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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Goodbye

Hallo everyone. It's sunday again and I want to post a little something for you. No 'Highspeed' and no 'Henry' today - sorry - but my muse wanted me to write this one. Hope you will like it anyway.

Title: Goodbye
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey / Zeke
Prompt: Hurt
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: not mine, of course
Notes: x-posted to fanfic50

Casey knew he was trembling. But it needed to be done. It was over.
"I'm just coming to tell you ... I'm leaving!"

Zeke looked at him with blurred eyes. He had drunk too much yesterday, again, Casey was sure. Finally he smirked and shrugged.
"Fine, go ahead! You will be back soon enough."

Casey took a deep breath.
"You don't understand ," he said softly.
"I'm gonna leave Herrington. Ohio even. There is nothing what still keeps me here!"

Zeke blinked confused.
"What's with me?"

"With you?"
Casey laughed sadly.
"You will do what you always do. Or do you wanna tell me, that you will miss me? You give a shit, Zeke! You don't need me!"

He noticed Zeke's narrowed eyes and how his nose started to twitch with anger.
"Don't make a drama, Casey! You love me!"

Casey swallowed. He knew he needed to shut down his feelings or at the end he would give in. Again! He had tried to end this several times before. They argued heatedly so often lately. Zeke withdrew more and more from him. Only when they had sex everything was different. Zeke's hands, his lips were warm, gentle, caring and Casey felt safe in his arms. But when it was over, it was over. One moment he still held him tight, the next he was out of reach and cold again. Casey fought his tears back. The decision was made. Next week this time he would be on his way to San Francisco. It was about time to think about his own future.

"I love you? I don't know any more, Zeke. Sometimes it feels more as if I hate you. Do you actually know, what you are doing? How much you hurt people?"

"It's Gilly, isn't it?"
Zeke snorted.
"Oh my God, you're jealous of this stupid bitch? But I was drunk! It was just a stupid one-night-stand. And it was lame as fuck!"

"You don't get it, Zeke! It's not about Gilly, it's ... just about everything. The booze, the drugs ... you care about nothing. I can't stand it any longer."

Zeke stared at him annoyed.
"Great," he snarled.
"So go and leave me the fuck alone. I don't care. I'm used to it. My fucking parents left me when I was not even twelve and ..."

Casey took a deep breath.
"Don't blame your parents for all the shit in your life, Zeke," he said with a slightly trembling voice.
"What they did is sad. But you have had the chance to change something. More than one. Stokes and Stan, they were good friends and wanted to be there for you. Mr. Furlong tried to help you to graduate and finally get into college. Me ...

But you ... you act like an prick against just everyone. You think you can use people as long as you like ... and finally you kick them away."

Casey sobbed. He knew Zeke hated this but it didn't matter anymore.

"I'm not gonna wait till you dump me too. Yeah, I did love you, Zeke, more than I can say. But I want you, not the asshole you tries to be. I can't get through to you anymore. Every time I come a bit closer, you back out even more."

"What a bullshit," Zeke growled.

Casey shook his head.
"It's true, Zeke," he whispered.
"You are so afraid that someone is able to break through your tough shell. They used to call you the King of Herrington High. You did like that, didn't you? All this stupid dumbheads who would have kissed your ass to get your booze or porn or whatever shit you've sold. It felt good to have so much buddies, right? Parties without end. Sex with almost everyone.

Is it this what you want, Zeke? Because it feels safe? Because this means you don't need to risk it to let someone deeper into your life? But where are they, Zeke, all your friends? Most of them are moving on.

But you ... you still go into clubs when you can't stand it any longer to be alone, get drunk, find some much too young girl for a night ... "

He stopped, sucked in his lower lip, thinking about all he had said. That he was going to leave, that Zeke would stay back here in Herrington, without friends, without any perspective. He almost wished Zeke would pull him into his arms, bring him to bed, fuck him senseless. But it would change nothing, he knew it. It would just make it even harder.

"It's a lonely life, Zeke. But it's yours. If you want to fuck it up I can't do anything against it. But don't expect from me to wait and watch you end up in prison ... or worse."

He didn't try to hide his tears any longer. And for the first time this evening Zeke looked unsure.
"You don't leave me," he murmured.

Casey was trembling all over. This was the end. It was time to go ... now ... or he would never be able to do it. With one last look at Zeke he turned to the door.
"I'm sorry!"

"Fuck you!"

When he closed the door behind him, he could hear a loud bang. Zeke had grabbed the almost full ashtray and threw it against the wall. Bits of broken glass were flying around the room. Zeke stared at them, still breathing hard. He was sitting on the old couch, motionless, without feeling anything, for almost ten minutes. It was then that he put his head onto his arms and started sobbing.

The end

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Oh this is so heartbreaking. Casey took a chance on loving Zeke and it seems that it worked for a while but selfish Zeke wasn't able to recognize the real love Casey offered. So sad but also a learning experience we all go thru. Hopefully Zeke will come to his senses in time.

OK, now where's pt II?

I guess thinks like this can happen. Sometimes you have to make a hard decision.

Part 2? Well, originally this was meant as a part of a longer story I've tried to write some time ago - but there are only some more short shreds and I've never continued it. But maybe ... without any promises ... maybe one day I will write a sequel.

OOOH, I love this type of tale. I had the same idea running around in my head not too long ago. Good job making a toughie!Casey who's just not gonna take it anymore. Poor Zeke. Hopefully he'll wake up one day, hunt Casey down and BEG!

Sniff - oh, I remember one of your stories where Zeke decides to join the army - I was never able to comment to this one because I couldn't stop crying. So, this story of mine surprised me a bit, but maybe it's easier to write it than to read about it.

Oh, you broke my heart! But it really is easy to imagine something like this happening with them. Hopefully this will be the wake up call Zeke needs to start getting his life together. And if he's lucky, Casey will take him back then.

Well, there is always hope, isn't it? :)

Oh, no, Casey. But Zeke won't dump you. :( Poor baby.

Thanks for reading. Oh, maybe he would because his own feelings freaks him out ... he really needs to realize that not everyone is like his parents and that there are people who really care.

Oh my God! This was so heartbreaking TOT
Why would you do that to us? T^T
Though, it is really beautifully written and I love how you succeeded to express so much feelings in a so short story.
(Can I imagine, in my head, that Zeke will understand, become a better person and have his Casey back?)

Oh, I'm sooo much behind with answering comments :(

Yes, of course, there is always hope that Zeke will finally realize what Casey means to him and maybe ... just maybe there is a chance that Casey is able to forgive him.

(Deleted comment)
Oh no, I'm sooo much behind with answering comments :(

Yes, poor boys, but this is life, isn't it? No every love story has a happy end, espicially not when you are still so young.

So sad and so heartbreaking.
Poor boys. *sniffs*
But this can't be the end of it, darling.
*waits eagerly for the second part*

Oh, I'm sooo much behind with answering comments :(

Thanks for readind and commenting. **smiles slightly'** yes, this cries for a sequel, doesn't it? It hard to see the boys break up like this.

Run after him!

Oh, that was painful, but sometimes it needs a shock like that to wake someone up. I know Zeke will have heard the truth in it and know Casey cares about him too much to watch him become this person. He can change! Tough love, but finally, some tears and feeling from Zeke. It's a start.xx

Oh, I'm sooo much behind with answering comments :( I'll try to do better.

Yes, it's a start. Zeke starts to think about what he has lost with Casey. We can only hope that it's not too late for them. That Casey is able to forgive and that he will give Zeke a second chance ...

Aww, my poor babies! To be honest, I think Casey's done the right thing, I just hope he left a number for when Zeke finally figures out what's important and turns himself around.

Poor babies.
*huggles them*

Oh, I'm sooo much behind with answering comments :(

Sometimes you have to make such step as hard as it is. I'm sure it almost breaks Casey's heart to leave Zeke behind. Zeke will have a lot of time to think his life and how he wants to move on. And maybe ... just maybe there will be a second chance for them one day ...

This breaks my heart!!! But sometimes it's just time to let go as hard as it is.
Goodness, Zeke! Come to your senses. The boy loves you!
And you love him,too.
There's always hope, isn't it because love conquers all.
Great work, prisca. I think this is one of your best!

Love, Julchen

Lol ... do you like this story that much, that you needs to comment twice?! But 'Thank you' ...

Zeke's letting go! He's sobbing. Maybe Casey broke through. Sounds like this Zeke was a really nasty sort. He cheated on Casey. I don't like that. I was glad Casey didn't hold back. This was painful but necessary hugs you xooxoxox v

Oh, I'm sooo much behind with answering comments - I'm so sorry! :(

Thank you for your nice comment. Yes, as hard as it is for Casey, he knows there is no other way. Zeke is so afraid about his feelings for Casey that he don't know what to do with it. I guess, he needs this shock ... and maybe ... well, maybe one day there will be the time for a second chance. There is always hope.

This is so sad. I love Zeke throwing the ashtray at the end.

Nicely done, dear.

Tahnk you! And sorry, that I needed so long to answer this comment. Sometimes I'm soooo slow. :(

'you don't leave me'- God I hope he's right about that and Casey sticks around to get his head stuck on straight

Thank you for reading and commenting. And sorry ... I'm sooo much behind with answering comments :(

Sometimes, being left behind can be a cure... What a sad ending for them, though. Get up, Zeke, fight for your love!

Oh, I'm sooo much behind with answering comments :(

Yes, was so hard to write this. I like to see my boys happy together. But somestimes there is no other way and you have a choise that almost breaks your heart. I'm sure, it was a hard decision for Casey to leave Zeke behind. But maybe this shock will be good for Zeke and will start to realize how much Casey means to him. We can only hope that it's not too late ...

YAGH. The angst! Oh, Zeke... such a blind lil' dickweed!!!

Honey. **hugs you tight and don't let you go again ** I'm missing you around here.

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad that you still like this little ficlet. Yes, our Zeke can be such a dickweed ... not willing to admid how much Casey means to him. Let us hope that it's not too late.

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