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winter hello

Beautiful weekend with "Tolkien-Ensemble" and "Jeremiah"

Two hours ago I come back from Stuttgart, where I visit a really nice friend!

And it was a beautiful weekend with:

1. Tolkien Ensemble
Do you know them? They make a special kind of music based on the poems of Tolkiens LotR - and some of the "songs" are spoken by Christopher Lee!  I think, it´s really good - sometimes so sad, sometimes happily. Not always simple, but I like it so much!
They are on Concert Tour in Germany for three month - and I saw them for the second time! Last year there was an open air in Berlin - with Christopher Lee himself (he was only there for two Concerts)! Great - so great! This time without Christopher Lee (and without rain ;-) because no open air) but also beautiful! I already consider whether I should go once more ...

2. Jeremiah
Then we went home to my friend and we decided to look the whole second season of Jeremiah in two days! That was great, too! I saw the series for the third time but for my friend and her daughter it was the first time - two more Jeremiah Fans!
Btw:  I love Fanfiction about Jeremiah (and our most loved Mr. Smith ;-) ) - but it´s difficult when I see the series now - your stories often are so lively, that I wait for your scenes! LoL! )

3. At home again
Now I´m home again! And I find a package in my post - it was from Amazon and contains the Audio-book of "Rudy" I ordered a week ago - cool!

I think I like this (long) weekend!

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That sounds just heavenly!!!


Oh the Tolkien concert sounds great, as does your marathon Jeremiah session!

Nice icon!

Edited at 2008-01-23 12:52 am (UTC)

... as does your marathon Jeremiah session!

Especially if you get some crises in the middle of the film! LoL!

Do you remember Mr. Smith and his camera? And his "Photo lab"? (Of course, you do!) I could only think: "Woody is alive!" ... OmG ... I didn´t want to believe it! I didn´t want to like Woody (because I don´t like stories like this, you know) ... but I do! He is simply fascinating!

You know, I didn't want to like Woody at first either. For months I even thought about killing him off! But I found he was a good way for me to express the things we love about Mister Smith.

Sounds like you had a great time.
Do you have the tour-dates of the Tolkien-Ensemble?

You could visit the homepage (www.tolkien-ensemble.net) - there you will find dates and other informations about the tour.

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