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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Car-Stealing (3/4)

Hello everyone. I'm soo sorry to say that this is the third but not the last chapter of this little story. I'm hopeless, I know, but as slow as my writing is lately ... as soon as I start to write a story I just can't find an end (okay, I know, others would post this in one chapter and that's it) So, this will not be a long WIP, but ... yes, we will see. I hope you don't mind.

Title: Car-Stealing (3/?)
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: remember this post [info]aliensouldream made some time ago? I always thought it makes a good premise for a new story

If you want to go back first  chapter one - chapter two

He cursed slightly and lit another cigarette. His mood was tending toward zero. It was Friday afternoon - weekend - and he still had no plans. No parties tonight, no club visits in Columbus, not even a date with some girl. He was just hanging around, smoking, watching stupid cartoons and he waited ... though he should know better. He wouldn't come. And probably it would be better that way.

He didn't know what to do with him anyway. And this somehow made him nervous. It was ridiculous. He hadn't felt nervous anymore since he had lost his virginity with fourteen. She had been almost ten year older than him and she had taught him a lot of tricks. Since then he had fucked a lot of girls ... and some boys too. He knew what he wanted and how to get it.

Casey ... Casey was a mystery for him. He was such a geek, a little boy with a curfew who even got grounded by his parents. Hard to imagine that he was almost legal ... and ready for the things he had asked him for.

Did he actually know what he was going to do? Zeke was almost sure that Casey never ever had a date before, not to mention kissing ... or even more. Though he wasn't outright ugly. Maybe a bit too small, his 'good-boy haircut' he probably still got by his mom and the clothes he wore ... oh god. But you only had to look into his eyes to forget anything else. Zeke couldn't help it, he couldn't stop thinking about how these eyes would change when he would fuck him. A strange feeling which let his mouth become dry ... and his dick hard.

"Why me," he had asked Casey.

"Mind your own business!"
He had stared at him defiantly.
"Do we have a deal?"

He should have said: 'no', but he had to admit that he was curious where all this would lead to. So he had grinned.

"Will you bring the condoms ... or should I take care of them," he had asked.

Casey had blushed even more, turned round and dashed away. Since then they hadn't talked any more. Annoyed at himself Zeke stubbed out his cigarette and glanced at the clock. Casey was already ten minutes too late. This was stupid! What the hell was he doing here? Of course he would not come. He was just a stupid, little boy. Wherever he had found the courage to say what he had said ... it was over.

When he hurried up, he could still make it to Columbus, to his favorite club. That was the world where he belonged to ... where he would find some guy for a good fuck ... a kindred soul for one night ...


He couldn't wait for his parents to leave. They always spent their Friday afternoons in Hilliard where his grandma was living in a nursing home. Today was Friday. Almost four o'clock. They were late today. It was unfair ... so unfair.


His mom. Oh god. Hopefully she wouldn't come back into his room once again. She would notice it outfit right away and start to ask questions over questions. Questions he couldn't answer.

His eyes wandered over to the mirror for the umpteenth time and he smirked while he stared at his reflection. The tight, dark Jeans (he would never wear them at school, of course not) and the new, red T-shirt. He had even styled his hair a bit. It was ridiculous. As if Zeke would care about his appearance. It was just a deal. Just a deal. It meant nothing at all.

"Casey," his mom called again.
"We're gonna leave in a few minutes. Are you sure that you don't want to come with us? Grandma would like to see you."

There was a touch of guilty conscience, but he shrugged it up.
"I know, mom. Tell her I will come next weekend. But I really need to finish the photo-series from the last football-game. Del wants them for the paper on Monday"

"This girl demands too much from you. You should go out and meet some friends. It's not good to spend every weekend in the darkroom or alone at home in front of your computer."

Casey rolled his eyes.
"But I like what I do, mom" he said.
"Anyway, I can't go out, I'm still grounded!"

"Oh, this. I guess, I need to talk with your Dad about it."
Casey could hear her chuckling.
"Be nice, okay? We will be back around eight. If you get hungry, there is a rest of the noodle casserole in the fridge."

"I will survive, mom," Casey said and glanced at his watch. He didn't like what he saw. It was too late. Even if he would ride his bike fast as the wind ... he would never make it in time. And Zeke would not wait for him. He had made it quite clear.

"Friday," he had said.
"Four o'clock. I'm gonna give you one hour. And you better don't be too late because I've better to do than to waste a whole weekend for a little geek like you."

A little geek. Casey pulled the face. That was what Zeke thought about him? A stupid, little geek. Not that he had expected something else, a lot of people thought that he was one. And actually it didn't matter all that much to him anymore. But Zeke ...

He wondered why Zeke had agreed to the deal when he saw him like this. It was not that he was lonesome. And even if it was nearly impossible to come out in Herrington High, Casey was sure, not every guy from school would say 'No' when Zeke asked for a date ... or for a one hour fuck ... whatsoever ...

It wouldn't be more. Just a fuck! Just a deal! He was still not sure what to expect from it. But it would not be like in his dreams. This stupid, wonderful dreams where Zeke was his soulful, tender lover. He could still remember when he had dreamed about him for the first time ... it was after a long, hot summer day.

Against his usual habit Casey had decided to go to the near lake, with a good book and his camera by his side he was lying under a tree, enjoining summer and vacation. There were others too, of course, most of them he knew from school, but beside of a few fleetingly looks no one bothered him.

Then he saw him. He had never seen him before, maybe he was visiting some relatives in Herrington. He was hanging around with Rafe and Jake, two boys from his class and some others. They were laughing and giggling and the guy was obviously flirting with two girls who were sitting on a blanket only a few steps aside.

Casey turned his attention back to bis book until he heard a little squeak from one of the girls. When he looked up again he could see the reason for it. The guy had started to undress. And he didn't wear much more than a small swim trunk. Casey couldn't help it, he had to follow him with his eyes when he went over to the lake and slowly dove into the water. He was indeed a good-looking guy.

This night he had dreamed about him for the first time. And the next morning he had frantically changed his sheets, before his mom came in to wake him up. He had wet dreams because of a guy?! He felt confused, almost shocked. But luckily it didn't happen again ... until ...

Yes, until he came back to school after vacation and Mr. Furlong introduced a new classmate to them. During the next few weeks Casey had tried his best to ignore him. Which was not easy. Soon enough Zeke was the number one topic at school. The girls talked about how beautiful was and they did everything to attract his attention. The boys discovered soon enough that he had a lot of 'good things' hidden in the trunk of his car. And Casey ...

Casey tried to focus his interest on Delilah. Cheerleader and publisher of the school's magazine. Probably this was the reason why she actually talked with him. He was a good photographer and she wanted his pictures. It would never be more between them. But there was nothing wrong with it to dream about her. A lot of boys did, Casey was sure of this.

Every night when he closed his eyes he tried to think of Delilah ... every morning when he opened his eyes, all he could think was: Will he be at school today? Zeke. He needed a good six month to accept it. Even if Zeke was as much out of reach for him as Delilah ... he was gay and he wanted him.

He could hear his parent's car leaving the yard. Then they were gone. Finally! He rushed downstairs, into the garage and grabbed his bike. It was late, but maybe it was not too late. Today was his chance to get what he already had wanted for so long. Probably the only chance he would ever get. And even if it was just one hour ... he would never forgive himself when he would miss it ...

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