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Love you friend

FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Car-Stealing (2/4)

Here it is, the next chapter of honeyandvinegar's birthday-story Car-Stealing. I hope you like ;)

Title: Car-Stealing (2/4)
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: remember this post [info]aliensouldream made some time ago? I always thought it makes a good premise for a new story ;)

If you want to read chapter 1 first, go here

Two girls eyed him curious, when Zeke rushed into his usual spot at the parking lot with screeching tires. He ignored them and turned to the right, where soon enough the school buses would show up.

Casey was one of the last who left the bus, he always tried to avoid the crowd as long as possible. Without looking up he rushed to the main door when suddenly Zeke stepped into his way.

"Just a moment, Connor!"

Casey almost jumped.
"Fuck, Zeke, you've scared me to death!"

Zeke smirked.
"Good! What the hell is wrong with you? How could you dare it?"

"Zeke, we can talk during lunch, okay? I need to hurry up. Art course with Mr. Brown. He hates it when you're late."

But Zeke grabbed his arm to hold him back.
"And I hate it when others think they can fuck around with my life."
He war still angry ... and confused. Which made him even more angry. He increased the pressure, but Casey just looked at him straight-faced.

"It looked as if you could need some help. I know, you didn't took the car. You're not like that. No matter what this officer thinks about you."

This almost made him speechless. How could it be that Casey trusted him blind ... though he didn't know anything about him? Of course, they shared a few courses, even a lab-table, but how often did they talk? How often did he watch Gabe and the other jocks bullying him - it would be easy to help him but he preferred to stay out of this. Everyone had to take care of himself, that was his devise. And now this ...

"I can't remember to ask you for help," Zeke hissed ... and finally let him go. Casey rubbed his arm, but didn't run away.
"Officer Garret is a stupid prick. He tries to pin something on me since we met first. And I bet, he's gonna eat you alive when he finds out that you did lie to him. What the hell is gotten into you? You can't lie to the police!"

Casey shrugged, a slight smile onto his face.
"But he will never find out. Unless you will go and tell him. Will you, Zeke, will you really do that?"

"Oh god!"
Zeke rolled his eyes.
"You're a real dork, Connor. So, what do you want?"

Casey frowned.
"What do you mean?"

"There must be a reason for all this. No one would do shit like this unless he wants something."

Casey shook his head.
"Well, I do!"

"That's kinda stupid, do you know this?"
Zeke smirked.
"I offer you whatever you want ... and you say 'no'?"

Casey chuckled.
"Forget it, Zeke. I'm not a wild party guy and I don't use drugs."

Zeke grinned.
"Always mommy's good boy, huh? What about magazines?"


"About girls, Casey. Hot bitches with big tits. Do you like them?"
It amused him that Casey slightly blushed. And then he remembered the rumors at school. He couldn't help it to tease him a bit.
"I guess, I also have some mags with guys. Would you prefer that? Good stuff you can't buy in the next bookstore."

Casey blinked wildly and for a moment Zeke was sure that he would turn around and run away. But then ...

... Casey narrowed his eyes.
"What's with you, Zeke?"

"With me?"

"Have you ever ... fucked a guy?"

For a moment all Zeke could do was to stare at him. Did he really hear right? Had Casey just asked him if he liked ... guys? How could he dare it? What did he know? He had always been careful - he flirted with every girl from school and he had never met a guy from Herrington. He couldn't know anything. Probably it was just a shot in the dark. It must be difficult for him. It was not easy to be gay, not in Ohio, definitely not in Herrington, and if you were a geek like Casey it must be like hell. Probably the boy had questions and he wanted someone to talk about it. Someone like Zeke? Hell, no!

He forced a grin onto his face.
"Need some help," he asked.
"Well, I guess, I could give you some videos too. Do you own a recorder?"

"I don't want videos," Casey said.
"Magazines neither."

Zeke smirked. He saw his eyes sparkling somehow determined and defiant. And he wondered what was going on in his head. What did Casey expect from him? Holy shit, they were no friends. They had nothing in common, no matter what Casey had done for him yesterday. Suddenly all he wanted was to bring this to an end. Casey would finally go to his art course ... and he would quit school once again. Everything would be back to normal.

"So, what do you want? I know a club in Columbus where you can meet ... other gays. But you will need an ID card ..."
He eyed Casey thoughtfully. This would be difficult. With his big blue eyes, the stupid checkered shirt and the much too big jeans he looked much younger than he actually was.
"Anyway, I will figure something out. We will bring you in there, promise."

But again Casey shook his head.
"No, thank you, but I don't like clubbing!"

Zeke sighed.
"Casey, I'm a genius when it comes to organize things, but I can't help you, when you don't tell me what you actually want! Spit it, okay? It's yours whatever it is!"

The boy blushed even more.
"I want you to fuck me!"

Part 3

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Oh, Casey, I love it when he is bold like that. I hope now that Zeke knows the answer he doesn't regret the question.

I guess Zeke will be shocked first ... but (hopefully) he will get over it ;)

Oh. Direct and to the point, no more fuckin' around!! You GO, Casey, own that Zeke-dick like a boss, lol! This is gonna get interesting...

Thanks for reading, I'm glad you like. Yes, Casey knows what he wants ... but if Zeke is ready to give it to him?!

LOL the boy gets right to the point!

I thought Zeke's 'shopping list' of treats was hilarious. He was a bit like a devil, trying to tempt our innocent boy. I think he is trying to do a favor for Casey to ease his conscience, or make him feel like they're 'even' and he does not owe him for the big chance Casey took giving him the alibi. But I bet he is stunned at finding what Casey really wants. But is his lust object a real criminal? Can't wait to find out! xx

Zeke is always a little devil, he loves to tease, especially when it comes to Casey. But yes, what Casey did for him by giving him an alibi confuses him a bit because he is not used to it that people care about him. And it seems that Casey is good for some more surprises ;)

Wow, that's a killer end line. Go Connor! Can't wait for Zeke's reaction :D

Gabi! It's great to see you here. Fandom is so different without you. Yes, our Casey is always good for a surprise. Zeke will have to accept this ;)

Ooooh! Oh, oh OH! You stroke a chord here, me's all fidgety now! Casey's walking on thin ice, but oh, how brave of him.

Woe betide you if you don't make Zeke fuck him right into next week!

Oops, sorry. The pr0n-me spoke. What I mean is, of course: Awe, I just they'll fall in love right away and...

Don't take me serious today, love. I'm really, honestly curious about Zeke's reaction to Casey's boldness (love it) and of course we still gotta find out whether Zeke's guilty or no. AND I'd love a hot and spicy "Kay, let's do it" ending ^.^

Lol, thanks for reading. I love a bold Casey too ... and I'm sure, we're not alone with this. As soon as Zeke is able to get over his surprise ;)

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