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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - High-Speed to love (36/ ???)

I hope you're in the mood for the next chapter of HtL. It was almost finished when I needed to go to the hospital one week ago. But now I'm back and I think it's time to have a bit fun with the boys.

Title: High-Speed to love (36/ ???)
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: AU without Marybeth and Herrington High - Zeke is 23 years old in this story, living in
Youngstown, Ohio - Casey, is 18 years old and loves ... cooking. Or what do you think ?  ;)

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Zeke chuckled when they entered the office and first he noticed were the two mugs and a plate with cookies on the old table.

"Service, huh," he teased Casey.
"You turn the garage into a fucking cafeteria?!"

Casey laughed and busied himself with making fresh coffee.
"I've felt so useless," he murmured.
"There was nothing else I could do. You know, all I'm good with is cooking ... And the customers like it. I get good tips!"

Thoughtfully Zeke looked at Ben who leaned against the desk, looking somehow uneasy.
"Not only you, it seems," he said.
"So you came back?"

Ben shrugged.
"After all you did to me ... I had to. Look,  you were in the hospital and ... You don't need to give up the garage, Zeke. I'm gonna help you out as long as you need me."

Zeke sighed slightly.
"This is not only about the hospital's stay, you know!"

Ben nodded.
"I know. Casey has told me about your problems. But ..."

"Yeah! You and Casey ... together. When do you want to take over the garage?"

"Oh no! It's not like this," protested Casey.
"You'll be better soon. Then I can go back to my pots and pans!"

Zeke laughed.
"Sure, you will. You're gonna be famous cook. And Ben ... you're gonna make your way too. Every garage can be proud to get you!"

Ben kept quiet for a moment, finally he nodded slowly.
"Okay. Just tell me when you want me to go!"

Casey glared at Zeke.
"You can't be serious! Do you know what he's done during the last two weeks? He's working his ass off. You can't sent him away again. Just because of a stupid fight? But we're fine. This is ..."

"Casey! Case!"
Zeke grabbed for his hand to stop him.
"I know this, okay? It's fucking great what you two try to do. But ... we all need to stay realistic, okay? Be honest, how much money did you make during the last two weeks? It's not even enough for the next installment, isn't it?

C'mon Casey, let's face it. We all know it's only a matter of time that I will have to leave the garage."

A bright smile sneaked on Casey's face, a smile, Zeke couldn't understand, but all he wished in this moment, was to be alone with him. He would pull him into his arms, he would kiss all this stupid, wonderful, hopeless ideas out of his mind. He would show him, that, as hard as it would be to give up the garage, his life would go on. Because he was together with him.

"But not in the near future. The next two installments are paid. We could even save some extra money. This should give you some breathing space. At least until you're are able to work with full force again."

Zeke frowned. This made no sense. Of course, in a good month he was able to make enough money for the installment and the running costs, but this? Ben was a good mechanic, but there was still a lot he had to learn. How he alone should have earned that much money within two weeks was beyond him. It was impossible.

"What the hell have you done?"

He knew, his words were harsh, but suddenly there was a lump in his throat. That he had to wait for the answers and Casey tried to avoid his eyes didn't make it easier. He was so hell-bent to save the garage for him ... how far would he go?

Finally Casey cleared his throat.
"Coffee," he murmured.
"I guess, it's ready!"

Zeke pulled him back onto the old couch.
"Casey! Sit the fuck down and talk to me. What have you done?"

"Don't blame him. It wasn't his idea."

Zeke jerked around and stared at Ben.

"The Audi. We've sold him!"

Zeke huffed surprised. He felt speechless. Whatever he had expected ... not this. The Audi. He knew, he should feel relieved. The decision to sell the Audi had been the right one. He should have done this much earlier. But he had never had the heart to do it.

He could still remember how he had came across it at the scrap yard. A discarded clunker. But together with Ben he had gotten it up and running again. It had become a real gem ... all what was still needed was a new coat of paint.

Ben's first driving lesson on the yard. How excited he had been .... and how contrite when he had crashed into the gatepost. Zeke had laughed his head off and had told him about his own first attempt to drive his fathers almost new Buick and how he had ended up into their neighbour's garage.

Zeke smirked. Memories. It was beyond him why he got so sentimental lately. But he was angry at Ben. How could this be, that he had been able to sell the Audi? As if it meant nothing at all.

"It was our last chance. We needed the money, okay? The lawyer called every two days and wanted a decision. I needed some spare parts and Johnson, this prick, didn't want to give me your usual credit."

Ben looked at him defiantly.
"And it was my decision. My car, right? Well, at least it would've been one day. You've always told me that I'm gonna get the Audi when I'm graduate. So ...

Zeke, I don't need the Audi but you needed the money. But maybe ..."

He hesitated before he continued.
"Maybe ... if you want to ... we could find another car ... for me?!"

Zeke blinked fiercely. Were there tears pricking in his eyes? But this couldn't be. He never cried! It must be the stress. Probably the doc from the hospital had been right - he needed to take things easier.

"You're a stupid shit," he murmured.
"Both of you!"

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