mass right onto Casey's ass. The boy yelped surprised. Zeke chuckled.

"It's okay. Just go on. You do great. Almost ready!"

Casey smiled and turned back. It was obvious: he liked what he did. He would like even more what Zeke was going to do with him soon. Just a bit more preparation ... He wet his finger with the lube and after a bit more massage he started to shove it in. It felt tight and hot. Zeke could feel that Casey stiffened.

"You need to ..." he started, but at the same moment Casey jerked around and stared at him with great eyes.

"It hurt," he said with a trembling voice.

Zeke huffed annoyed. What the fuck ... this little shit outright begged for a good fuck, he did everything to make him hot and now ... when it came to the best part ... he turned into a whining bitch?! Ohhh ... nooo ... I can't do that ... don't hurt me, please ... nooo ... nooo. Zeke narrowed his eyes.

"What did you expect, huh," he hissed.
"Chocolate and roses? It's a fuck, Casey, and it's supposed to hurt first."

Casey blinked nervous and swallowed. The geek was back. And to Zeke's own surprise this calmed him down. If not today ... maybe another time. The boy had discovered a lot of wonderful feelings today ... it wouldn't be long and he wanted more.

"Your choice," he said.
"There are still twenty minutes left, it's up to you what we are gonna make with it. We can have a coffee ... or a chocolate, if you prefer that."

Casey's eyes changed again, the defiant sparkling was back in an instant.
"Oh, fuck you!"

"No chance, baby!"
Zeke smirked.
"I'm not gonna put my ass in the air for anyone. But you ..."
He bent forward, his lips almost touched his ear when he whispered.
"You are the perfect bottom. If you let me I'm gonna give you the best time of your life."


That was it! Zeke stubbed out his cigarette and glanced at the watch. Almost seven. Three hours. And he hadn't fucked him once, but twice. First Casey had been very unsure and much too tense. But this time he knew better. Casey was still a virgin and needed a bit more time. He would be more careful. First he had spoiled him with his fingertips. He had kissed him, the other hand was stroking his dick and had teased his nipples. When Casey had calmed down enough, he dared to move in a bit deeper. Deeper. One finger, two, three at the end. Casey had yelped once or twice, but he was willing to take it. Finally Zeke had decided that he was ready now. One last kiss, then he grabbed for his ass and pulled him up.

"Trust me," he had murmured while he positioned his dick.
"Get over it and you're gonna love it!"

In the moment he was inside he knew, even if Casey would cry and beg him now to stop, he wouldn't be able to do so. He couldn't. All he wanted was to fuck, to fuck this oh so perfect ass. 

After a while Casey's choked, little outcries changed into deep, satisfied groaning. When he started to push back, to take him in even deeper, Zeke knew, everything was okay. He quickened the pace, fucked him into oblivion ...

Casey almost collapsed after his last, endless climax and dozed off. Zeke chuckled slightly. No wonder, after the last hours. Three hours. Two fucks. No one at school would believe that. Casey Connor was one of the most sexiest guys he'd ever had. Next time ...

Wait! What? It had been just a deal, hadn't it? He had promised him one hour ... and had given him three. That was it. He couldn't meet him again. He couldn't raise false hopes. They had had a lot of fun today ... but there wouldn't be more. He was the King at Herrington High ... and Casey was the geek ... They had nothing in common.

"Hey, sleepyhead."
He nudged him slightly.
"You can have a shower before you leave, if you want! Next door on the left side."

His eyes opened, limped and solemn now. He nodded slowly.
"Yeah, that would be nice!"

Carefully he sat up onto the bedside and pulled his face. Zeke knew, he must feel sore and stiff. But he stood up without further hesitation, grabbed for his clothes and off he was. When he came back he looked different. Zeke wondered if his parents would notice this change or if he would be back to his usual 'good boy' image as soon as he had left his house. He hoped not.

"Hey," he said.
"I guess, I could need a beer now. Want one too?"

Casey hesitated for a moment, before he shook his head.
"No, thanks, but I don't drink!"

Zeke chuckled.
"Sorry, I forgot. What about a coke?"

His eyes were unfathomable now.
"Zeke," he finally said.
"You don't need to play nice any more. We both know what to think about all this. I saved your ass. You did me a favor. Just a deal. Nothing more!"

It hurt. To his own surprise it hurt that Casey could dismiss everything what had happened between them today as a stupid deal. Had it meant nothing for him? Well, he should have known this. Casey had seen this as a good opportunity to get what he wanted. No stupid feelings. How often had he himself acted like this?

"Yeah, sure!"
But without thinking about it any longer he added:
"Though ... I wouldn't mind if we're gonna do it again eventually."

Casey blinked twice, that was the only sign of surprise he showed. Finally he shrugged.

He grabbed for his backpack and Zeke was alone.

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