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Prisca's Home

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PLEASE NOTICE This journal contains FanFiction up to NC17, so, if you're not 18+ please stay away. Thanks!



I am what I am - and what I am needs no excuse Smilie by GreenSmilies.com



I'm from Germany, but this Journal will be in English (my English is not the best, just school-English and this is aaaages ago.. So please be patient with me).

I love to write - or maybe I should say: I'm playing around with words a bit ;) Just for fun. But if you want to give it a try you can find my stories here: My story archive at LJ

Usually, it's FanFiction, especially Zeke Tyler & Casey Connor (The Faculty). But since I have discovered various writing communities like Comment_Fic or Fic_Rush I also write in others Fandoms like Jeremiah TV, The Walking Dead or Supernatural now and then.

Challenges, Banner and more

Get-your-words-out Bingo 2016

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Mini_WriMo 2016


Feel free to friend me, you don't need to ask - and most likely I will friend you back when it feels as if we have a bit in common ;)

Any question? You can contact me via LJ-PN or prisca1960 at googlemail dot com

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