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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - High-Speed to love (33/ ???)

Really, I k now I should be on my way to work already, but I wanted to post first. I've been struggling with this chapter for so long but now it's done and I can't wait to post it.

Title: High-Speed to love (33/ ???)
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: AU without Marybeth and Herrington High - Zeke is 23 years old in this story, living in
Youngstown, Ohio - Casey, is 18 years old and loves ... cooking. Or what do you think ?  ;)

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twenty-one / twenty-two / twenty-three / twenty-four / twenty-five / twenty-six / twenty-seven / twenty-eight / twenty-nine / thirty / thirty-one / thirty-two / tbc

Casey stared in the mug and stirred his tea.

"I'm gonna make some," Ben had insisted.
"You sure, you don't want one? Rooibos with strawberry. It's good!"

And Casey had followed him into the office. Ben was sitting in front of Zeke's desk now, Casey had settled down onto the couch. He had managed to calm down a bit, but he couldn't get rid of the pictures. He could still hear the loud crash when the wrench had hit the cab. These guys were totally crazy. Ben had assured him, that they wouldn't come back again.

But Casey was not convinced. J.B. didn't look like someone who would give up that easy. He would come back, maybe tonight, maybe he would bring some more friends of him. Casey didn't want to imagine what could happen then ... with him, with the garage ...

Ben seemed to sense his feelings.
"Don't worry. There are not much people J.B. is afraid of. But he has a shitload of respect for Zeke. As long as he thinks Zeke is around nothing will happen."

Casey sighed.
"I don't get it," he murmured.
"What the heck has Zeke to do with these assholes? How can you be so sure?"

Ben smirked.
"Long story. Do you wanna hear?"

Casey nodded.
"Yeah, sure!"

"Okay. Though I'm not sure if you will be able to understand. I'm used to hang around with J.B. since I was twelve. He is ... sort of a king in the streets where we live. You belong to him and no one will ever dare to fuck around with you. It was kinda cool. We had a lot of fun."

Casey huffed.
"Fun? Like the fun you did have on the market? Fuck around with other people? You call this fun?"

Ben shrugged.
"I guess I did a lot of shit. But I didn't care back then. I just wanted to belong somewhere. J.B. and the others ... they were like a family for me. Until ...

One day Zeke almost caught me red-handed when I tried to swipe a few bottles of beer. He was ... different. He didn't even waste a word about it. We just talked about cars ... his GTO. Then ... he offered me a job in his garage. He didn't even knew me! But he gave me a chance."

Ben stopped and sucked in his lower lip. Casey smiled.
"I guess, he's seen your potential!"

"I wanted this job, more than anything else in the world. Even if this meant that I couldn't hang around with J.B. any longer. Zeke wanted me to go back to school. And all my free time I've spent with him in the garage.

J.B. ... he got mad and called me a traitor. One day they followed me to the garage and waited for me to come out. Two of them grabbed me and held me. J.B. ... he punched me in the stomach ... it hurt like hell ... I couldn't even cry ... I thought I would black out ... but then ...

Zeke ... Do you know that he's good in karate? It happened as quick as a flash. They didn't even have the slightest chance to realize what was going on. He kicked them back onto the street ... one after the other ... literally. Then he grabbed J.B. and called him a gutless loser and he punched him right into his face ... just once ... and he said: 'This ... is for Ben!'

He did this for me, you know. Not only that he saved me from ending up in the hospital. He made it quite clear, that, whenever they are gonna try to fuck me up again they will have to deal with him.

Since then they didn't bother me any longer. Sometimes, when we meet on the street they scowl at me and call me names, but that's it. J.B. will never dare to come here when he thinks Zeke is around. I guess, he's just bold when he feels you are weak. Zeke is not. He's so much better the J.B. And not only with his fists."

Casey hesitated and took a sip from his now almost cold tea.
"But you started to hang around with them again!"

Ben pulled the face.
"Yeah," he sighed.
"That was stupid. But after the fight with Zeke I gave a fuck about everything. I mean, Zeke and me ... we had plans. Sometimes he joked that one day he would make me his partner. But then you turned up and ... everything changed. I felt alone."

Sadly Casey shook his head.
"Zeke would have never abandoned you, Ben. You means a lot to him!"

Ben shrugged.
"Whatever. Hanging around with the guys was not the same any longer too. J.B. has started a few businesses. He wanted me to go to the schools and sell drugs to the kids. Said, even if I would get busted, nothing would happen to me, because I'm not even legal."

Casey stared at him, feeling shocked.
"But you didn't ..."

Ben shook the head.
"No! This was the day before you came and told me about the garage."
Tears stirred up in his eyes. He didn't even try to hide them this time.
"Zeke ... this job ... this is all what I ever wanted. I wanted to come and talk to him but I didn't dare. Now ... it's too late. Everything is so fucked up!"

Casey kept quiet. He needed a moment to think about all this. Zeke had been much more then just a friend for Ben, he was his hero, his mentor. Before Casey had shown up it had been Zeke and Ben and the garage against the whole world. Instinctively Ben had felt that Casey was someone special for Zeke. Zeke had told him once that he had felt attracted by his blue eyes from the very first moment - even if he didn't know back then where this would go to. What he felt for Casey was different from what he felt for Ben, but this didn't mean that he liked Ben less now. Only Ben had not been able to see this.

But things had calmed down during the last days. Ben started to open up. To trust him. It felt not right to keep him in the dark about his relationship to Zeke. But Casey was still not sure what would happen when Ben found out that he and Zeke were more then just friends now. He didn't want him to freak out again. Ben belonged to this garage as much as Zeke belonged to it. Determined he looked up.

"Don't say that shit," he said and smiled.
"Tell you what. You go back into the garage now and fix up the cab. The owner will come around by six o'clock. Do you like pizza?"

Ben blinked confused.

"Homemade pizza. I can relax best when I'm cooking. You could stay tonight if you want. And we could think about what we can do next. Because we're not giving up that easy, do we?"

He almost expected that Ben would say 'no' rightaway. It took a while, but finally the other boy smiled tentatively.

"You're quite okay, y'know" he said and turned to the garage.

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